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moe is the founder of gnostic warrior. HE is a father, husband, author, 33° 66° 90° UTGS Freemason, martial arts black belt, and an expert in Gnosticism, the occult, and esotericism.



Moe is the founder and WebMaster of Gnostic Warrior and host of the Gnostic Warrior Podcast which was established in 2009 as a multimedia outlet for his research and podcasts.

Over the last decade, Moe has personally explored and interviewed some of the worlds’ top experts on the ancient teachings of Gnosticism, Philosophy, Mystical Judaism, and Christianity and also the very secret societies who operate their lights from within the chaotic filaments of the dark shadows that have permeated our culture over the last 2021 years of this 6th Age. This path of knowledge and years of insight into the Secret Wisdom has given him a unique vantage point to become one of the Western world’s top experts on the very subjects he writes and talks about.

Moe is also an involved father, loyal husband, 33° 66° 90° Freemason of the “United Traditionalist Grand Sanctuaries of the Ancient and Primitive Rite Memphis-Misraim (UTGS),”  business owner, author, surfer, and martial artist with a black belt in Hapkido.

Moe was interviewed by Miguel Conner of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio in 2021

Moe was interviewed by Miguel Conner of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio in 2017

I’ve had the good pleasure of knowing Moe and Gnostic Warrior for years and been able to watch it grow. At this time it has flowered into something truly special. It seems to resonate with all who take the time to listen and at various levels. I feel that this is simply because it has evolved into something truly universal and source is supplying the energies and the Gnosis. Time is precious and this feels right at this moment in our history. A true Gift. Thanks Moe.

Marissa James

A great place to spend time and explore arcane and modern knowledge and its relevance to the modern world. There is something to be learned for anyone visiting this page! Thank you for your selfless dedication to sharing knowledge and being in service to others (except trolls, no need to waste time.) The road to enlightenment is paved by the sharing of knowledge and learning. What a great time in our life when Esoteric knowledge can be easily shared and enjoyed worldwide. Bravo!

Jinga Low

The knowledge base of society has been missing the basic knowledge a society needs to truly Gnow oneself..Mo brings forth ‘that which has been hidden’, a living breathing teacher..breathing life, bringing our ‘inheritance’ back to us a meaningful way. If we try to remember that what ‘lamestream’ society has been taught is both upside down, and backwards..then we can perhaps all come to recognize these hidden jewels of knowledge Mo a Truth long denied, and well deserved.

David Howe




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