A wordsmith is an expert writer who uses words to conceal hidden truths and perform cabalistic word magic to tell storieswordsmith or history. For example, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church who helped interpret the Old Testament (Old Law) into the New Testament (New Law), were excellent wordsmiths, who concealed the true meaning of many bible passages, in what is called allegory.

To write allegorically, is to write in a fashion that conceals the true spiritual meaning of the words behind a sort of veil, that unless you are initiated into the secret mysteries, you will simply not understand this hidden meaning, which then truly makes the words written, magical.

The great Doctors of the Church were given the task to change and conceal the content or appearance of the original writings they had in their possession. Their job was to tell the true story about history and the Universal Brotherhood, but to also hide the divine truth behind allegorical words and parables. A system of writing, that had originated in Greece and was perfected in Rome under the watchful eye of the Catholic Church.

This same system of writing, was then carried on by various secret societies of the world such as the Freemasons and Rosicrucians. These once underground Gnostics and Alchemists had to hide their work from both the people and the church who had at one time deemed their teachings heretical. Words, that were punishable by death. Like the Doctors of the Church had done, they would also use allegorical words and parables to conceal their secret teachings in their own writings.

It is these same mysterious words and passages that we find in the bible and various Freemasonic or Rosicrucian literature that keeps many of us in search of the truth, that seems to be buried right underneath our noses in a few letters and dusty books.

The wordsmiths have created this magical world that we live in, where we are ruled by words, magic, and if that doesn’t work, they have a real sword that they have used many times to back up their words. In the end, only those unselfish human beings, who are worthy souls with a pure heart, will be able to penetrate the truth of many of these wonderful secret mysteries. While others will continue to search in vain, because they have simply not earned the right to comprehend these secrets to life and the world we live in.

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