Let it be said that not every Freemason is a true Mason of the heart, or an immortal member of the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGreat Brotherhood of the divine elect of philosophers. Many Bros are simply Masons of the material world who are what Manly P. Hall called in The Secret Teaching of All Ages, “who are brethren in name only.”

This fact explains the reality that most Masons who join the craft are what Hall says are “unresponsive to the teachings and purpose of Freemasonry.”

The Freemasons are the inheritors of many of the ancient Gnostic mysteries, symbols and teachings. One of the goals of the order is to help their brethren reach spiritual Gnosis so that they can be true Gnostics who work daily at purifying and perfecting themselves.

Those Masons who fail at understand this age old truth “are brethren in name only.”

By Manly P. Hall – A Mason cannot be ordained or elected by ballot. He is evolved through ages of self-purification and spiritual transmutation.

There are thousands of Masons who are brethren in name only, for their failure to exemplify the ideals of their Craft makes them unresponsive to the teachings and purpose of Freemasonry.

The Masonic life forms the first key of the Temple and without this key, none of the doors can be opened. When this fact is better realized and lived, Freemasonry will awake, and speak the Word s o long withheld.

The speculative Craft will then become operative, and the Ancient Wisdom so long concealed will rise from the ruins of its temple as the greatest spiritual truth yet revealed to man.

By Manly P. Hall – The Secret Teachings of All Ages

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