Bedard Name Origin

Facts and Spelling variations of the Bedard Name:

  • Bedard derives from the original root name “Beda” : but can be found spelled many different ways
  • Spelling Variations or Extensions of the Name “Beda”: Bedae, Bede, Bedoiah, Beadan, Bedwini, Bedaius, Bedier, etc.
  • Bede, Beade Meaning – In Old English means “To pray”
  • Towns or Cities: Bedford, Beddingham
  • Famous Beda’s: Saint Beda (Bede – Father, Doctor and Saint of the Catholic Church), Baedan (son of Cairill, king of Ulster), King Beda of Lyndsey, Noel Beda (Theologan in Paris, France), Pierre Bedard (Canadian Statemen), Eric Bedard (Major League Baseball Player), Irene Bedard (Acress),
  • Famous Cousins: President Barack Obama, Adolph Hitler, Gadaffi

Quick Notes:

  • The Bedard family originate from the Beda’s who were a family of High Priest Kings originally from the Tribe of Levi (Levites)
  • This tradition is passed down from father to son for thousands of years
  • After Roman occupation, the Levites migrated to Italy where they became the Umbri or Kymry and to Ireland and Britain where they were known as the Druids
  • We Ruled Ireland for 10 centuries as High Priest Kings and Saints
  • We settled in Lyndsey and North-UMBRI-a thus expanding into England in the 7th century
  • The Beda’s Celtic Druid church united with the Catholic church where we were hired hands of Rome as doctors and fathers of the church and also the writers of the New Testament
  • Saint Beda was the ordained Saint John and prophet of the 7th and 8th centuries for our family for the Celtic Churches union with the Roman Church which then became the Catholic (Universal) Church
  • Saint Beda wrote the Apocalypse of St John via the New Testament
  • Saint Beda Started the Bedesmen or the Kings Bedesmen which was the first secret society based on protecting our rites and histories that was carried by Alcuin to Charlemagne Court in France
  • Bedesmen would later be known as the Poor Soldiers Under Christ who wore a Cross and rose jut as the Knights Templar

Quick Bedard (Beda) Scientfically Verified Facts and Links:

  • YDNA HAPLOGROUP: E1b1b1c M123+ (verified by IGENEA)
  • ORIGINAL TRIBE: Tribe of Levi
  • OUR SKIN COLOR: White, but with the ability to become very dark due to our North African Origins. A common theme through history in Beda’s is that we are described as dark, black or curly black hair. On a family side note, my skin gets very dark and my hair is curly
  • OLDEST BEDA: Saint Beda (Bede)
  • BEDA’S EXPELLED FROM FRANCE TO CANADA: Issac Beda (who became Issac Bedard)
  • See the Bedard Family Tree

Where Did the Bedard Name Come From?

The ancestors of the Bedards, also known as the Beda’s were the original High Priests of Tribe of Levi who later became Kings, Celtic Druids, Culdees, Fathers, Doctors and Saints of the Catholic Church.Our family name comes from tthrough a long line of Levites who were later known as the Samaritan Cohanim High Priest Kings that later became Celtic Druid Kings in Britain, Culdees on the Island of Iona, Fathers of the Church, Doctors and Saints of the Roman Catholic Church in England and France. A strict tradition of High Priests that is passed down from father to son which is evident via my recent scientifically certified DNA testing recently by IGENEA which confirmed my YDNA blood type as E1b1b1c M123+. This Haplogroup is known to have originate in Northern Africa where we later settled in Israel, Germany, later Ireland, England , France, Canada and the United States.

Yitzhaq ben Amram ben Shalma ben Tabia, the High Priest of the Samaritans, Nablus, c. 1920.

Saint Bede (Beda)

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