Music legend, Gladys Knight recently announced that her friend Whitney Houston was corrupted by Satan.

Speaking with the BBC Radio, the iconic soul singer said, “To be very honest with you, I had not heard a talent like that. I mean, oh my God, what an awesome gift she had.

And because she was so gifted Satan was working her big time.

“She was my girl. She was beautiful, she was talented. I had people in my family who had gone that way, so it hurt me more to see.

“It was just little Whitney you know? Little Whitney – what are you doing? I didn’t know she was in that deep and that one really got me. That one really, really got me.”

Whitney Houston was found dead in her bathtub in 2012 after falling asleep in her bathtub and drowning. The autopsy later showed cocaine, marijuana and prescription medication in her system.

Whitney’s public battle with her drug use, demons and even the fallen angel, Satan have well documented.

Her ex-husband, singer Bobby Brown was married to Whitney for almost 15 years. After her death, he came out publicly about their extensive drug use and life of debauchery.

Bobby’s sister, Tina Brown, had said that Whitney Houston had regularly said she saw demons and was convinced Satan regularly beat her black and blue.

In 2012, Tina Brown told the media, “She was always convinced that demons were out to get her when she was high.

“On one occasion she told me she was staring at the face of the devil himself…but it was her reflection.

“She stared at cracks in cups, saucers, mugs and plates and said she saw demonic lips.

“She saw demons everywhere.”

In 2012, Donal Trump told HLN Showbiz News that Whitney Houston had demons.

Kayne West purchased a picture of  Whitney Houston’s bathroom littered with drug paraphernalia earlier this year for a reported $500,000 to use as the artwork for Pusha-T’s album.

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