A Kentucky caregiver was jailed earlier this month after he allegedly beat to death a woman he was taking care of with a baseball bat in order to drive out a demon out of the stomach of the woman, WKYT reported.

The suspect, Hunter Moore, 36, of Scott County was 53-year-old Denise Rene Hamilton’s caretaker at a house in Georgetown, Ky.

Here is of Moore’s booking photo showing him looking to the right brain where I believe the demon entity resides and controls his thoughts and actions.

In a chilling twist of events that seems to be abnormal with psychotic killers, Moore told investigators that he was acting on a command from God to kill Hamilton because she was possessed by a demon. He then snapped, went downstairs and proceeded to bludgeon her head, arms, and knees with the bat, and then targeting the demon in her stomach.

The victim was said to have repeatedly asked the killer why he was beating her, only for him to ignore her.

After the murder, Moore said he went upstairs and told police he ‘felt bad’ for beating his victim. The cops arrived shortly thereafter finding Hamilton dead lying on the floor of her home.

Moore was said to have admitted to the crime and was taken into custody. He has been formally charged with murder with bail set at $100,000.

Moore’s first court appearance was on August 7, 2018, and the preliminary hearing is scheduled for August 14 in Georgetown.

Moore’s attorney entered a not guilty plea and is asking for a psychiatric evaluation on behalf of his client.

Before the murder, neighbors had called law enforcement to report Moore’s suspicious activity saying that he behaved strangely and erratically.

They are said to be relieved that he (Demon) is in jail.

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