Please do not shoot the messenger ladies. I’m just talking about the female reproductive organ known as the uterus and its strong connection to the notorious head of Baphomet, whom many people mistakenly call “Satan or a demon.”

 Here is an image below we created. I will let you all be the judge.


Many ancient cultures had fertility cults. The uterus was the center of a woman’s power and creativity. The place of creation that brings forth the light or dark. Numerous cultures had worshiped the goddess through the power of the uterus that gives birth to the world. Naturally, the uterus and phallus would be depicted in various art forms, from pictures to stone carvings.

In the occult, the uterus is called the lake of fire. The power of the fire of the solar logos is kindled here and this power can rise up from the sexual organ to the brain.

Could the image of Baphomet, that many people think is Satan or a demon, really be the image of the goddess in the form of the uterus?

The original drawing of Baphomet below comes to us from a French-Jewish Freemason named Eliphas Levi, born Alphonse Louis Constant (February 8, 1810 – May 31, 1875).

Baphomet by Levi

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