Many of the early Church Fathers asserted that they had met and debated with the elementals. Manly P. Hall; The Secret Demons-and-Angels timeTeachings of all Ages

In today’s society, these early Church Fathers who Manly P. Hall had said “met and debated with the elementals,” would simply be labeled crazy by the modern medical establishment. In the early beginnings of the church, many of these men who heard or met with spirits were usually martyred for their divine nature or locked in prisons. People such as Saint John and Saint George. These Saints who the Church holds in such high regard would now most likely be placed on soul killing drugs such as Prozac or possibly locked up against their own will. Hence, if we operated the world back then as we do now, their simply wouldn’t be a 1 billion strong Catholic Church, and the immortal wisdom of the Church Fathers would be gone from the pages of history because they would be considered to have a severe mental disorder.

Here is a verse from the Roman poet, Ovid, of the soul coming from the Gods, or Demons;

God is in us, Commerces of  the throne of God, that spirit from above came down.

What these Church Fathers were spiritually experiencing for them to be able to foresee future things or simply prophecy, is what is called ‘soothsaying.’ The German magician, occult writer, theologian, astrologer, and alchemist, Cornelius Agrippa had explained what soothsaying is, in his massive body of work “Three Books Concerning Occult Philosophy;”

Soothsaying is that which the priests or others were stricken withall, and discerned the causes of things, and foresaw future things, viz. when Oracles and Spirits descend from the Gods or from Demons upon them, and are delivered by them; which descendings the Platonists call the falling down of superior souls on our souls; and Mercurius calls them the senses of the Demons, and the spirits of Demons. Of which sort of Demons the Ancients called Eurideae, and Pythonae, who, as the Ancients believed, were wont to enter into the bodies of men, and make use of the voyces, and tongues, for the prediction of things to come; of which Plutarch also made mention in his dialogue of the causes of defect of Oracles.

What I have found interesting in the course of my research into people who have heard voices throughout history, is that at one time before the advent of Christianity, these people were not considered crazy or lunatics. They were simply called divine and gods. Men such as Moses, Saint John, Saint George and even philosophers such as Socrates, or divine French warrior women like Joan of Arc. These famous people are just a small list of highly divine souls throughout history who had heard voices in which they had actually acted upon. Hence, at one time not too long ago, this type of communication with the spirit world was the norm for thousands of years, rather than the exception that we see today.

The facts are in this modern world in the year 2013, when someone acts akin to a Church Father, Saint or a famous Greek philosopher such as Socrates who say that they are hearing voices in their head; the common medical diagnosis would be that they suffer from some type of  mental illness. An illness, that they say is brought on by their own psychosis and that is labeled by doctors as a sickness in which they use psychotropic drugs to sedate the person into mental and DNA oblivion in order for these voices to cease. The blood is where the mind is, and this is where these drugs do their dirty business.

In my previous article on Demons, I had written that the Ancient Greeks had called these voices demons that were a divinity or supernatural being of nature between the gods and humans, and who appeared to men, both to do them service, and to injure them. The Greek poet, Hesiod had written that the people of the Golden Age were transformed into demons by the will of Zeus (Jupiter), to benevolently serve mortals as their guardian spirits; “good beings who dispense riches…[nevertheless], they remain invisible, known only by their acts.” Socrates had claimed that a friendly spirit, whom he called his daemon, was his spirit guide who had helped him on many important occasions in his life, and also restrained him from committing bad or harmful acts.

Cornelius Agrippa had written in, “Three Books Concerning Occult Philosophy,” that when people purify themselves in body and mind, this makes it a fit and pure temple of the Gods, in which the divine spirits may dwell;

Now the second phrensie [phrensy] proceeds from Dionysius: this doth by expiations exterior, and interior, and by conjurations, by mysteries, by solemnities, rites, temples, and observations divert the soul into the mind, the supream [supreme] part of it self, and makes it a fit and pure temple of the Gods, in which the divine spirits may dwell, which the soul then possessing as the associate of life, is filled by them with felicity, wisdom, and oracles, not in signs, and marks, or conjectures, but in a certain concitation of the mind, and free motion: So Bacchus did soothsay to the Beotians, and Epimenides to the people of Cous, and the Sybil [Sibyl] Erithea to the Trojans. Sometimes this phrensie [phrensy] happens through a clear vision, sometimes by an express voyce:

So Socrates was governed by his Demon, whose counsel he did diligently obey, whose voyce [voice] he did often hear with his ears, to whom also the shape of a Demon did often appear. Many prophesying spirits also were wont to shew themselves, and be associats with the souls of them that were purified; examples of which there are many in sacred Writ, as in Abraham, and his bond maid Hagar, in Jacob, Gideon, Elias, Tobias, Daniel, and many more. So Adam had familiarity with the Angel Raziel. Shem the son of Noah with Jophiel; Abraham with Zadkiel: Isaac and Jacob with Peliel; Joseph, Joshua and Daniel with Gabriel; Moses with Metattron [Metatron]; Elias with Malhiel; Tobias the younger with Raphael; David with Cerniel; Mannoah with Phadael; Cenez with Cerrel; Ezekiel with Hasmael; Esdras with Uriel; Solomon with Michael. Sometimes the spirits by vertue of the souls enter into, and seize upon organical bodies, whether of brutes or men, and using the souls thereof as the basis, utter voyces [voices] through organical instruments, as is manifest in Baalams Ases, and in Saul, on whom the spirit of the Lord fell, and Prophecyed.

Of these Apollo in his answers in Porphyry thus;

Phebean fulgor charmed, did from on high

Come down, and through pure air was silently

Conveyed; came into souls well purified

With a sonorous breath, a voyce uttered

Through a mortal throat —–

With the advent of Christianity and the Universal Church, this knowledge of the spirit world, demons and angels had become taboo and a crime under Roman Law. As a result of these reforms, eventually the God of Healing via the Rod of Asclepius,  would be officially changed to the Caduceus,  Rod of Hermes under the God of Commerce. This change where they once had a divine outlook on these spiritual communications, would be seriously refined by the black magick medical cartel who would then officially make any type of communications with the spirit world to be a sign of mental illness, in which they would put labels on people such as them being “schizophrenic or psychotic.” Some of these people who were once considered divine in the Ancient World, would be labeled bat shit crazy in today’s society. Lunatics who are drugged and institutionalized into the darkness of complete spiritual oblivion.

In a sense, the modern black sorcerers in white coats kill the divine spark of the soul in order to save the beast which governs our current world with a sickle, clock and human ignorance of these occult (hidden) manners. A type of spiritual warfare, fought both in the heavens above and the current hell below on earth, where the battle is over the body of man who is the temple of God.

Hence, a war for your soul and why 666 is the number of the beast……

number of the beast

Man was created on the sixth day. The number 6 represents man and is not a perfect number. Therefor 666 is “man’s” number, and stops short of the perfect number seven. The two first letters in the name of “Christ,” are Ch and R, and they represent seven hundred (700), the perfect number. Our body has 7 parts, the head, chest, abdomen, two legs and two arms. Christ was crucified at Golgotha, which was the place of the skull.

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