Ju’Piter (Ju-Peter), Pator or simply Peter means “Father, Parent or Rock.” The Greek pronunciation is Petra which also means Father, but also refers to an allegorical religious meaning “any large stone.” Hence, where we had created the “Stone of Destiny.”

Is Peter the “Dad” of modern civilization?

In ancient Phoenicia, the chief deity was known as Ba’al.  In Syria, they called this God Adad, or Aden who was Hadad Ben Bedad and was a king of Edom mentioned in the Bible, in Genesis 36:31-43. He succeeded Husham (HAM) in the apparently elective kingship of the Edomites. In researching this unique name I have found various alternative pronunciations such as Eldad, Bedad, Dudu, Adad, Aden, Dudu, Dawd, Amnidad and Heldan.

Hadad ( = Son of Dod or David) Be-dad, or Bon-dad, “the son of Dad,” was the father of the Edomite, Hadad. David, Daoud, or Dood means the beloved ; and as a mythical character the beloved one, the Lord’s anointed. King Hadad, (or King Dad/David), Father of the Old Testament was the predecessor to Saint Peter, the Father of the New Testament. In the meanings of their names, you will find that they both are anointed “Sons” of the Father, making them in turn the Father or King of Kings by blood rite in this carnation.

As Saint Bede says,  ‘Thou art Peter, and upon this Rock from which thou didst receive thy name, that is, upon Me Myself, I will build My Church. Upon this perfection of faith which thou didst confess I will build My Church, and if anyone turns aside from the society of this confession, even though it may seem to him that he does great things, he will not belong to the building which is My Church,;: [“Homily I.165, Aftr Epiphany,” Homilies on the Gospels,Bk. One. 163.]

Hence, Peter is an allegorical name for the Father and the anointed Son whose family had passed down the priesthood from father to son.  The true name for Saint Peter is Simon Magus who we now know as “Simon Peter or Saint Peter.” He is the Father of the New Law (New Testament) who is a blood descendant of Ba’al who had”Christianized” the religion of the Old Testament and ended the era of the Golden Calf with the blood of Jesus.

The most ancient of Greek and Roman Gods is known as Zeus Peter, or in Latin, Iuppiter and Diespiter vis-a-vis, Deus pāter. This Ju’piter was also called Juvando, and also Diespiter, the father of the day or the Sun. Petra is the Greek form of that is still used today with the name Saint Peter who would be the Father of the Catholic Church via the New Testament whose predecessor was King David, the Father of the Old Testament.

In ancient Egypt and Syria, the Priests of Ju’Peter Ammon were called Petors.(Peters)

These priests from the East were the predecessors to the Celtic Druids, Culdees, Bedesmen and the Freemasons whose priest carry a staff or the Rod of Asclepius which at one time had represented the single serpent-entwined rod wielded by the Greek god Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine. However, these Petors Priests had called the rod a Pietaurum. The Rod of Asclepius was later changed to the Caduceus,  Rod of Hermes

The Father of the priesthood was always known as the chief priest of the family or the “Pator, Archpator, ArchDruid or the Patriarch.”

The pagan priests of the ancient mystery religions that had resided here were called Pators or Peters as the Bible also calls them “interpreters” or priests. This priestly family and Templar brotherhood are the creators of all religions around the world.They were the priest of Ba’al, the Druid and Bedouin Bards. Today we simply  know them in Christianity as “Pastors”and in Buddhism as “Buddhas.”

From the name Peter we get the Greek name of this ancient desert city of the Rose that we now know as “Petra.” These were the Priests of the East who are the successors of the Priests of Ju-Peter Ammon from the Bedais of Ptolemy. The same family of priests who had proclaimed Alexander the Great the Son of God, and Father to Humanity in the Temple of Umm Beda (White Mother).

A tall stone structure that we know today as the Obelisk were actually ancient monuments of the Peter to represent the male phallic of father to man kind.

This is why today the slang term for the male penis is “Peter” or the Sacred Peter Stone. Hence, I can safely say that the Washington Monument, a massive Obelisk, proves that Freemasons are the modern successors of the Priest From the East, The Pators for whom George Washington descended to become the “Peter” or “Father” of the United States of America.

Meet George Washington, the Father (Peter) of the United States of America. An official Sun God amongst all other Sons of the Father united in Brotherly Love.

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