This little shape made of a triangle, a square, and two circles and was thought to be the “forge” of the Philosopher’s Stone.Symbols - triangle, a square, and two circles

When the right materials are used together on this circle, a stone with ultimate will is formed. The only thing missing from
this, is the Man and the Woman in the center circle.

“Fac ex mare et femina circulum, inde quandragulum, hinc triangulum, fac circulum et habebis lapidem Philosophorum.”

“Make of man and woman a circle, from that a square, then a triangle, then another circle, and you will have the
philosopher’s stone.”

“For the alchemists there was nothing strange about the squaring of the circle, wrote Maier. They use the square that
comes from the circle to demonstrate “that from every simple body the four elements must be seperated (…) By the
transformation of that sqare into a triangle they teach that one should bring forth spirit, body and soul, which then
appear in three brief colours before the redness”.

The body is assigned saturnine blackness, the spirit the lunar-watery whiteness and the soul the airy, citric colour. “If the triangle has now attained its highest perfection, it must be brought back into a circle, that is, an immutable redness Through which operation the woman returns into the man and from their legs, a single one is formed”“

– M. Maier, Atalanta fugiens, Oppenheim, 1618

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