By the Swiss Gnostic Carl Jung – Today’s men need a large proportion of death, because they live too many unjust Carl jungthings, and too many right things die in them. Right is what keeps the balance, wrong what troubles him. But once the balance is reached, then it is wrong what maintains the balance and just what troubles him.

Balance is life and death at the same time.

For the completeness of life it takes a balance with death. If I accept the death, my tree greening up, because the dying enhances life. When I went into death that embraces the entire world, then open my shoots.

That our life needs of death!

You will experience the joy of small things only if you accept the death. If you look around hungrily looking for anything that might still live, then nothing will ever be large enough for your pleasure, little things that constantly surround us give you more joy.

Contemplate therefore the death because it teaches me to live.

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