Here is a video of Dr Hawass’ angry outburst at the now infamous scheduled debate between Graham Hancock and Dr HawassGraham Hancock and Hawass this week in Cairo, Egypt. Dr. Hawass had started a ruckus before the conference even began by ranting loudly and slinging weak ad hominem attacks on author, and his arch nemesis Robert Buaval (who wasn’t present), and then he storms out.

Hawass was scheduled to give a presentation following one from Graham Hancock, and to then debate on the issues, recently found evidence for a lost civilization and its potential ties to Ancient Egypt.

The debate did not happen despite Graham Hancock’s willingness and the prior agreement of both participants. This was a real chance to start a legitimate discussion and joint discovery on new evidence between the orthodox and so-called ‘alternative’ camps. As Mr. Hancock mentions at the end of the recording, this outburst and behavior is a real pity for Egyptology.

Dr Zahi Hawass outburst and refusal to debate Graham Hancock, April 2015 from beevee k on Vimeo.


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