(By Manly P. Hall) – As one of the great alchemists fittingly observed, man’s quest for gold is often his undoing, for he As above so below as withinmistakes the alchemical processes, believing them to be purely material. He does not realize that the Philosopher’s Gold, the Philosopher’s Stone, and the Philosopher’s Medicine exist in each of the four worlds and that the consummation of the experiment cannot be realized until it is successfully carried on in four worlds simultaneously according to one formula.

Furthermore, one of the constituents of the alchemical formula exists only within the nature of man himself, without which his chemicals will not combine, and though he spend his life and fortune in chemical experimentation, he will not produce the desired end.

The paramount reason why the material scientist is incapable of duplicating the achievements of the mediæval alchemists–although he follow every step carefully and accurately–is that the subtle element which comes out of the nature of the illuminated and regenerated alchemical philosopher is missing in his experimentation.

By Manly P. Hall / The Secret Teachings of all Ages

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