Holy War: Russia Declares War On Satanists

Holy War: Russia Declares War On Satanists

“This is a war of Heaven against Hell.” – Alexandr Dugin

In response to a recent rise in Satanism across Ukraine, the Russian government has officially announced plans for an upcoming military operation that will target Satanists.

Alexei Pavlov, Assistant Secretary of the Security Council Russia in an interview with “ Arguments and Facts” called for “desatanization” of Ukraine during a special military operation (SVO).

Pavlov specifically names the Church of Satan in the U.S. as having influence and believes that the exact number of Satanic sects in Ukraine is unknown, but “the number is in the hundreds.”

He believes that the Orthodox Church in Ukraine has been targeted by enemies who want to “reformat the minds” of Ukrainians and convert people from Christianity.

The article is dated October 25 2022 on the TASS.ru website with the title “В аппарате Совбеза РФ считают все более насущным проведение “десатанизации” Украины.”

Translated by Google, it reads in English:

The apparatus of the Security Council of the Russian Federation considers it increasingly urgent to carry out “desatanization” of Ukraine

“Assistant Secretary of the Security Council Oleksiy Pavlov pointed out that the “Church of Satan”, which has spread across Ukraine, is one of the religions officially registered in the United States”

MOSCOW, 25 October [2022]. /TASS/. The “desatanization” of Ukraine, where hundreds of sects now operate, is becoming increasingly urgent, said Aleksey Pavlov, assistant secretary of the Russian Security Council, in an article for aif.ru.

“I believe that with the continuation of the special military operation, it becomes more and more urgent to carry out the de-Satanization of Ukraine, or, as the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov aptly put it, its “complete de-Satanization,” he noted.

Pavlov specifically pointed out that the “Church of Satan”, which “spread across Ukraine,” is “one of the officially registered religions in the United States.”

“Is it any wonder that in 2015 in Kyiv a group of pagans broke and desecrated a worship cross erected for the 1000th anniversary of the repose of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Duke Vladimir, the Baptist of Russia,” he asked.

In a recent interview, Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of Russia’s Chechen Republic has called their intervention in Ukraine a Jihad. He argued that “they want to humiliate and divide Russia, to defile faith and culture, “so that we don’t have any identity and not a single family value”, while in Europe now “Satanism is openly operating” and “Satanic democracy”.

“We are in Kievan Rus’ (Ukraine) for jihhad, joint war of Islam and Eastern Christianity against satanism. Necessary all Umma understand that Orthodox Christians, here in Russia, are our brothers and sisters. Allah is my witness. Common enemy is sheitan aka NATO.” – Ramzan Kadyrov

On Januray 1, 2022, The Institute of Religion and Politics reported;

State Duma deputy Aleksey Chepa (SR faction) sent a letter to Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov with a proposal to ban the ideology of Satanism and Satanist organizations in the Russian Federation, according to an IRP source in Okhotny Ryad.

In the request, the deputy indicates that recently in Russia there is more and more data on the activation of destructive ideologies, including cults , which carry a high public danger. This alarming trend has been especially evident since the beginning of the special military operations of Russian troops.

The greatest threat comes from Satanism. This is the worship of evil, the deliberate violation by the adepts of the Divine commandments in order to satisfy the object of their religious worship.

There is reason to believe, MP Chepa notes, that the US State Department is using the ideology of Satanism as a tool for fulfilling its tasks in a number of countries, including in the Ukrainian direction.

It is set forth in the “Bible of Satan” by Anton Szandor LaVey (1930-1997), the founder of the “Church of Satan”. The symbol of this organization is the statue of the demon Baphomet (pictured).

The text of the book “The Bible of Satan” , published in an edition of 166 copies, Ancient City: Society for the Creation of Death, 2009, 666 pages, was recognized as extremist material by the decision of the Oktyabrsky District Court of St. Petersburg on October 19, 2021.

It contains calls for violent actions against those people who are not adherents of Satanism. This, allegedly, is the reason for their “inferiority”, and Satanists proclaim their imaginary exclusivity and superiority over others.

In the Russian Federation , the followers of Satanism began to actively manifest themselves since 1992 , especially among young people and the ultra-right .

Now there are about 5 thousand Satanists in the country . They are part of a network structure of several cells that are not registered with the justice authorities . Despite the small number, their activity is the most destructive in comparison with other destructive ideologies.

Since 1996, according to open sources, Satanists have committed more than 150 crimes. Among them: murder, desecration of corpses, cruelty to animals, hooliganism, vandalism, the organization of extremist communities and associations that encroach on the lives of citizens,” Aleksey Chepa said.

