Welcome to the Gnostic Warrior Podcast. I’m your host Moe and today I have the pleasure of interviewing podcaster, author, and AI scientist, Alex Tsakiris.

Alex is the host of the Skeptiko Podcast. One of my all-time favorite podcasts. He is a great host and an all-around nice guy! He is also the author of Why Evil Matters and Why Science is Wrong: Almost About Everything.

Please watch the video podcast below on Youtube or listen/download the audio podcast.

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To find out more about Alex Tsarkis and his great work, please click on this link.

The Gnostic Warrior Podcast
The Gnostic Warrior Podcast
Moe Bedard

Welcome to the Gnostic Warrior Podcast with Moe Bedard where we discuss philosophy, spirituality, and the ideas that help shape our world with some of the top thinkers, philosophers, and authors. Leading you from the darkness into the light.

Quotes from Alex during the show;

“I cut my teeth with Rupert Sheldrake, Cambridge biologist. Rupert Sheldrick knows his stuff. Dean Raden knows his stuff. You know, bell labs research out the Yazoo. Dr. Julie, spirit medium reading, they know their stuff.

I think that I’m so glad I started with that base with the people who were doing an intelligent, educated, scientific poll pushback on, uh, the materialistic science bullshit, what that, and what you’re alluding to.

That led me to kind of the conspiratorial part of it, not so much the esoteric occult cult side. Cause I was always kind of open to that, at least from the sense that Christianity seemed like a PSYOP – a social engineering project from the beginning.

So that also led me kind of into the conspiratorial thing and the conspiratorial thing as I’ve explored it over the last few years, I think has been really tremendous to me as well, because it’s given me this, this other lens through which I kind of look at all this stuff.

I love listening to the interview you did with Miguel because I feel like I know a little bit about your background and I’m very interested. Where this dialogue right now is going to go, because this could get really skeptical, really quick in a good way in a little bit.

One of the things I really enjoy is what I talk about getting to level three, you know, because level one is just like, oh, you know, uh, Gnosticism, you know, is there such a thing? Did people ever really study it? You know, or who were those who were the guys who wrote this crazy comic book, Christian kind of things.

So that’s, and then number two is what the conspiracy behind that is? You know why is there this kind of crazy, you know, this way, that way. And then third is okay, what does it mean on that deeper level? Once you get past what it is, this is the controversy behind it. Now let’s get to that next-level stuff.”

Alex on evil;

“You know, I go to the interview I had with the FBI agent, Bob hammer, who infiltrated the North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). He’s undercover with these pedophiles who are looking at these little kids like at Toys r Us at the shopping mall and looking over the railing.

Not just talking about the sex they want to do with those seven and eight-year-olds, but how they want to hurt them and how they want to see the pain and the fear in their face.

And I go; “So still say there’s no evil? And everybody at that point breaks down and goes, no, that’s fucking evil!!!

You know, that is fucking evil. And I think that’s where we got to get to that. That was my point. Okay, so now you’re with me.

Now we can start talking about the history and all the rest of it, but let’s acknowledge that there is this force out there that is in this extended realm because these guys aren’t just dreaming it up in their head.”

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