The world wide web has brought us to the Age of Digital Gnosis. Interconnected immortal beings of light meeting one another once GW - Image quote 6again on the super information highway that is now a big part our lives.

We are the soul creators of the Gnostic metaphysical universe that will transform the current cult of planetary culture of darkness into one of truth, illumination and love.

Alterations of true consciousness to help awaken the masses of our fellow Brothers and Sisters who are trapped in the material matrix of ignorance and unknowing.

Let’s us work together as Soul Creators with the knowledge of divine truth to transcend these illusions of corporeal existence into a spiritual heaven.

This my friends is the Great Work on the alchemical web of light and darkness that has transformed our very beings into a global paradigm shift of illumination that cannot be stopped.

Are you ready for the Gnostic shift to hit the fan?

By Moe The Gnostic Warrior

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