The Holy Bible ought to be opened at the 12th chapter of Ecclesiastes and both points of the compass elevated above the square.

Preparation of Candidate Master Mason’s Degree.—He is conducted into the preparation room as in the preceding degree. All his clothing is removed as before; both legs of the drawers are tucked up above the knees, both sleeves of the shirt are tucked up above the elbows, both breasts of the shirt are turned, making both breasts bare. The hoodwink is again fastened over both eyes and the cable-tow is put three times around his body. No slipper is used in this degree. Should the shirt be closed in front, it must be taken off or turned front backwards, as both breasts must be bare. An apron is then tied on and worn as a Fellow Craft, and thus he is “duly and truly prepared.”

p. 109

Worshipful Master to Candidate, “You will advance to the altar, kneel upon both your naked knees, both hands resting n the Holy Bible, square and compass in which due form you will say, “I,” with your name in full and repeat after me”

Due-Guard of a Master Mason.—Extend both hands in front of the body on a line with the lower button of the vest with the palms open and turned downward, both hands being close together, thumbs nearly touching.

Sign of a Master Mason.—Made from the due guard by dropping the left hand carelessly and drawing the right across the body from left to right side on a line with the lower button of the vest, the hand being open as before, palm down. ward and the thumb towards the body. Then drop the hand perpendicularly to the side.

Sign without Due-guard.—(Ordinary manner outside the lodge.) Simply draw the right hand as above described, carelessly across the body and drop it by the side.

Pass-Grip of a Master Mason—Take hold of each other’s hands as in ordinary hand shaking and press the top of your thumb hard against the space between the second and third knuckles. Should the man whose hand you shake be a Mason he may return or give any previous grip.

Pass of Master Mason—Tubal Cain. It is the name of this grip.

p. 110

Strong Grip of a Master Mason or Lion’s Paw.—Grasp each other’s right hands very firmly, the spaces between the thumb and first finger being interlocked and the tops of the fingers being pressed hard against each other’s wrist where it joins the hand, the fingers of each being somewhat spread.


Candidate as Hiram Abiff falling into the Canvas, having been struck in the forehead by the setting maul of the supposed third ruffian, Jubelum.

Five Points of Fellowship.

Worshipful Master:—Which are the five points of fellowship?

Senior Deacon:—Foot to foot (Master and candidate extend their right feet, placing the inside of one against that of the other). Knee to knee (they bring their right knees together); breast to breast (they bring their right breasts together); hand to back (Master places his left hand on the candidate’s back, the candidate’s is placed by the Deacon on the Master’s back); cheek to cheek or mouth to ear (Master puts his mouth to candidate’s right ear thus bringing the right cheek of each together. See figure).

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