Gnostics and Illuminists are humans just like you and I who view themselves as sentient beings of the light whose goal is to rise above their lowly animal natures. Satanists view themselves as animals who are part of nature.

Satanists walk the Left Hand Path and Gnostic Illuminists walk the Right Hand Path. If you are not aware of the differences, please see my article here that explains this in the most simple way possible because in all reality, the occult world is very easy to understand once you pullback the veil of all the bullshit.

What we gnostic illuminsits who seek the light need to comprehend is that spirituality and the occult world is truly as simple as black and white. It is just the “players” in the occult world who make it complicated because the facts are that most Magi who are “players” are really business people do so for entrepreneurial purposes. Meaning, they make money by what they tell and do not tell or how spiritually complicated they make it.

After all is said and done, if all religions put out a book on really how easy it is and how few words we truly need to teach God or spirituality, they would be out of business in a New York Corporate minute. The reason being is that easy and simply does not sell as well to the masses as having a shepherd tell you how complicated it really all is. They tell you to just buy this thick book in order to get life. You can live like Jesus or Satan, hell they don’t care, but for Augustus Caesar’s sake, give to us what is Caesars and send in your last few dollars while you are at it.

In all honesty, if many of these religions and spiritual gurus told you how easy it all is, well then the billion dollar bible business and the hugely successful copyrighted Satanic Bible would not be best sellers anymore. Yes, just like the Roman Jesus Caesar Christ keeps the Catholic Church bank accounts fat, you can bet your last dollar that the Church of Satan is laughing with the allegorical Satan all the way to the bank.

However, let there be light and let it be said that there is a big difference between the two in their bank accounts and mission. One is a true 1300 year old successful Billion Dollar Brotherhood backed in gold via Pax Romana and the Rose CroSS with their spiritual home base on the 7 hills in Rome

and the latter is a meager 40 year old successful California based business in San Francisco.

As you can clearly see from this article that there is a big difference between a true Gnostic and practicing Satanist. I choose the light and gnosis to rise AS ABOVE the dark of my weak animal flesh in order to live in the Heavens. Satanists choose to live in their weak animal flesh natures in AS BELOW in what I would like to call Hell.

What do you choose? Light or dark?  It is simple and there is NO middle ground!


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