In May 2022, Russia said the Ukraine used “black magic” at an abandoned military headquarters in the Donetsk region against invading forces to thwart President Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

The RIA Novosti report said “signs” of satanic seals were found after which they published images showing pentagrams and other markings clearly visible inside this former Ukrainian Army base.”

Sputnik reported that “traces of black magic rituals” had been discovered at an abandoned Ukrainian military headquarters in the Donbas where a “magic seal of dark forces” had been found on the wall.

Some people in the West may laugh thinking that this Russian campaign against Satanists is a joke,  but the real devil lies in the details.

The Russians equate radical (far left, neoliberal) liberalism as being a destructive ideology that is synonymous with Satanism. They go hand and hand.

It is this ideology being promoted by global elites that they believe seeks to destroy their traditional values, the family, the Christian religion, and the world. Russian believes this is a formal war if not only for ideas and control, but for your very soul against the armies of hell.

As Orthodox Archpriest Alexander Novopashim said:, “Satanism” is really a synonym for entropy, or “the Evil that dissolves societies like a hydra with its many tentacles”. The “real evil” being imported eastwards is not Beelzebub or Baal, but “radical liberalism”, which is far more dangerous to a nation’s soul.

According to Aleksandr Dugin, “Everyone who sympathizes with liberals, [the dissident all-female punk band] Pussy Riot and the West belongs to Satan. This is the Army of Hell.”


Russian President Vladmir Putin has declared his Christain faith throughout his presidency in a country where over 70% of its citizens are Christian.

Recently on September 30, 2022, President Putin presided over a ceremony at the Kremlin to annex four Ukrainian regions partly occupied by his military forces.

During the 37-minute address, Putin decried “Satanism” in the West and U.S., referring to a radical denial of moral, religious, and family norms as well as transgender issues.

Putin said;

“The repression of freedom is taking on the outlines of a ‘reverse religion,’ of real Satanism,” he said, adding that the open attitudes toward gender identity are a “denial of man.”

In a question posed to “all citizens of Russia,” he asked, “Do we really want to see perversions that lead to degradation and extinction be imposed on children in our schools from the earliest years, for it to be drilled into them that there are supposedly some genders besides women and men, and offered the chance to undergo sex-change operations?”

Putin further stated;

“Now they have moved on entirely, to a radical denial of moral norms, religion, and family …

“The dictatorship of the Western elites is directed against all societies, including the peoples of the Western countries themselves. This is a challenge to all.

This is a complete denial of humanity, the overthrow of faith and traditional values. Indeed, the suppression of freedom itself has taken on the features of a religion: outright Satanism,” Putin proclaimed.

In Russia, the Orthodox Church and State have come to symbolize Moscow’s central role in the geopolitical sphere as the defender of Traditional Christian values.

Russia’s role in this spiritual war was solidified this week during a two day event held in Moscow on the theme “Orthodoxy and Peace in the 21st Century.”

At the event, Putin had commented on “the enormous, colossal contribution that the Russian Orthodox Church, representatives of all traditional religions of Russia, makes to the unity of society, to the preservation of spiritual, moral, family ideals and values, to the preservation of our historical memory and identity, to the education of young people. and, of course, patriotic organizations such as the World Russian People’s Council.”

A quote from the Patriarch Kirill is illustrative of this point:

“The future of mankind directly depends on what it chooses: the traditional values ​​and spiritual experience of many generations, reflected in the cultural matrix, or the secular universalism of the New Age, based on the indulgence of human passions…

And our resistance to all these destructive tendencies is an increase in our faith, this is loyalty to our traditions, this is love for the Fatherland, this is concern for its spiritual and material well-being.

And as long as our Fatherland remains this island of freedom, the rest of the world will also have some sign of hope for the opportunity to change the course of history and prevent a global apocalyptic end — at least to move it into that perspective with which none of us connects either our lives or the lives of our immediate descendants.” – said the Patriarch.

On the first day of the event, Deputy Head of the ARNS Konstantin Malofeev outlined the main ideolgies and methods in which Russia, The Third Rome will preserve the world from evil and promote Tradtional Christian values.

Malofeev said;

“1) Ideology. We are an Orthodox country, the Third Rome, Katechon, which keeps the world from evil. And this should finally be reflected in the Constitution of the Russian State.

2) Education. Three bases. Maximum emphasis on teaching Russian history. Worldview education on traditional values. And a complete ban on gadgets in schools.

3) Charity. Our food fund “Rus” and the fund “For Victory” are doing everything to help soldiers, refugees and all those in need. The state is moving forward, but for greater efficiency it is important to change the legislation. VRNS will certainly make its proposals.

