A 56-year-old woman from Granite City, Illinois, claims she did not kill her father, but a demon or monster inside his body.

The killer, Diane Kelly, who at 56 years old still lived with her parents ended up bludgeoning to death her father, Woodrow Dilday with a metal bar in July 2014.

Police say that the suspect hit her father in the head multiple times during an argument.

In court, Kelly told the Circuit Judge Richard Rognarelli that she had been treated unfairly because she had not received the results of a DNA test that would prove the deceased was not her father, but a demon or monster.

Judge Richard Rognarelli had said in reply, “The court has had the opportunity to observe the defendant in open court on February 26 and gave her ample opportunity to address the court personally. She was rambling, her thought pattern disorganized and tangential, and she was prone to increased agitation and anxiety. The court has also observed her during this hearing.”

Kelly was found Not Guilty this past July by reason of insanity in the murder of her father who she believed was a demon or monster.

The ruling came after both public defender John Rekowski and Madison County Assistant State’s Attorney Crystal Uhe agreed that, had there been a trial, there would have been testimony and physical evidence strongly implicating Kelly.

She has been confined to Alton Mental Health Center in Alton.

Moe’s Commentary:

In my research into demons and murder, I have found that having older children in the home who are mentally unstable, lazy and at times violent, is a tell-tale sign that these children are prone to demon possession.

These possessed people seem to change from the earlier version of themselves but they become mentally unstable and they began to cause mayhem wherever they are.  Once a person is possessed, this can then lead to violence and killing if the demon possessing the person is confronted by people they love who are unaware that they are not dealing with their actual loved one, but a possessed shell of a body that has been taken over by a Demon – AKA disembodied spirit, fallen angel etc.

The demon will lash out, commit violence and kill anyone who argues and threatens its new domain.

In this murder case it was her Father who was not really dealing with his daughter during the argument, but the Demon possessing the shell or carcass of Diane Kelly who is much more dangerous and deadly!!!!!!

Unfortunately, the feeble 82-year-old Woodrow Dilday had to learn the bloody hard way because if had read my blog, he would have kicked her, I mean the demon out of the house a loooooooooooong time ago!!!

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