As Einstein had said. “Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.” The Great Pythagoras said All is number. This frankenfooodeverything and All includes we human beings who are alchemical energies composed of a God given mathematical formula.

The key in the Great Work is perfecting ourselves through right thoughts and actions. When we abuse ourselves with bad thoughts, actions and bad living, we are unable to properly work on our soul’s development because we have changed the God given math code that makes us human. This change can lead us to become almost inhuman like beasts, devils and human parasites who are selfish creatures.

Much of our modern world is composed of many of these selfish human beasts and devils. This is the current state of most of humanity who has been on a course of devolution for hundreds of years.

Our goal as Modern Gnostics and Truth Seekers is to take the opposite path of the rest of humanity to the illuminating high road of evolution by practicing self control, pure living and to live by example.

If we eat toxic foods with unnatural ingredients and toxins, we take in toxic energies into our bodies as a result. This consumption toxins changes our “natural” alchemical energies we are born with. By doing this, we are not living pure and natural.

Our Great Work at purifying our souls then becomes clouded by these toxins that then create toxic bodies because our energies are turned into harmful gasses. When this happens, it turns our very chemical energies based on a God given mathematical formula at birth into gasses that are created by our own thoughts, and actions such as food, drink and air consumption. These unnatural gasses then envelop our blood, organs, and and minds that impede our spiritual development and can lead to an early death.

These gasses then provide the perfect hellish type environments for various types of parasites (devils and demons) who began to consume these gasses and our very bodies. Our blood, bones and organs become the breeding and eating grounds of millions of mutant parasites that even change our very DNA. Their vomit, feces and dead carcasses then make us sick and we die early of disease, cancer or putrefaction.Worms kinds in humans

I explain these concepts more in my articles on What is Hell where I show that bad food will make you have terrible smelly farts, bad breath, and also eventually make you fat and ugly. The same thing happens with your thoughts. They can give you health problems, wrinkles and make you both ugly on the inside and outside. This is because your thoughts and actions create a chemical energy reaction in your body and this is simply proven by how you feel after thinking about something.

We all need to learn that it is in our minds and thoughts that produce a fire or Force in our blood, that is a type of chemical Hell 3energy that needs to be tamed and controlled or it will simply control you. It is the Beast and serpent within that can become either like Jesus, Lucifer, or Satan, depending on how you think, act and react to this Force within.

When a person lives contrary to natural law of the evolved spiritual human and is ruled by his or her animal appetites and desires, which then lead to abuse of the mind, body and soul, causing sulfur to turn into hydrogen sulfide that then duplicates itself like a virus in the human body.

This is what Christians would call sinning, and living in hell as said by St. John in Revelation 21:8  –  But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

A life lived in hell leads to an early death which simply means that the student cannot properly complete the Great Work.

The goal is to finish this work in the most healthy, happy and loving manner that you can given your current life. Therefor it is imperative that we not only seek to have healthy lives filled with as much happiness and love as possibly, but that we also eat and consume only the most natural, organic healthy foods and drinks.

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