The Meaning of Being Illuminati

Dr. Nicolas Laos

Dr. Nicolas Laos

My special guest today is philosopher, Freemason (regularly installed Heirophant-of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim), author, and the founder and World Grand Master of the Scholalary and Political Order Ur Illuminati (SPOUI).

An International Illuminati movement based on the ancient traditions of the Bavarian Illuminati that is in league with other Illuminati sects such as one of Italy’s most respected Freemasons, Dr. Guiliano Di Bernardo who is the Grand Master of the Dignity Order.

The Ur-Illuminati is an exclusive global Fraternity based on the Third-Way Esotericism and Noopolitics: Beyond the White and Black Brotherhoods. This is NOT an Order which an initiate can add to their other ones; it is an end to esotericism and noopolitics.

Dr. Nicolas Laos is a native of Athens, Greece and is an internationally published and respected author of numerous books on philosophy, ontology, metaphysics, Freemasonry,  Noopolitics, and his latest book, The Meaning of Being Illuminati which is the world’s first scholarly research on the true history and inner-workings of the Real Illuminati.

Dr. Nicolas Laos’ website:

Would you like to know the truth about the Illuminati without the conspiratorial nonsense and how you can possibly become a member of this exclusive global Fraternity based on the Third-Way Esotericism and Noopolitics known officially as the “Scholarly and Political Order of the Illuminati (SPOUI)”?

Please order and read the Dr. Laos’ book, The Meaning of Being Illuminati from Amazon at the link below. After you read the book and if you are still interested in joining this international Illuminati order, please contact Moe at this link and explain who you are and why you would be a good candidate to serve the SPOUI



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