4) Youth. Young people have no right to think in the spirit of Upper Lars. For this, it is not necessary to go to the front as volunteers. The main thing is to prevent what happened at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University or happens at the Higher School of Economics. We must do everything to create an atmosphere of zero tolerance for betrayal.

5) Socio-economic sphere. Russia, free from transnational corporations and relying on its own productive forces, can not only exist independently, but flourish. And since the beginning of the NWO, there is simply no other way.

6) Family policy. It’s time to stop churning out infantiles with meaningless high school crusts. We need to restore the prestige of vocational education. By the age of 20, a young man may well get a specialty and start a family. And the state should help him with a preferential mortgage with partial repayment at the birth of each child.”

In a speech at the World Russian National Assembly (October 25, 2022), Professor Alexandr Dugin claimed that this is warfare of the spiirt with the angelic armies in Heaven against Hell.

Dugin had said:

We are, of course, in a very real war. This war is not only a war of armies, of men, it is also a war of the spirit.

This is very important.

We can say this: we see a horizontal confrontation – our army/our opponents, us against NATO (of course, not against Ukraine, needless to say).

But there is another dimension to this war – the vertical.

It is a war of Heaven against Hell.

It is a war of the angelic armies.

It is a war of the army of the Archangel Michael against the devil.

This vertical dimension is ideology, the realm of ideas.

It is the realm of the spirit in which this war, its main substance, unfolds.

And the speech of our president on September 30 spoke to the satanic nature of the Western civilization.

This is not a metaphor.”

Dugin further stated:

“In this respect, it is very important that we are confronted with an idea.

The West is an ideology. Liberalism, globalism, secularism, and posthumanism are ideology.

This is the realm of ideas, not the realm of matter, bodies and technology.

Above all, it is an absolute lie: it is the overturning of the true proportions of the mind, of ideas, of religious foundations.

That is why two ideas, two armies (because angels are spirits and minds) are colliding today: angels and demons. The battlefield is just Ukraine.

On the one hand, we are Holy Russia, as His Holiness the Patriarch says, and we are confronted by forces of absolute global historical evil.

Hence, more and more often we are talking about Armageddon, the end times, and the Apocalypse.

This is all taking place before our eyes.

We are taking part in the final (maybe the penultimate – no one knows) and very important battle.

Without a spiritual, ideological, intellectual dimension, we cannot win.”



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The Antichrist Will Rule the Globe from the Worldwide Web

The Antichrist Will Rule the Globe from the Worldwide Web

For the last few years, the most observant Orthodox Church leaders in Russia have been protesting against the use of “satanic figures”, such as the “internet, smartphones, tax code, and Covid.”

In January 2019, Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church had made the proclamation that the Antichrist was here and would eventually rule the entire human race over the worldwide internet web. He said, “The Antichrist is the person who will be at the head of the worldwide web, controlling all of humankind.”

“That means that the structure itself poses a danger. There shouldn’t be a single centre, at least not in the foreseeable future, if we don’t want to bring on the apocalypse.”

“Every time you use your gadget, whether you like it or not, whether you turn on your location or not, somebody can find out exactly where you are, exactly what your interests are, and exactly what you are scared of,” Kirill continued. “Such control from one place forebodes the coming of the Antichrist.” (1)

The “devil acts very wisely” in offering people such a “toy”, he said.

Previously, while speaking at the Duma, Patriarch Kirill warned his colleagues and citizens, “Contemporary progress contains dangers, first and foremost for the freedom of people. True freedom does not tolerate global control over the lives of individuals, this would be a prospect of apocalyptic ruin for all mankind. When we talk about the arrival of the Antichrist, starting from the Scriptures, we understand precisely this system of global control, realized by a single center of power, or even by a single person,” he said.

The key takeaways from these statements by the Russian Patriarch are the Antichrist is the person and will be the head or Master of the worldwide web.

Not a thing, not an entity, or primeval force – a single person or a man.

In May 2020,  bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church and the most authoritative member of the Moscow Synod, Metropolitan Ilarion (Alfeev), had conveyed similar revelations of the time we are living;

“There is, alongside the hypotheses of biological warfare, also the possibility of bio-psychological warfare, when trying to instill fear in the population, to control it in a more radical way, “Ilarion told the Rossija-24 TV channel. He, therefore, called for the development of “strong immunity not only physically, but also spiritually, in the strength of mind”.

Valentina Pashenko, president of the “Committee in defense of the family and morality” in Voronezh, denounces the use of biometric fingerprints to enter the bank and government buildings and rejects electronic texts.

