Tartarus: The Fungal Legislators of the Final Judgment

Tartarus: The Fungal Legislators of the Final Judgment

“For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but cast them into Tartarus (hell) and committed them to chains of gloomy darkness to be kept until the judgment.” (2 Peter 2:4)

The teachings of Hell as a place of torment for sinners and the damned in Christianity come down to us originally from the Ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans. In Ancient Greece with some of the Greatest Philosophers of all time, from the era of Homer to Hesiod to Plato, this Tradition and what I contend is a theological science about a spiritual prison for humans called Tartarus (Tartaros) was fully developed.

In the Scripture, Tartarus (Tartaros) is said to be the place where 200 fallen Watchers (angels) are imprisoned in an underground abyss reserved for demons, sinners, and the dead. In Enoch, we learn that God placed the archangel Uriel “in charge of the world and of Tartarus” (20:2).

Uriel is the angel “over the world and Tartarus” (ho epi tou kosmou kai tou tartarou), and as such, the conductor to Enoch in the world below secrets of which he explains. In the lost “Prayer of Joseph,” Uriel is the angel who wrestles and converses with Jacob and knows the secrets of heaven, and he is entrusted with the judgment of the Titans.

The meaning of the name Uriel (Ouriel) is “fire or flame of God” or “my light is God”)

Tartarus in Greek mythology is the deep abyss and a type of underground dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as the prison for the Titans and in later myths, for mortals who committed unforgivable sins. According to the Greek poets, Homer and Hesiod, Tartarus is a type of spherical force that reaches the great cosmic pit beneath the earth.

It is located “as far beneath the house of Hades as from earth the sky lies, and he is both a deity (god or force) and a place in the underworld.”

The Greeks imagined the cosmos to have been egg-shaped or spherical, and Tartarus was said to have been an inverted dome with the upper half of this sphere forming the dome of heaven, whilst the bottom half formed the pit of Tartarus.

In Homer’s Iliad (c. 8th century BC), Zeus asserts that Tartarus is “as far beneath Hades as heaven is above the earth.” According to the Homeric Hymn to Hermes, The God of Light, Apollon threatens to cast the infant god Hermes into Tartaros for stealing his cattle;

“For I will take and cast you into dusky Tartaros and awful hopeless darkness (zophon), and neither your mother nor your father shall free you or bring you up again to the light, but you will wander under the earth and be the leader amongst little folk (shades/ghosts of children in Hades).”

Hesiod (c. 700 BCE) depicts it as Misty Tartarus’, stating that it was “as far below the earth as heaven is from the earth” (722-25). He describes Tartarus “as a vast chasm, both dismal and dank and a place of decay,” and states, “Tartarus is one of the first beings to have emerged at the creation of the universe and was the opposite of Gaia (Earth).”

Hesiod describes it further as the unfruitful sea (pontos) where there are shining gates and an immoveable threshold of bronze having unending roots, and it is grown of itself. And beyond, away from all the gods, live the Titans, beyond gloomy Khaos.” He says that the edge of the cosmos is where the flat disc of the earth meets the descending dome of the sky and the ascending walls of the pit of Tartaros.

“The sky-dome and Tartarean pit surround the cosmos in an egg-shaped shell with Tartaros descending as far beneath the earth as the sky rises up above it.”

According to Plato’s Gorgias (428/7-348/7 BCE), the souls who were deemed impious and unjust by the judges of the dead (Rhadamanthus, Aeacus, and Minos), would be sent to Tartarus and eternally damned. In his Phaedo, Plato states that all of the rivers run through the chasm of Tartarus, and then they flow back out of it through the earth.

Roman mythology describes a pit inside extending down into the earth twice as far as the distance from the lands of the living to Olympus. The twin sons of the Titan Aloeus were said to be imprisoned at the bottom of this pit.

Tartarus is also considered a primordial force or God and the unbounded first-existing entity from which the Light and the cosmos are born. He is described as a deity or the God of Abyss and ruled with his sister, Gaia, the Goddess or first Mother of the earth. He was the son of Aether and Hemera, who descended from chaos – the first God.

Meaning, he was considered as existing at or from the beginning of time who came from the stormy pit of Tartaros that lies beneath the foundations of the earth.

In ancient Orphic sources and the mystery schools, Tartarus is also the unbounded first-existing entity from which the Light and the cosmos are born. According to Plato, Tartarus is the place where souls are judged after death and where the wicked received divine punishment. (Plato’s Gorgias)

Virgil describes Tartarus as expansive, surrounded by three perimeter walls, beyond which flows a flaming river named “the Phlegethon. To further prevent escape, a hydra with fifty black, gaping jaws, sits atop a gate that screeches when opened. They are flanked by adamantine columns, a substance that, like a diamond, is so hard, nothing can cut through it.

