Oklahoma’s Catholic Archbishop, Paul Coakley filed a lawsuit in Oklahoma County District Court on Wednesday to stop a satanic black mass ceremony planned for next Baphomet-Statuemonth in Oklahoma City.

In the lawsuit, Archbishop Coakley claims the black mass is a deliberate attack on the Catholic Mass, and the foundational beliefs of all Christians. Coakley stated in the lawsuit, “I have taken a legal step to combat this blasphemous and obscene inversion of the Catholic Mass.”

Oklahoma was also recently the scene of another religious battle between Satanists and conservative Christians this past May, when the Satanic Temple petitioned to have their Baphomet statue installed at the Oklahoma Capitol. The Satanic group decided to erect the statue after another religious statue for the 10 Commandments was placed in the Capital. The petition had sparked a heated debate around the world. The Satanic Temple used the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to fund the statue and raised over $28,000 in donations.

Reuters reported this about Archbishop Coakley’s lawsuit:

The Angra Mainyu satanic group named in the suit as a defendant planned a countersuit claiming defamation and will go on with its black mass at the Oklahoma City Civic Center, according to Adam Daniels, the group’s leader.

“I will allow the lawyers to pull that onion apart,” he said, adding the communion wafers being used in the black mass were not stolen.

The Black Mass of Oklahoma has been held for several years and has faced resistance from state, and local leaders as well as setting off anger in a state where many identify themselves as deeply religious Christians.

Officials for the Oklahoma Civic Center said that since the center is a city-owned facility, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution does not allow for them to turn away productions based on their content.

A Black Mass involves a sacrifice to the devil, a practice known as inversion of the Christian ritual. According to the Angra Mainyu website, it is a modern form of ritual to celebrate the perversion of the Catholic Mass.

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