In 2019, the evil world began to crumble around one of the most famous R&B singers of all time, R Kelly after several women shared their stories claiming he had sexually assaulted them in a six-part documentary “Surviving R. Kelly.”

The film starts with one of his victims separating the artist R Kelly from his legal name, Robert Kelly. As if he were two different people. She said:

“There’s a difference between R. Kelly and Robert,” she says. “R. Kelly’s this fun, laughing, loving guy. But Robert is the devil.”

Shortly after the news came out, R. Kelly’s manager, Darrell Johnson was confronted by TMZ. He told TMZ: “Mr. Kelly feels like the devil is working overtime in an effort to try to destroy his musical legacy for selfish, personal enrichment.”

After the documentary was released, the singer made reference to Lucifer and the Devil in an interview with CBS anchor, Gayle King. King asked Kelly, “Do you still sit here and say you have never been with underage girls? Can you really say that?”

He responded:

“If you really look at that documentary, which I’m sure you have…everybody says something bad about me. Nobody said nothing good. They were describing Lucifer.

“I’m not Lucifer. I’m a man, I make mistakes, but I’m not a devil. And by no means am I a monster.”

He added: “They [women] are lying on me.”

But the Devil was the least of the singer’s worries.

Legal authorities had charged R Kelly with several crimes including child pornography, kidnapping, obstruction of justice, sex trafficking, and racketeering for purposes of sexual exploitation of children.

Prosecutors said that Kelly led a “criminal enterprise” of managers, bodyguards, and other employees, who assisted the singer to recruit women and underage girls for sex and pornography, and crossing state lines for the purpose of sex trafficking.

And this was not the first time the Grammy-winning artist had faced child pornography charges.

In 2008, R Kelly was found not guilty of 14 counts of child pornography after Chicago prosecutors failed to convince a jury that he was the man seen on a sex tape with a 13-year-old girl.

During the court hearings, it was discovered that he also secretly married the late singer Aaliyah when she was only 15 and he was 27 in 1994.

Prosecutors alleged that Kelly had “sexual contact” with Aaliyah and bribed a government official for a fake ID showing her age as 18. The marriage was annulled soon thereafter.

The prosecutors in the current case were allowed to present evidence to the court that Kelly had “sexual contact” with Aaliyah referred to as “Jane Doe #1” when she was underage.

Prosecutors said she became pregnant, so he secretly arranged a marriage to protect himself from possible criminal charges, because a wife can’t be forced to testify against a husband.

“It’s clearly relevant and it clearly shows a motive for Racketeering Act Number One, so that is admissible,” U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly ruled.

One of the victims, Faith Rogers said she met the singer after a concert in San Antonio in 2017.

She claimed that Kelly sexually assaulted her in a hotel room two months after their first meeting alleging that it was “non-permissive, painful, and abusive sex” and that afterward, he criticized her for “lack of participation.”

In court documents, she stated: “Defendant, R. Kelly, locked Plaintiff in secluded areas including rooms, studios, and motor vehicles, for extended periods of time in order to punish Plaintiff for failing to please Defendant sexually and/or for perceived offenses and violations of his prescribed code of conduct.”

Rogers also said that he gave her alcohol despite her being underage and infected her with herpes after failing to disclose he had an STD.

In a previous interview with CBS News, she claimed that he told her to call him “Daddy,” and introduced her to one of the five women he was “raising.”

After Rodgers appeared in Surviving R. Kelly documentary, her lawyers claimed Kelly sent a notarized letter to a lawyer representing her, which contained compromising photos of her and said:

“If she persists in court action she will be subjected to public opinion,” and said Kelly would be able to get “10 personal male witnesses testifying about her sex life.”

When R Kelly was confronted by a Federal Grand Jury with the charges, he placed the blame on the Prince of Demons. Kelly told the courts:

“I blame the devil!”

On July 26, 2022, a Brooklyn, New York court found Kelly (55) guilty of all charges sending the disgraced singer to a lengthy prison sentence of 30 years.

R Kelly’s manager, Donell Russell also pleaded guilty to stalking, threatening, harassing, and blackmailing one of the victims in a desperate attempt to save his boss’s career and I’m sure, more importantly, his salary. Russell faces up to 5 years in prison and is awaiting sentencing on November 17, 2022.






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