Virgil had written, “[The ghost of Anchises appears to his son Aeneas in a dream :] ‘Approach the nether halls of Dis [Haides], and through the depths of Avernus seek, my son, a meeting with me. For impious Tartarus, with its gloomy shades, holds me not, but I dwell in Elysium amid the sweet assemblies of the blest.” (Virgil, Aeneid 5. 731)

Carl Jung had written in The Red Book about his experience of descending into Tartarus where the color black/nigredo plays a predominant role in Jung’s initial plunge into Hell where this black water or dirt covers the cave, and he witnesses a subterranean Sun or fire which he has been tasked with to capture.

Jung describes his visions in Tartarus as a hellish landscape with a blackness/nigredo substance up to his ankles with pools of red blood, terrible noises, screams, and dead bodies floating within it as black scarab floats by on the dark stream.

There seems to be an exit or a way out of this Hell via a red stone that he first symbolized as a subterranean Sun or fire covering an opening, which Jung removes and holds it in his hands. Jung had written;

“I see a gray rock face along which I sink into great depths. I stand in black dirt up to my ankles in a dark cave. Shadows sweep over me. I am seized by fear, but I know I must go in. I crawl through a narrow crack in the rock and reach an inner cave whose bottom is covered with black water. But beyond this, I catch a glimpse of a luminous red stone which I must reach. I wade through the muddy water. The cave is full of the frightful noise of shrieking voices.

I take the stone, it covers a dark opening in the rock.

I hold the stone in my hand, peering around inquiringly. I do not want to listen to the voices, they keep me away, but I want to know. Here something wants to be uttered. I place my ear to the opening. I hear the flow of underground waters. I see the bloody head of a man on the dark stream. Someone wounded, someone slain floats there. I take in this image for a long time, shuddering. I see a large black scarab floating past on the dark stream.”

In the Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly P. Hall connects Tartarus with the concepts of the monad – as the origin or the first thought and all thoughts as the beginning and end of all. It is the receptacle of matter which produces chaos and also the planet Jupiter which he states, “the great power which abides in the center of the universe and controls the circular motion of the planers about itself.”

Hall had written;

Monad–1–is so-called because it always remains in the same condition–that is, separate from the multitude. Its attributes are as follows: It is called mind, because the mind is stable and has preeminence; hermaphrodism, because it is both male and female; odd and even, for being added to the even it makes odd, and to the odd, even; God, because it is the beginning and end of all, but itself has neither beginning nor end; good, for such is the nature of God; the receptacle of matter, because it produces the duad, which is essentially material.

By the Pythagoreans, the monad was called chaos, obscurity, chasm, Tartarus, Styx, abyss, Lethe, Atlas, Axis, Morpho (a name for Venus), and Tower or Throne of Jupiter, because of the great power which abides in the center of the universe and controls the circular motion of the planers about itself.

Monad is also called germinal reason because it is the origin of all the thoughts in the universe. Other names given to it were: Apollo, because of its relation to the sun; Prometheus, because he brought man light; Pyralios, one who exists in fire; geniture, because without it no number can exist; substance, because substance is primary; cause of truth; and constitution of symphony: all these because it is the primordial one.”

In the Greek Comedy, Aristophanes, Frogsdated from the 5th to 4th B.C. had stated:

“[Aiakos (Aeacus), the gatesman of Haides, threatens the god Dionysos with imprisonment in the dungeons of Hell :] ‘The black hearted Stygian rock and the crag of Akheron (Acheron) dripping with gore can hold you; and the circling hounds of Kokytos (Cocytus) and the hundred-headed serpent (ekhidna) [probably Typhoeus] shall tear your entrails; your lungs will be attacked by the the Tartesian Eel (Myraina Tartesia) [probably Ekhidna], your kidneys bleeding with your very entrails the Teithrasian Gorgones will rip apart.'”

Here is some more text from the Homeric Hymn to Pythian Apollo;

“Hera prayed, striking the ground flatwise with her hand, and speaking thus : ‘Hear now, I pray, Gaia (Gaea) and wide Ouranos (Uranus) above, and you Titan gods (Titanes theoi) who dwell beneath the earth about great Tartaros, and from whom are sprung both gods and men! Harken you now to me, one and all.'”


The word Tartarus is composed of the words “tar, tar, and “us or os”

According to Webster’s Dictionary, Tar is found in the Bible to mean “a thick, black, viscous liquid obtained by the distillation of wood, coal, etc., and having a varied composition according to the temperature and material employed in obtaining it.”