Speaking to the BBC in April 2019, Valentina said that “when all personal data will be stored in one system, evil people will be able to exclude any unwanted person from the system”.

“First pensions and then all other information about the person, his property, social rights, data on the family and children, school and medical data, salaries: the whole life of the individual will be inserted into an electronic number”, Pashenko complains, “it is like the mark of the Stalinist camps, where our grandparents were sent”.

More recently, Orthodox bishop, Irinej (Tafunja) of Orsk, said that Covid was a sign of the Antichrist. He had said;

“Eschatological coronavirus epidemic”, in which Covid-19 is considered one of the signs of the advent of the Antichrist: “After the 666 tax codes, credit cards, e-money and other similar things, today we see with the excuse of the virus another step towards total control of every individual. In the controlled data the economic and social life of each person will be decided, without it, it will not be possible to live. Probably the next measure will be the installation of a chip directly under the skin, to check not only the health, but also the emotions and actions of the people,” he said, (2)

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Russia Bans Scientology

Russia Bans Scientology

In a smart move to stop the indoctrination of their people and especially the nation’s youth, Russia announced this week it would be banning Scientology. According to prosecutors, the organization poses a threat to Russia’s safety, and it will now be one of the forty-nine foreign and international NGOs that have been listed as undesirable organizations.

The Church of Scientology was founded in America by a notorious Satanist, former O.T.O. member, and sociopath, L. Ron Hubbard.

Russia’s Justice Ministry claimed the Church of Scientology and its two other entities, stating that it’s a dangerous cult and a business masquerading as a religion. According to top the AP, “the Prosecutor General’s Office said the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises International and the Church of Spiritual Technology, which are both based in California, were “a threat to the security of the Russian Federation”.

In 1996, a resolution was passed classifying the Church of Scientology as a destructive religious organization in the lower house of Russia’s parliament, according to RAPSI. The Moscow Regional Court ruled in 2012 that some of Hubbard’s books be included on the Federal List of Extremist Literature and prohibited from distribution in Russia.

Since 2008, the Russian branch of the Church of Scientology has been the target of religious and youth groups who have asked the government to ban these organizations. Many protests have been held like this one when members of the pro-Kremlin youth group Young Guard had protested the Scientologists in Moscow on March 21, 2008.


“The activities for which senior figures [in the church] ended up in jail are conducted in all Scientologist communities, practicing in different countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Australia and Africa,” the letter added. Russia’s Justice Ministry has turned its attention toward the group’s earnings just weeks after outlawing Jehovah’s Witnesses, a Christian evangelical movement.

According to the Moscow Times, “Alexander Dvorkin, a former Soviet émigré and member of the Orthodox Church, in 1993 set up an NGO to research “totalitarian sects and destructive cults.” He says he was prompted to action after witnessing the distress of churchgoers who had relatives in Scientology. “Their families had been torn apart,” he says.

Dvorkin became a leader of a virulent “anti-cult movement” and a prominent figure in Russian media, where he has consistently warned of the dangers of so-called new religions. “Scientology is totally evil,” he says. “It oppresses people and draws more and more money out of them.”

The Russian Supreme Court ordered the closure of the group’s Moscow branch in 2016 and the Justice Ministry also declared some of the group’s literature extremist. Several arrests were made when police raided the church’s offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In October 2017, Russia’s security services raided Scientology headquarters launching a probe into the organization’s nefarious activities.

Russian is not the only country to go after Scientology. Recently France had labeled Scientology a dangerous cult after seven of its members were convicted of crimes, including contribution to suicide.

Holy Squirt Gun: Priest Uses Squirt Gun to Spray Holy Water on Faithful During the Pandemic

Holy Squirt Gun: Priest Uses Squirt Gun to Spray Holy Water on Faithful During the Pandemic

“I bless you in the name of the father, the son, and the holy squirt gun.”

Various online images of Roman Catholic priests have gone viral showing them using a squirt gun to shoot holy water on their congregations in an effort to maintain social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic over the past year.

For example, pictures of Timothy Pelc, a 70-year-old priest from a Detroit Catholic Church in Grosse Pointe Park show him shooting water from a colorful squirt gun into a car window as he wore a face mask, face shield, and rubber gloves.

Many people who saw the story got a good laugh and memes were created as a result showing the Priest with his squirt gun in various movie roles such as The Exorcist and Pulp Fiction.

Pelc told BuzzFeed News that he was a little concerned about how the Vatican might react to the photos.

“It was big in Ukraine, and the Germans are funny — that led to a whole sub-discussion about the types of water pistols,” he said. “It even had two hits in the Vatican, which sort of concerned me, but I haven’t heard anything yet.”

