The Serpent Emblem

Sir Godfrey Higgins had written in Celtic Druids, “The notion of the Gnostics, above mentioned, probably originated in the tradition which serpentsascribed superior wisdom to that reptile. “Be ye wise as serpents,” etc., was the injunction of Christ to his disciples.

The principal hero-gods; Osiris, Taautus, Fohi, Buddha, Cadmus, Quetzalcoatl, Ku Kulcan, each possessed the serpent emblem. according to a Hindu legend, Buddha himself had a serpent-lineage.”


What is the Serpent? Adam or The Devil Genesis 3:1?

Question from a reader: What is the Serpent? Adam or The Devil Genesis 3:1Michelangelo-The-Fall-and-Expulsion-of-Adam-and-Eve-Sistine-Chapel

My Answer: In Christianity, it is the devil. Dante called the devil, a worm.

Reader comment: Some Christians believe that Satan The devil is a personification of human nature this is not an abstraction but that physical principle of the animal nature, which is the cause of all its diseases, death, and resolution into dust. (more…)

Killer Worms Infest Texas Water

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” – George Eliot

Not everything is bigger in Texas.

Sometimes bad things come in small packages such as in this news story in the video below about a Texas town where the current residents were alarmed to find different types of killer worms in their drinking water.

What these people do not seem to understand is that these worms are not only gross, they are the most pathogenic. Meaning the cause the most disease in organisms such as humans.

In a nut shell, some of these worms are capable of infecting their host and the intestines. Soon they will take over the central nervous system, cause illness and eventually they will eat you alive causing an early death. After all that is what parasites do.

They eat, shit, vomit and die kind of like us parasitical humans…

That vomit, shit and dead worm carcasses will cause illness and death in humans.

The private water company responsible for the polluted water and worms blames the invasion on a power outage and broken equipment.

Is this a worm-con-spirit-cy or just a broken water filter?

The Great 700 Foot Serpent Mound in Ohio, USA

The Serpent Mound is an ancient U.S. archaeological site located in Adams County, Ohio and said to be constructed by the Adena tribe approximately 1,000 years ago. It is a 700 foot long mound in the shape of a Worms - Serpent Mound Ohio 3serpent and is one of the last places in North America where you can still witness real life evidence left behind by the ancient people of North America. (more…)

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