“As his mind becomes purer and his emotions come under control, his thoughts become clearer and his instincts truer. As he learns toQuote rsie above the flesh live more and more in harmony with his higher Self, his body’s natural intuition becomes active of itself.

The result, is that false desires and unnatural instincts which have been imposed upon him by others, or by himself, will become weaker and weaker and fall away entirely in time. This may happen without any attempt to undergo an elaborate system of self-discipline on his part… yet it has affected his way of living, his diet and his habits.

False cravings and false appetites will vanish of their own accord… like the appetite for alcohol or desires of the flesh will likewise vanish… <

However, the more deep-seated the desire, the longer it will take to uproot it… except in the case of some, who will hear and answer a heroic call for an abrupt change.” ~ Paul Brunton

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