It is related to the word ‘atar,’ which means [אָטַר] verb shut up, close, bind or enclose (Arabic bend, curve, what surrounds, encloses. It is related to the word tardemeh תַּרְדֵּמָה noun feminine deep sleep; — absolute ׳ת Genesis 2:21 +; construct תַּרְדֵּמַת 1 Samuel 26:12; — deep sleep, usually with נָפַל + עַל person, and usually by supernatural agency: עַל ׳ת ׳א ׳וַיַמֵּל י Genesis 2:21 (J; ᵐ5 ἔκστασις), נָָֽפְלָח עַל ׳ת Genesis 15:12 (J; ᵐ5 id.), Job 4:13 = Job 33:15 (ᵐ5 [δεινὸς], φόβος), so ׳תַּרְדֵּמַת י 1 Samuel 26:12 (ᵐ5 θάμβος, the result of slothfulness (על and person omitted) Proverbs 19:15; figurative for insensibility of spirit, ׳רוּחַ ת ׳נָסַךְ עֲלֵיכֶם י Isaiah 29:10.

The Hebrew word is radam, which means “to fall or fall into, heavy sleep” related to [רָדַם] verb Niph’al of sleep of death Psalm 76:7; stunning effect of awe and dread Daniel 8:18; Daniel 10:9 (both + אָ֑רְצָה [ וּפָנַי ] עַלמָּֿנַי.

Matar means to kill.

The meaning of the word tar (πίσσα) tar is also pitch and spelled in Greek as pissa, which is another word for pitch and bitumen. These words are all synonyms with “coal or creosote.”

In the Scripture, this Tar is related to a particular substance called “slime, Bible Slime or Bitumen.” It is sometimes used to mix in with the brick and mortar to build the “Tower of Babel,” and is made in what was called “tar pits” and sometimes the “lake of Sodom” in ancient Babylonia.

The word slime is also variously translated as meaning “bitumen” in the Latin Vulgate and as “chomer or chemar” in the Hebrew Bible, and Strong’s Hebrew lists the word for Tar as chemar.

Herodotus, the Father of History, tells us that bitumen is the “product of the decomposition of vegetable and animal substances.”

Herodotus had written;

“Bitumen is “the product of the decomposition of vegetable and animal substances. It is usually found of a black or brownish-black color, externally not unlike coal, but it varies in consistency from a bright, pitchy condition, with a conchoidal fracture, to thick, viscid masses of mineral Tar.” (Encyc. Brit.)

This reference by Herodotus clearly shows us that this “slime of bitumen” is a product of decomposition of both vegetables and animals. When we look to modern science for the definition of decomposition, we see that it means;

“the state or process of rotting; decay of organic waste.”

Now that we understand that the meaning of the word “Tar” is decay and decomposition of vegetables and animals, including we, humans, let’s examine the next word in Tartarus or Tartaros – “us or os.”

The word us means both we, and in a historical sense, it is a group of people with a like mind and similar or the same ideas. Traditional Greek authors would call this “nous,” which is equated with the “human mind ie, intellect, or intelligence – necessary for understanding what is true or real.”

Concerning Tartarus, I contend that this “nous or mind” is connected to what classical Greek writers had called a primordial force, which in reality is the earth’s biosphere or “little nous.” Also, my theory is that our second brain may be our first developed lizard or fungi brain that can be taken over by this same force if we transgress against the laws of being human. I believe these laws have been passed down to us by the lawgivers and prophets who have gone before given us the spiritual Gnosis, world religions, and ancient mysteries that teach us about this hidden reality of our human existance.

A type of ancient hive mind and legislator that operates through the very microorganisms ie, Tar Tar, Slime, Bitumen, and the earth’s internet, which controls its functions and legislates the human parasites/demons much better than any government or military could ever imagine.


2021 Real Estate Crash & Homeless Zombie Apocalypse

2021 Real Estate Crash & Homeless Zombie Apocalypse

Hello, It’s Moe here with another walk and talk in Downtown San Diego where I discuss the “Real Estate Bubble & Homeless Zombie Apocalypse.” Yes, we are in a massive real estate bubble in the U.S.A. that will pop and crash in 2021 and the homeless zombie crisis has just begun.

Acheron: You Will be Eaten by the River of Hell Underneath Your Feet

Acheron: You Will be Eaten by the River of Hell Underneath Your Feet

In Ancient Greece, mountains with subterranean caves served as entrances to a deity and a place called Hades or Tartarus, which would correspond to our modern concepts of hell in Christianity. These unique caverns were considered ancient portals to the underworld, which the Greeks had described as “the Abyss which was a type of legal court that served as human dungeon and hall of punishment” where, according to Plato, “souls are judged after death and where the wicked received divine punishment.”

