There are many people out there that are confused to the differences between the Left Hand Path (LHP) and Right Hand Paths (RHP). The facts are it is really simple to understand once you get educated. My hopes are that this article does this for you.

Please look at this pictures below where we have Madonna, Baphomet, our first President, George Washington and a Tarot Card all indicating AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. But also their hands signify the two different paths as well.

As you can see from the pictures above, you have the right hand pointing up and the left hand point down. The right hand is pointing to the light which is the right hand path to represent illumination and a higher consciousness. When you take this path, you choose the light. You are AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.

The path of pure spirituality that you take in order to rise above your flesh to gain Christ or Buddha like consciousness.

Those initiates and adepts who walk this path DO NOT walk the left hand path, but they may have done so unintentionally before their awakening.

The Left Hand Path (LHP) is the opposite of the Right Hand Path. This image below clearly shows you how this works. When you choose the Left, you choose to turn your natural and spiritual nature upside down. You are sacrificing yourself to the dark

As you can clearly see from my words and pictures above, there is a big difference between these two paths. It is important that you understand how the occult world works in order for you to take the proper path in this incarnation. You either will or have already haven taken either the left or right paths because the facts are there is no middle path. People who choose the Left Hand Path are choosing to live a materialistic type of life where you place your fleshly desires above your spiritual pursuits. Therefor, those who take this path choose the dark.

When choosing your path in this life, it is akin to that proverbial fork in the road where you must choose to go left or right. It is a Y in the road. If you do not take a path, you simply do not live. When you go left or right, this is called living. This is where your good or bad Karma is formed.

This Karma is simply just the manifestations of your thoughts and acts into the real world as energy or creations. How and when you die at the time of these thoughts and acts into the real world will determine where your ethereal spirit will travel to.

A Christ or Buddha like consciousness is the Right Hand Path.

You go up the light when you die.

A Satan or Aleister Crowley like consciousness is the Left Hand Path.

If you choose this path when your die, your ethereal spirit leaves your flesh and stays down in the lower regions based on that dark energy which is then tormented here on earth where animals roam until you reincarnate again.

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