Blood Magick: The Elites Are Pursuing Immortality Using the Blood of Younger People

“Beauty is a witch against whose charms faith melted into blood.” – ShakespeareGW - Peter Thiel

In an interview with Inc. magazine, billionaire Paypal founder, Peter Theil said he was very interested in young people’s blood.

In fact, Thiel believes that blood transfusions from young donors may hold the key to his dream of living forever.

I guess we can say that he is hell bent on restoring eternal youth and immortality.

Injecting blood from a younger person in your veins is called parabiosis, and elites like Theil feel that it is a great way to improve health and potentially reverse aging.

Inc. Magazine recently reported, “Speaking of weird and unsavory, if there’s one thing that really excites Thiel, it’s the prospect of having younger people’s blood transfused into his own veins. (more…)

Humans Have Become a Parasitic Appendage Enveloped in the Web of the Computer Matrix

The quote below by the British-born American philosopher, and writer, Alan Watts about machines taking over the world was very prophetic. Over 50 years ago, he said that in order for mankind to survive, we would need to become a parasitic appendage to a mass of clockwork.

Looking around at the billions of people tethered to their computers, Facebook and mobile phones, we can clearly see that what Watts had predicted is now our current realities. This is not science fiction, but the sad reality of human truth so help us God…..

human matrix (more…)

Does your head rule your heart; or your heart rule your head?

By Senan Gil Senan – It is generally assumed that conscious awareness originates in the brain. The Cool-Head-Warm-Heartpremise of this belief is that the brain is special, and different in composition to the rest of the body. It is assumed that the brain rules the body, and defines your personality and who you are. The possibility of a human brain being transplanted into another body has always been seen as complex but feasible. (more…)

Worm Brain Controls Plastic LEGO

There are many stories that have been told over the course of history about animated statues that come to life, brazen talking heads, and wooden puppets Worm - Legowho become little boys. I had written about some of them in my recent article, The Medieval Artificial Intelligence of Mechanical Talking Heads.

A few examples, would be the story of the Knights Templar who were said to be in possession of a Brazen Head known as Baphomet that could give them answers to their questions, and the first French Catholic Pope, Gerbert of Aurillac, AKA Pope Sylvester II (c. 945–1003 CE). There is also the more modern story of Pinocchio who was a wooden puppet that was transformed into a “real boy.”

These old stories may seem like fantasies dreamed up by some creative author, but the facts are what was once considered mythology, may soon became a scientific reality.

Scientists, at what has been dubbed as the “Open Worm Project”, have created an artificial intelligence (AI) by developing a digital version of a worm brain that they have uploaded into a LEGO robot. The LEGO has now become animated by responding to the worm’s thoughts and actions. (more…)

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