Knowledge means nothing if you learn something and do not apply it accordingly to your life

Truth is Simple. Lies complicate truth. Knowledge is worthless if you keep repeating what you already something

Fear dilutes knowledge and love to the point it paralyzes you into of state of inaction.

This is what I see happening to good men and women all around the world.

They are being mind controlled via their own free will and actions that they repeat daily. The plastic world of Facebook is huge contributor to this self made mind control. (more…)

How to naturally filter water for safe drinking

“Thou Water, Oh! Along the bends of the stream where the waters strike, and where the waters eddy, among the water mosses, Indians filter waterlet all the impurities that gall be drifted.” – American Indian Invocation

The Indians had a simple way of purifying water from a lake, pond or swamp by digging a hole about one foot across and down about six inches below the water level, a few feet from the pond. (more…)

Secret Initiation Into the Magic of Money

“How much money we have, will equal the amount of true free energy we can preserve and use for the pursuit of Gnosis (knowledge) and Money magicfreedom from the monetary chains that bind us.” – Moe

Let it be said, that almost all Gnostics and Truthers are not business people. In fact, most of them suck at making money and are to the point that they live in poverty as they attempt via their blogs and podcasts to distribute Gnostic wisdom or to dismantle the never ending money printing presses of the Federal Reserve and take on the billion dollar food giant (Monsanto) with their own private army. Sure, these may be noble causes, but many of these ventures will most likely end quickly due to the simple lack of funds.

This is Satan’s kingdom and the facts are that it takes money to fight money; just like it takes money to make money. Having no cash reserves or a plan to make the money you will need to sustain your cause is a recipe for failure in just about everything you do in this current world. In order to adapt to this reality, we must learn the secrets of making money by being initiated into the secrets of the magic of making money.

One of the first things we all need to learn, is that money is a form of artificial energy created by man-made magic and imposed on the people as a form of governmental management via checks, taxes and balances. It is one of the most simple, yet most effective tools used by governments today to properly manage the people in which they govern.

From day one of its creation, it has been a form of black magic placed on the people. A piece of paper infused with the magical human beliefs of value, security and prosperity. Jesus decreed, “Give to Caesar what is Caesars and give what is God’s to God.” Hence, here we sit today in the year 2013 A.D., not ruled by Caesar, but the money we have to give to Caesar. In the same breath, we must also serve God and never forget that being a human today is a magical balancing act of making money so we can serve God or serve Satan. In the end, you can either serve your higher self and do good with the cash you make in life, or you can be a Satanist and Do Thou Wilt and screw everyone.

the-idols-we-worshipPope Francis had recently blasted this idol worship system we live in; “The worship of the golden calf of old has found a new and heartless image in the cult of money and the dictatorship of an economy which is faceless and lacking any truly human goal. Unchecked capitalism had created “a new, invisible, and at times virtual, tyranny.”

Money is a product of Satan’s kingdom that has been built on darkness, chaos, imperialism, slavery, wealth and selfishness. This is the world we live in now and have been, for approximately the last two thousand years. With that said, it is what it is. This kingdom of CHAO is our reality we must learn to adapt, so we can flow like water through it or struggle and simply be eaten alive by the sharks waiting to feed on our business ignorance. But please keep in mind when I say “flow like water,” I do not mean selling your soul to the system for the almighty soulless pursuit of riches and fame. What I mean, is that we modern Gnostics must find a happy middle road or what we can call “ORDO AB CHAO (Order from Chaos).” A middle road where we make money, but we also serve others and our higher selves.

How much money we have will equal the amount of true free energy we can preserve and use for the pursuit of Gnosis and freedom from the monetary chains that bind us. It can be used for both good and evil. Therefor, money is both good and bad energy. It can be made in good ways and bad ways, and can be spent in the same fashion. Often how we earn it and apply it in our lives can equate to how we feel about ourselves.

Money earned in a good way and thus applied in the same fashion, can bring a wonderful amount of abundance of everything we ever needed in our lives. If we all learn to earn money and to not become selfish buffoons or immoral unethical human beings in the process, then this my friends is a good thing. This is when money that was once your slave master, can morph into your master ticket to freedom. Hence, you have now taken what the black magician has used to rule you with and turned it into white magic to rule your own world. But please keep in mind, you still have to Give to Caesar what is Caesars and give what is God’s to God; and if you make enough to make Caesar happy, you have more time to give to God in order to make you happy.

One of the keys to the Secrets of Initiation Into the Magic of Money, is that the magician must rule over money and do not let the black magician rule over you. To accomplish this feat without losing your soul is one of the greatest magical feats a magician can accomplish.

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