“I’m not objecting to it — this whole idea of combating evil is a good one,” Pelc said. “When Jesus dies, he doesn’t just lay around doing nothing. He goes down to hell and kicks the doors in. He really wrestles with evil. We all want to believe that the devil is not the most powerful force on the earth and neither is COVID-19.”

I’m not easily amused and the funniest of guys due to my difficult past, but this religious news really made me laugh and I thought I would share it with you so you can laugh too.

The Religion of Man created to explain pathogens and spread of infectious disease

The Religion of Man created to explain pathogens and spread of infectious disease

“It (the research) opens up new insights into the emergence of religion as a belief system that developed to explain natural threats or events.” – Professor Brock Bastian

An October 2019 study suggests that moral vitalists may view immoral essences— the forces of evil—as having the capacity to “infect” and corrupt people’s minds and bodies.

Scientists contend that the world’s spiritual belief systems and religions were developed to explain and predict the devastating effects of pathogens and spread of infectious disease where moral vitalism (beliefs about spiritual forces of evil) is higher in geographical regions characterized by historical higher levels of pathogens.

Researchers suggest that moral vitalism embraces the dual beliefs that forces of good and evil (a) actually exist and (b) may cause moral and immoral events to occur. Moral vitalistic thinking is attractive because it provides a convenient explanation for why good and bad things happen, as well as what makes people good or bad (cf. Staub, 1989, 2003; Zimbardo, 2007)

Moral vitalistic thinking is attractive because it provides a convenient explanation for why good and bad things happen, as well as what makes people good or bad (cf. Staub, 1989, 2003; Zimbardo, 2007).

The study was led by Brock Bastian, an associate professor with the School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Melbourne in Australia. The paper is titled, Explaining illness with evil: pathogen prevalence fosters moral moral vitalism but was originally published under the name, “Moral Vitalism: Seeing Good and Evil as Real, Agentic Forces.”

The researchers said;

“Building on this, we demonstrated that moral vitalists seek to protect themselves from being contaminated by those who are likely possessed by the forces of evil (Study 4) and that concerns about contamination and possession are also evident in concerns over one’s own mental purity (Study 5).

Taken together, the evidence supports a new dimension of moral cognition—the belief that agentic forces of good and evil exist in the natural world—and validates a brief measure that captures these beliefs and predicts theoretically relevant judgments in the moral domain.”

Brock Bastian had commented via email to Live Science Reports;

“We uncovered consistent evidence that historical pathogen prevalence is related to an increased tendency to believe that there are forces of evil at work in the world,” the researchers reported. Correlations between belief in the devil and historic, widespread disease were the strongest in Nigeria, Bangladesh and the Philippines; those correlations were the weakest in the Czech Republic, Germany and Sweden, the scientists found.

If spiritual beliefs in evil were more common in regions that carried a higher load of pathogens, “it suggests that historically these beliefs may have evolved to explain the effects of pathogens.”

Thailand Cracks Down on Greedy Pedophile Buddhist Monks

Thailand Cracks Down on Greedy Pedophile Buddhist Monks

Here in the West, people tend to think of Buddhist Monks as peaceful, non-violent, and essentially pacifists who do not fight, war, kill, and rape children but the facts are you couldn’t be more deathly wrong.

History proves to us that evil people are evil people regardless the religion, country, and or race.

Take for example some of the rogue Buddhist Monks in Thailand who are hell-bent at fucking the very people and kids who help fund their organizations. An international investigation has resulted in some of Thailand’s most famous Buddhist monks and officials getting arrested and heavy prison sentences for their many crimes, according to the Asia Times.

Yale University-educated constitutional law scholar Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang had said, “This is the purge of a lifetime. Never have there been such high-profile arrests and so many prominent monks falling from grace.”

For example, here is a picture of one of these greedy pedophile monks. His name is Wirapol Sukphol seen here in a 2013 video aboard a private a jet. Photo: (YouTube)

He is now a defrocked Buddhist monk who was recently extradited from the U.S. received a 114-year prison sentence for fraud and money laundering.

This piece of human scum is currently serving a 114-year prison sentence for various crimes and is now awaiting trial on charges of child molestation and child abduction. However, Wirapol 114 year sentence might not mean shit to this pig because he will be eligible for release in 20 years under Thailand’s statutory limits.

The Asia Times reported that the court ordered him to repay 29 devotees who he cheated out of US$1 million in various scams, which may soon be refunded from his seized assets.

Read more about these Satanic Monks from the Asia Times

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