A secret shared in the light is but a mystery still to the profane.Mental Prison

Most are drawn to the dark depths in the sea of the insane.

A war for their soul, many of them lost before they began to speak.

Soldiers of the matrix carrying bricks in the heat.

Building the very prison systems that imprisons their own kin.

They would rather love a lie, than seek the truth before they die.

Conspiracies fill their hollow brains, this is how they get high.

On their computers they build their own manufactured illusions.

Images of the profits of doom who lead them into hellish prisons.

They honor plastic actors they do not know on a plasma screen.

Rather than honoring their ancestors many holy deeds.

For without our ancestors, we would not be around.

In fact, you and I wouldn’t be alive to make a sound.

A magnificent truth told today is but a lie to the walking dead.

They have lost touch with who they are, nothing else needs to be said…

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