More often than not,the names or words we see in religious and secret society sacred text are simply not the actual true names. But please understand that these people, places or truths are in fact real because these words have an actual truth hidden behind the surface name published in the public. From Jesus Christ, King David, Saint Peter, to the Black horse of the New Testament (New Law) in Revelations, the list of pseudo names for nobly concealed truths is a long one.

Therefor, if you are attempting to solve Biblical mysteries or decode names in sacred text, it is imperative that you understand that most every word naming a place, person, symbol or secret has a dual meaning. But these words also leave clues to the truth of the person or facts behind these “invented” words that are created to conceal, but also reveal with those with an eye to see.

Many of the names we see written in the Bible are simply not the original birth names of the people these stories are written about.

They are what we call “allegorical.”  An allegory has a hidden spiritual meaning that transcends the literal sense of a sacred text. These words are used as a device used to present an idea, principle or meaning, which can be presented in literary form, such as a poem or novel, in musical form, such as composition or lyric, or in visual form, such as in painting or drawing. It is also seen in scriptural passage and this is the main method used by biblical authors to help conceal the identity of the blood lines described in both the Old and New Testament.

In simple terms, what the word says and mean are always two different meanings.

The main problem in most these stories is that if the reader does not get this most important fact. They do not understand that words have a different meaning than how they are written. Hence, they are easily mislead to falsely believe a word to mean what it says when it simply does not.

In this current 2012 year of the 6th age, I can safely claim that 99.9% of humans who are alive today do not understand that in most all religious and secret society text, many words and symbols have allegorical meanings to ‘fool’ new initiates or researchers. This is one of the ten commandments of the religious and secret society publishing secrets. This sacred text or religious fact is well known in the propaganda world whom the ignorant public is easily misled by the powers that be. In knowing this, the controlling oligarchy can fool the citizen population into believing just about anything and to proclaim truths as lies and lies as truths.

If you do not want to be fooled or to become a scapegoat like the one pictured in the image I chose for this post, then I suggest you start learning the real meanings of words that we speak every day or read in our Bibles. You can also check back to my blog or read my past articles because I often reveal many of these hidden meanings in my articles.

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