Welcome to your new DNA reality; where the blood that runs through your veins, may be the precursor or main indicator of a DNA checpointscrime being perpetrated. DNA that may also be used to forecast future crimes and disobedience to the state.

It sounds like a scene from the Matrix or Hunger Games, but this my friends is no Hollywierd movie, but our actual Apocalyptic DNA reality. A bloody mess, that is about to hit many asleep Americans right across their ignorant faces.

For example; take this story that had just been reported in Russia Today, that reports how Texas drivers were pulled over by Texas State Troopers working in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and were asked to give DNA samples, which many people had complied with their requests.

The RT reports;

Dozens of Texas drivers have been stopped at a police road block, where they were then directed into a parking lot and forced into surrendering blood, saliva and breath samples in a study that has upset civil liberties advocates.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration admitted it was attempting to conduct a government study meant to determine the number of drunk or drug-impaired drivers on the road at any given time.

“It just doesn’t seem right that you can be forced off the road when you’re not doing anything wrong,” Kim Cope, who said she was forced to the side of the road while making her way to lunch, told NBCDFW.com. “I gestured to the guy in front that I just wanted to go straight, but he wouldn’t let me and forced me into the parking spot.”

Is this legal? Can the police randomly stop you and ask for your DNA? Not according to civil liberties attorney Frank Colosi;

“You can’t just be pulled over randomly or for no reason,” he said. “They’re essentially lying to you when they say it’s completely voluntary, because they’re testing you at that moment.”

Blood dna checkDoes our government appear to be pushing forward a new DNA policing agenda, where laws may easily be superseded by asking gullible people for simple permission to test their blood? Permission given by people, who essentially by their ignorance to the laws, comply with government authorities when they are simply asked to do so. All because they have been trained to “respect my authority” as Cartman from South Park would comically say.

It looks like that in the near future, blood checkpoints such as this one in Texas may be much more common occurrence. They will test your blood in order to compare your DNA with unsolved crimes. Test for drug use and also store it in a “world wide DNA database” for future blood type implications that most likely will be used against you in the event of a crime, or an Apocalypse end time scenario.

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