It is important that you understand that Pythagoras held our souls come from the number One (1) which is derived from the first principles and assigns God and the soul to the number One.

This is our soul’s connection to the One Monad, which is God and the good, which is the origin of the One, and is itself intelligence, reason, and its end result, immortality (ie: True Gnosis – One With Christ in the Head).

These they call Divine spirits [δαιμονες] who are psychical beings (i.e. real people with purified souls).

However, Pythagoras taught that when the One becomes two, it becomes the “undefined dyad (ie: Duality or something consists of two elements or parts)” which is a divinity and the bad, surrounding which is the mass of matter.

We can say that this is a man divided against himself, imbalanced, and is ignorant (i.e. No Gnosis) of these Sacred Laws.

Pythagoras regarded the “soul of man between spirits” who always contemplated the Divine Essence (i.e.: their soul, true selves).

We are born into the world in a fallen state (ie: ruled by the passions and desires of the material world) which makes us forget our spiritual natures and divine selves.

Pythagoras had taught that it was from our separation from the Deity that we lost the wings which raised us towards celestial beings, and were thus precipitated into the region of death where all evils dwell.

By putting away earthly passions and devoting ourselves to virtue, our wings will be renewed, and we shall rise to that existence where we shall find the true good without any admixture of evil.

Through the process of life, death and rebirth our wings will be renewed, and we shall rise to that existence where we shall find the true good without any admixture of evil.

In Christian Scripture, this is what is called the “fall of man,” which is a term used in Christianity to describe the transition of the first man and woman from a state of innocent obedience to God to a state of guilty disobedience (ie: a life of sin).

It was said that when a man is in this state, he moves in its aerial clothing, and is thus subject to Fate ie; evil and temptation, because his whole life is attached to its earthly interests and material pursuits (money, fame, pleasure etc.).

Therefore, man is not pure, and it is only when he casts off this earthly garb of the first spheres and becomes ethereal, i.e.: Spiritual, that he becomes sure of his immortality.

The entire doctrine of the Pythagoreans would culminate in assisting initiates to connect with the One – The Monad AKA Their Soul, and through knowledge AKA Gnosis, to become masters of the self, the world and the spirits who inhabit “both.”

The Russian occultist, philosopher, and author Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (HP Blavatsky) had said about Pythagoras, “Pythagoras, the pure philosopher deeply versed in the profounder phenomena of nature, the noble inheritor of the ancient lore, whose great aim was to free the soul from the fetters of sense and force it to realize its powers, must live eternally in human memory.”

In other words, by learning how to die, we accomplish the most fantastic goal of all humans which is saving our own souls – The One via “The Great Work.”

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