Throughout history, philosophers of all races, countries, and religions had spoken about the human race’s psychological and spiritual two main aspects.

They generally classified people into two simple categories: those who are awake and those who sleep.

In a recent interview I conducted with Russian Philosopher and author Aleksandr Dugin, he elaborated in succinct detail on those who sleep. People who are infected by the “Virus of Capitalism” are the actual slaves in our modern society (Modernity).

Dugin did not hold back in his most vivid and what I believe are the most classic descriptions that I have ever heard.

He had called these people a new type of creature, a new bourgeoisie, a hologram of sorts who has no life and is not connected to the earth because the “Virus of Capitalism possesses him.” A disease of the soul morphing people into an individualistic type of human creature – the entrepreneur who looks like a reptile but has no connection to the earth.

“Jeff Bezos, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros,” Dugin says, “these people are the real slaves.”

In regards to the reference to people being reptiles/snakes, Dugin states, “It is a kind of serpent capitalistic serpent, and this serpent is precisely what is in the center of the system.”

And quite prophetically, here is the world’s richest “serpent of capitalism,” Mr. Bezos shamelessly feasting on a giant land reptile known as an iguana.

Interestingly, recent Revelations about Jeff Bezos’s extramarital affair with former newscaster Lauren Sanchez led to a divorce from his wife MacKenzie and a world record settlement. He’d been married for 25 years.

All the while, Amazon’s ill-treatment of its workers in the name of capitalist profits is starting to awaken a part of humanity. People robots who do not like getting penalized by their employer for simply following the God-given biological rules of being human and going to the bathroom as needed.

It seems Bezos would like Amazonian slaves to wear diapers so they can fill boxes and orders to prime his scaly pockets that seem to know no bound reaching down to the bowels of the earth.

When you look at what made Bezos so rich and Amazon the largest online shopping website, it is the simple formula of squeezing as much time, work, and speed out of each human robot who works there. Do things – program, ship, deliver, etc. in a 1/3 of the time ordinary competent people would expect it to be done.

In a 2019 Instagram post, Bezos reminisced about this fact in the first job ad he posted for Amazon on August 23, 1994.


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A post shared by Jeff Bezos (@jeffbezos)

A post shared by Jeff Bezos (@jeffbezos)

When you treat humans like machines that you can whip to do a job faster to make more money, you create a global army of unhappy employees robots who will revolt sooner or later and gueSS what? That is exactly what is happening in Amazon warehouses across the world.

As Time Magazine reported in June 2019;

“A group of workers with their fists raised in solidarity hold a scrawled sign: “We are humans, not robots!”

They and others at an Amazon warehouse in Minnesota protested in March and on July’s Amazon Prime Days.

They were speaking against the day-to-day dehumanizing reality of their workplace,” Time Magazine reported.

It appears that God’s natural rules of sin ie cause and effect continue to plague Bezos. For example, today, July 5, 2021, he officially stepped down as CEO of Amazon showing that people are truly starting to awaken to his hologram which at its center is the “capitalistic serpent.”

Dugin’s analogy to the hive mind force being the “capitalist serpent” reminded me of the Biblical teachings of the tradition of the Fall when Ii was under the form of a serpent that the devil seduced Eve. Hence in the Scripture,  Satan is called “the old serpent” (Revelation 12:9) and all through the East became the emblem of the spirit of evil.

When people are infected with the virus of capitalism, according to Dugin;

“This ignoble creature, a perverted figure, insists on imposing himself as forming its own unique reality. So everyone should imitate and assimilate. Be transformed into a bourgeois.

Aristocracy should behave as bourgeois. Priests should become bourgeois. Peasants should become bourgeois.

Everybody – Everybody,” he emphatically states!!!

However, Dugin claims that there is a great global civil war brewing beneath the surface of this takeover known as the Great Reset, and it will be in the form of what he has called “The Great Awakening.”

Dugin said;

“Humanity is approaching a global civil war. Not the civil war of one nation but a global civil war.

On one hand, the partisans, and the other the global elites who represent the Great Reset like George Soros. They don’t represent Americans.

They could sacrifice every American for interest in the sake of their own eschatological agenda. The end of the history of reality. So I think, in that sense, the great awakening should be universal,” he says.

“Americans cannot be awakened without the other and without being asleep. So we need to wake everybody!!

Africans, Latin Americans, Asians, Muslims, Europeans, Americans, and the Russians in order to oppose this suicidal project.

I think the great reset is pure suicide,” Dugin said.

Shortly after my interview with Dugin, my daughter Kiana had knocked on my door quite frantically. I opened the door, and she told me she had just seen a snake in our backyard by the chickens. She seemed a bit nervous and wasn’t sure the kind of snake, so I approached the area where she had last seen the serpent.

She told me that it probably went under a brown tarp that we had laying on the ground. I grabbed a yard tool with a long handle and proceeded cautiously to lift the tarp.

Sure enough, a large orange-colored rat snake revealed itself as it slithered around back undercover.

I thought to myself, I haven’t seen a snake here in the three years we have lived here but thank God it wasn’t the infamous California Rattle Snake or another venomous and deadly serpent.

So with confidence, again, I lifted the tarp. This time, the scared rat snake slithered quickly out of our yard into the brush nearby.

Later that night, I reflected on what had happened with the snake in our backyard and my incredible interview with Dugin with my wife. As I told her the story, I was reminded of Dugin’s serpent of capitalism at the core of our system who holds sway over the minds and souls of the real slaves who like serpents are its victims.

I then enthusiastically stated  to my wife, “It was as if the nonvenomous rat snake sighting was a prophetic sign of Dugin’s “Great Awakening,” and these slaves of the snakes aren’t so dangerous after all!!”

“It will be the civil war of the “Serpents of Wisdom vs. Serpents of Capitalism,” I proclaimed!

That was when I was immediately reminded and subsequently relayed to her the dark and deadly history surrounding the Clintons.

You know, the stories of the people Deplorables who seem to cross Hillary or Bill and suddenly vanish or suicide themselves in some incredibly impossible ways?

Author and activist Linda Thompson, detailed a list of 34 people connected to the Clintons who had died called “The Clinton Body Count: Coincidence or the Kiss of Death?” that was later expanded by other researchers and authors to 110 deaths.

“Maybe this coming Great Awakening that will spark a global Civil War that Dugin speaks of will be a lot more bloody and deadly than that harmless rat snake?

Thinking of the American bourgeoisie elite, “Of course!” I then thought.

This war will be more like a fight between California Rattler vs. an Egyptian Cobra.

Both extremely venomous and deadly.

However, one has been built upon thousands of years of ideas, traditions, and wisdom while the other is half hazardly standing on the shoulders of the self-elected bourgeoisie who follow the serpent ie Satan.

An ignorant slave-like person who seeks to usurp God’s laws and these very same said Ancient Traditions who according to Dugin, they will pay a big price and I predict, their time is nigh.

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