A common theme you will find in many suicides and mass killings are the perps talking about fighting “inner demons” and or even hearing “demon voices” such as in the case with the Florida school shooter, Nikolas Cruz.

After the killings and interviewing Cruz, the police came out publicly stating that the killer had told them “demon voices” were in his head and demanded that he murder people. He followed their requests by cold-heartedly slaughtering 17 people.

Law enforcement sources also described the voices as “demons” and revelation has come to light that Cruz has been shown to suffer from autism, depression and other significant psychological problems.

The demons plagued Nicholas Cruz for years. Police were called to the home of Florida school killer 39 times since 2010.

The FBI admitted that a person close to Cruz had warned them before the murders of his desire to kill.

After the killings, news came out of an incident in September 2017 with Nicholas’ brother Zachary told the Herald News about a fight between his brother and their mother, Lynda and yes, the Demons…

Zachary said; “Nik got his AR-15 and put it to my mom’s head,” Zachary said. “He was yelling at her because she wouldn’t take him to a cabin.” It wasn’t clear if the weapon was loaded. He said their mother ran to her car and drove away.

“He was in the middle of the driveway, in the middle of the street with his AR-15,” Zachary told the Herald. “I had 911 ready to go on my phone. I was scared. I think he just came up and he put his gun away and I hung up.”

“He was listening to music really loud,” Zachary said. “He said something about demons. I hate saying it but I shrugged it off.”

Zachary told the outlet about his brother’s love of guns, as well as how he liked to kill birds, lizards and squirrels, the latter of which he said Nikolas would “preserve its tail.”

“He was mentally ill, and in hindsight, his actions were a cry for help,” Zachary said of his brother.

Unfortunately, the demons got to Cruz before the FBI could..



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