40-50 human skeletons sitting around a giant shell

This article is from the The Milwaukee Sentinel – Apr 6, 1987. It tells about the discovery of 40-50 human skeletons sitting around a giant shell. Giants and shells are a common theme in these discoveries. (more…)

Man Who Discovers Giant Skeleton Refuses to Sell to the Smithsonian Institute

This old story from the Arizona Journal-Miner – Oct 13, 1911 was pretty classic and shows what really goes on when you find a giant skeleton. You better be expecting the Men in Black to come pay you a visit.

In this story, apparently some farmer from Arizona found a giant skeleton and other artifacts that attracted a lot of attention from all around the country and specifically that of the Smithsonian Institute. Some representatives from the Smithsonian made the long journey to take pictures of what they called a freak and requested that they take it back to Washington with them. The man refused, lol… (more…)

Giant Prehistoric Monster Found With Skull Said to Weigh Almost 400 Pounds

This article below is from the Milwaukee Sentinel – Aug 12, 1928. This true American news story tells about the discovery of a prehistoric giant monster with a skull that was said to weigh almost 400 pounds when alive and was found in the Gobi desert. It was discovered by Roy Chapman Andrews who was considered as an early genius in the field of paleontology and led several famous expeditions into the Gobi desert. He gained national fame as an explorer for the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.   (more…)

Giant With Teeth Almost the Size of a Horse Found in Wheeling, Ohio

Here is an article about a giant found in East Wheeling, Ohio dated November 21, 1856 from the New York Times. What impressed the sheriff and the workers was the size of the skeleton, approximately eleven feet. His jaw and teeth are almost as large as those of a horse.


14 Giant Skeletons Over 9 Feet Tall Found at Santa Monica Beach in California

Here is an old news story from The Washington times on July 13, 1908, about the discovery of fourteen giant skeletons that were over nine feet tall in Santa Monica Beach, California.

The skulls have the formation of an Indian head with high cheek bones, and other pronounced characteristics. In every case the teeth are practically intact. (more…)

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