This ancient symbol to the right is called the Staff or Rod of Asclepius (Esculapius).  His symbol is one of the most famousRod_of_asclepius symbols in the world to this very day, and is represented by the serpent (worm) entwined around a staff or rod. It is an ancient emblem of healing power that is still used today.

This god is said to be a real person, who over the course of many centuries became immortalized in the Greek pantheon of gods who were their ancestors as official god of wisdom, medicine, healing, rejuvenation and physicians. Asclepius was the son of Apollo who was one of the original inventors of the art of healing humans, and that started one the most influential healing cults of all time that had first originated in ancient Greece and Crete.

His followers were some of the first priests who were also formally trained as physicians in the medical arts; they were known under such names as the Koans (Kohen) of Kos, the Curetes, Telchines, Ophites, Gnostics, Ascpliades, Druids, Culdees, Levites and the original priests who had helped form the Catholic Church. They were some of the most prized intellectuals and medicine men of their day. Priests who were often the philosopher teachers to kings and queens around the world.


Many historians, authors and people mistakenly think that this represents the wise serpent, but it does not. The hidden esoteric meaning is that it is a worm entwined around a staff, and in the exoteric or the outer meaning to non-initiates, would be that it is a serpent. In this article I will explain why the Rod of Asclepius was used by this highly influential medical cult that last still to this very day, and why they chose the worm to be their main esoteric symbol, and the serpent or dragon as an exoteric symbol.

If this is implausible for you, what you need to understand is that before the serpent and dragon became popular in more modern mythology and folklore, the worm was often depicted by many ancient authors as monsters, demons and devils that many of the heroes in these stories do battle with. I had written about these facts in my previous article, “The Ancient Symbol of the Serpent is Really a Worm.”

In that article I detail how in almost all Germanic (Teutonic) languages found in the Northern countries, the meaning of the word worm signifies “serpent and/or dragon.” Meaning, when they symbolize or write about a serpent or a dragon in mythology and history, they are really talking about a worm. I also detail how in Dante’s Inferno, he calls the Devil “the great worm,” and how King Solomon has used a mighty little worm named Shamir to help him build Solomon’s Temple.


The symbol of the Rod of Asclepius was derived from the ancient treatment of most diseases and ailments that plague humans as told in the Exodus story. In the story, the seraph serpents are sent as punishment to the Israelites who Moses later cures them with the copper brazen serpent on a pole. These seraph serpents were in reality worms, and it was the ancient Latin writers and other transcriptionists who had changed the original text with worms, to a new meaning with serpents and dragons.

The common theory in regards to serpent and dragon symbology by many historians and researchers, is that these serpentine creatures were used to represent wisdom and all-wise beings. Today more New Age researchers would like you to believe that the serpent is the kundalini rising up the spine to the skull thus illuminating the human who then becomes enlightened.

This is nothing but New Age poppycock because the facts are there is no such thing as kundalini, and there is absolutely no science to back up these ridiculous explanations other than by the other New Agers who they all copy one another in their wild theories that many people seem to love because I guess they are more sexy than my worm truths. Most profane (uninitiated) people like myths and fantasy because they are sexy and cool. True stories and science about worms isn’t really sexy or cool. Hence, the serpent and dragon mythology invented for the profane for the exoteric, and the worms known to initiates and the esoteric.

It is well-known in science that serpents are not really wise creatures, and worms (parasites, bacteria, fungus etc) have Worms kinds in humansbeen proven to be the most resilient, toughest and longest living creatures who have ever lived on earth. If you get out of your mind that serpents rule the earth and understand that nothing can really beat the worm, then you will start to be enlightened to your own worm reality.

These medical doctors determined thousands of years ago that many of the illnesses and diseases which humans suffer from was from the result of parasitic worms that we humans carry. Today this is verified by science who have identified eight different kinds of parasitic worms that infest all humans, and almost all viruses, funguses and diseases are essentially microscopic worms who cause illness.

Even the modern-day Ebola, when placed under a microscope, appears to be just a deadly worm who wreaks havoc on its human victims.

Worms ebola

One of these worms is known as the ascarid nematode of the phylum Nematoda. It is the largest and most common parasitic worm in humans, responsible for the disease ascariasis. As you can see, the name Ascarid is similar to Asclepius with the letters Asc beginning many of these words that involve worms.

This modern-day virus or worm has struck fear in many people around the world. This Ebola worm reminds me of the worm that God had sent to punish and bite the Israelites in the story of the Exodus.

I guess all we need to do now is wait for a modern-day Moe-ses to bring his brazen worm on a Tau cross, or the Rod of Asclepius to save his people and lead them on an Exodus from their persecuting Western Pharaohs, back to their Eastern homelands to defeat that devil of a worm and fulfill prophecy.

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