Archaeologists have discovered an ancient lost city hidden deep within the Honduran Rain Forest. Lost city of monkey godThe team of experts were led to the site in search of the fabled “White City,” also known as the “City of the Monkey God.”

The mysterious lost city has never before been explored until now, according to a story first reported on

Experts say the lost city has extensive plazas, earthworks, mounds, and even a pyramid belonging to a culture which had lived thousand years ago. They also found various stone sculptures that appear to be untouched since the city was abandoned.

“For a hundred years, explorers and prospectors told tales of the white ramparts of a lost city glimpsed above the jungle foliage. Indigenous stories speak of a ‘white house’ or a ‘place of cacao’ where Indians took refuge from Spanish conquistadores – a mystical, Eden-like paradise from which no one ever returned,”National Geographic reported.

Christopher Fisher, a Mesoamerican archaeologist from Colorado State University, said the pristine, unlooted condition of the site was “incredibly rare.” He theorized that the cache, found at the base of the pyramid, may have been an offering.

“The undisturbed context is unique,” Fisher said. “This is a powerful ritual display, to take wealth objects like this out of circulation.”

They also found stone ceremonial seats (called metates) and finely carved vessels decorated with snakes, zoomorphic figures, and vultures.

The most striking object emerging from the ground is the head of what Fisher speculated might be “a were-jaguar,” possibly depicting a shaman in a transformed, spirit state. Alternatively, the artifact might be related to ritualized ball games that were a feature of pre-Columbian life in Mesoamerica.

“The figure seems to be wearing a helmet,” said Fisher. Team member Oscar Neil Cruz, head archaeologist at the Honduran Institute of Anthropology and History (IHAH), believes the artifacts date to A.D. 1000 to 1400.

The objects were documented but left unexcavated. To protect the site from looters, its location is not being revealed.

Source: National Geographic

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