RamsesIII and Isis“Ramesses, Beloved of Amon, Great King, King of Egypt, hero, concluded on a tablet of silver with Hattušiliš, Great King, King of Hatti, his brother” – First line of the Egyptian–Hittite peace treaty

With the recent release of Ramesses III’s DNA test results to the public, the internet is now a buzz with fierce debates over these findings. The most common debate that I seem to see everywhere is in regards to Ramesses III‘s actual race.  I AM witnessing many people that appear to be propagating their own uneducated opinions in order to serve whatever “race beliefs” they may have or to help justify the color of their skin.

Welcome to the internet where everyone and their sisters are self proclaimed wise teachers and experts in anything under the sun.

What I have found in my research is that if someone has light or white skin and is raised in the western white culture, they will most likely always take on the Eurocentric role pushing their beliefs based solely on skin color with very little if any science is involved in their critical thinking process. With that said, the exact same thing happens when someone is of dark skin or negro and raised in the American or Western black culture, they will most likely always take on the Afrocentric role pushing their beliefs based solely on skin color.

The facts are that your skin color alone does NOT verify your actual true race that is found only by your blood. Anyone who is not mind controlled by race propaganda and with a half decent DNA self education will understand this simple truth.

Now that you know the race truth via science that your skin color does not signify your true race, we can now honestly explore who Ramesses III was and find out exactly what race he was? Was he an Egyptian or could he have been a Hittite? Maybe quite possibly he was a hybrid of both races? Let us all please keep an open mind and an unselfish heart so we can uncover these lost facts with the light of wisdom rather than the darkness of ones false beliefs.

In researching this period in Egyptian history, you will know that race played a very important role at this time in Egypt and the surrounding empires. It was strictly forbidden to marry, have children and even associate with another race or tribe. They of course knew back then that the purity of original tribe blood matters a lot and took this to the extreme by forbidding ANYONE from their tribe to mingle with foreign blood. This was as natural to them as would be to a Great White Shark who knows only to mate with other Great Whites or the Eagle who does not lie down with a Falcon.

However long this natural law policy was in effect, I AM not certain, but one thing that is certain is the fact that this policy had ended in the reign of Ramesses II when heRamesses II and Hittite Peace Treaty had formed what I would like to call “the first true brotherhood” with the competing empire of the Hittites. This was when the Egyptian–Hittite peace treaty was signed. This was a peace treaty concluded between Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II and Hittite King Hattusili III which was, according to most Egyptologists, concluded in or around 1259 BC. The treaty was signed to end a long war between the Hittite Empire and the Egyptians, who had fought for over two centuries to gain mastery over the lands of the eastern Mediterranean.

Essentially what happened was that the Egyptians and Hittites made pledges of brotherhood and peace as seen in the first line of the treaty, “Ramesses, Beloved of Amon, Great King, King of Egypt, hero, concluded on a tablet of silver with Hattušiliš, Great King, King of Hatti, his brother.” The treaty can be seen as a promise of peace and alliance since both powers make the mutual guarantee that neither would invade the other’s land and within the Hittite version of the treaty Ramesses II agreed to provide support to Hattušiliš’ successors in order to hold the Hittite throne against dissenters.

They key phrase here in understanding the race of Ramesses III is this, “Ramesses II agreed to provide support to Hattušiliš’ successors in order to hold the Hittite throne.” In writing we have Ramesses II guaranteeing to provide support to Hattušiliš’ successors in order to hold the Hittite throne. Obviously this wouldn’t take to well with the Egyptians and both Ramesses II and Hattušiliš’ knew this simple fact. This was when the plan was hatched by these two kings to try and conceal Ramesses II and Hattušiliš’ successors who would eventually take the throne in Egypt in the mixed blood union of Ramesses III who was not only of Egyptian blood, but also Hittite blood making him one of the most important Pharaohs of all time.

ramsesIII racesBack then they knew that a true brotherhood was NEVER complete with just the signing of a treaty and good will intentions. They understood that the only possible way to make this a true brotherhood bound by blood was to combine the two competing brotherhoods into “one blood, one religion and one country.”  What some people call a New World Order and the only way this is accomplished this was through arranged marriages, planned children and placing this mixed blood on the throne as Pharaoh to signify this union. In addition to the mixing of blood that produces mixed race children, you also have the old religions and beliefs that need to be combined into this new brotherhood in the best fashion possible in order to appease this new mixing of blood.

Hence, Ramesses III may have been neither Egyptian or Hittite, but a mix of both races. Ramesses III would be the first royal son forever immortalized by the Egyptians and the Hittites who made pledges of brotherhood and peace that would later end in the murder of Ramesses III. Later the various blood lines included and excluded from this brotherhood would go to war with one another for thousands of years. The end of this blood battle we may be quite possibly be seeing play out rite before our very eyes with various other blood lines mixed in over the years and much larger swords wielding power in the brotherhood of the Order of the Quest.

In Part II on the race was Ramesses III, I will provide my research and facts to prove my DNA claims.

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