An author and podcaster who has similar views about how Satanism is an ideology that best explains extreme leftism, neoliberalism, progressivism, and the woke movement is Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire.

He also believes it is a type of religious cult in which members are united by the Satanic ideologies they share regardless of their self-chosen titles or preferred pronouns.

In his 2017 book, The Unholy Trinity: Blocking the Left’s Assault on Life, Marriage, and Gender, Walsh wrote:

“According to the liberal – the secular Satanist, you might call him – each person is a Me, a Mighty Me, and all values and morals are hallowed out and reduced to serve Me. I am currently autonomous and sovereign, and everything is relative to Me. I make my own truth, my own science, my own universe.

This is what Satan set out to do, and the universe he created was a nothingness of Hell, a Hell that the modern liberal wants desperately to join.”

Walsh further said, “The Satanism of the modern liberal is almost always latent and secular, not theological. What I’m trying to establish is the prevailing philosophy of our culture is rooted in an evil that can be traced back to the beginning of everything. This is not new, we should realize.

I use the terms liberal and progressive and liberalism and progressivism simply because these are the names and labels we place on the contemporary manifestations of this ancient evil. But it doesn’t actually matter what name you use.

You could call it “liberal” or “progressive,” a “banana” or an “oogliebooglie” – it is the belief system, not the labels, we’ll be dealing with in this book, ” he wrote. (1)

This is where I somewhat disagree with Matt Walsh. I do believe that people like myself and Walsh who are opposed to these various ideologies that all come from the same source should stick to one label that best defines them all and that would be Satanism, which I agree, predates them all.

In an interview with podcaster Matt Fradd of Pints With Aquinas Host, Walsh said that the simplest answer is that Leftism is the worship of the self. It is the elevation of the self, which is also the definition of Satanism. (2)

He said, “That is the coherent thread that can connect what we call Leftism and wokeism. It is a religious worship because they believe that the self or ego transcends all boundaries and should submit to no control at all including their own biological identities that they should be able to overwrite by the force of their own will.

The worship of the self is also the definition of Satanism, which I would respond I would respond, yes exactly.

Maybe that is an easier way of putting it.”


It is true. They have their own creed that kind of gets placarded outside of their houses. They have their little tokens that symbolize they’re part of the group. Just like I as a Catholic do.

I wear a miraculous medal around my neck. I got to holy mass. Things like this. I suppose having your pronouns displayed on your Instagram is something like that.

You also have these excommunications. I mean the Catholic Chruch is far more merciful to those who have been excommunicated. It seems to me more than the woke mob when they cancel you.


“My only hesitation, although I say it is a religious cult because it is. Sometimes I worry about putting it that way because when you’re using religion as a pejorative. That is my only hesitation. It is not like there is anything wrong in itself with being religious but there are plenty of religions that are wrong.

The religion of Leftism is the wrongest of them all. I think calling it a religious cult is important. It helps us exactly understand what we are dealing with here,” Walsh said.


The Unoly Trinity: Blocking the Left’s Assault on Life, Marriage, and Gender By Matt Walsh

Pints with Aquinas

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