To the Ancient Greeks, the Abyss, or what is also called Acheron was a place that was located within the bowels of the earth that acted as a place of punishment and judgment ruled by a type of Terrestrial King or “living entity or hive mind” with a military regime of what are called judges in the Scripture. It wasn’t Hades, where the already judged and damned remain, but more like a spiritual courthouse where the dead allegedly go in order to receive their sentences.

The modern equivalent of Acheron or Charon is Haros or Charos (Greek: Χάρος), which is said to be used in common phrases such as “from the teeth of Haros” (Greek: από του Χάρου τα δόντια) meaning to come close to death or “you will be eaten (i.e. taken) by Haros”.

In other Greek myths, Pluto is known as the “Prince of Acheron” who ruled the underworld in a place called Tartarus, which is described as a “meadow” and “thick-shaded and dark,” where the Acheron encircles “the roots of the earth.” There was a unique wall or gate here known as “Pluto’s Gate or the Ploutonion at Hierapolis” in the ancient city of Hierapolis.

This description of “the roots of the earth” and a “meadow” that is “thick-shaded and dark when compared to other ancient and modern descriptions, gives more clues to its whereabouts. We also know that these earth’s roots are connected to Hades, Tartarus, and the place of judgment where Plato tells us “souls are judged after death and where the wicked received divine punishment.”

Plato also mentioned that the Acheron flowed in the opposite direction from Oceanus beneath the earth under desert places. Virgil stated that Acheron with the other infernal rivers in his description of the underworld where he mentions Juno, “flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo: ‘If I cannot bend the will of Heaven, I shall move Hell.” Sigmund Freud has written in “The Interpretation of Dreams,” that the myths of Acheron were related to a “psychological underworld beneath the conscious mind.”

This would align with my modern interpretation as these great myths relate to modern science and the fact that there is an internet of fungi/molds beneath and within our own feet and bodies. Microscopic entities that we live symbiotically with but it appears as soon as we act subhuman, live unhealthily, or as Christians would say, sin, they become pathogenic and cause illness, diseases, and death in humans.

This would be what the Ancient Greeks would call the Abyss and bowels of the earth in which people who live in this material noosphere via their own second brains or bowels become connected and controlled. A type of symbiotic relationship that normally ends up in doom for the unsuspecting person who has transgressed against these ancient laws of being human.

The very microorganisms who I contend with and documented via my Toxic Mold and Fungal Infection articles are the internal and external microscopic legislators of the human race. Perhaps, this worldwide internet of the dead, the realm of Fungal Shades and its courts had first started here in Acheron?

When researching for the possible location of this mountain and names of these caves, I found an interesting story of an entrance to Tartarus in a place known as Thesprotia near a river called Acheron (Acherusia) and a cave called called “Aornum, Charon or Charonium (Χαρώνειον ἄντρον or χάσμα)” which gave forth poisonous vapors.

In various Greek legends, Aornum (Ancient Greek: Ἄορνον) was an oracle and the name of the cave that is alleged to be where Orpheus travels to recover his wife, Eurydice. It is also known as “Charon’s Cave”, which reflects the belief that it was an entrance for Tartarus or Hades. Strabo also has referred to this legend in describing Aornum and also speaks of other Charonia ( Xapóvia ) where poisonous vapors rise.

For a place of judgment of the damned to be so dreaded and hellish, I find it interesting that Plato described Acheron as the second greatest river in the world, excelled only by Oceanus. The Orphic mysteries had also claimed that the first entity or who we may call the primordial man from which the Light and the cosmos was born here.

The same place that is also known as Tartarus, Hades, and Hell, where, according to Plato, “souls are judged after death and where the wicked received divine punishment.”

When I read these stories, and search for clues of this mountain, river, and cave, I immediately recognize parallels with the ancient myth of the infant Zeus who was placed inside a cave on the Holy Island of Crete by the Magi priest known as the Curetes or Telchinines to protect the child from being “eaten by his father,” Chronos.

This makes sense because Pausanias had written that among the sights of Thesprotia was a sanctuary of Zeus which is near Cichyrus and a lake called Acherusia, and a river called Acheron.

These Greek myths of hell being a place of judgment, that is underneath our feet, and also being eaten can also be connected to the ancient Phoenicians/Hebrews concepts of Mot or Mut, or māwet/mōt, which is the Hebrew word for ‘death’. Muth was described by Philo of Byblos as the equivalent of both Thanatos (Death personified) and Pluto. It is also, however, the name of a specific Canaanite deity or demon, Mot (more precisely Mōtu), known especially from the Ugaritic literature.

In Hebrew scriptures, Death (“Maweth/Mavet(h)”) is sometimes personified as a devil or angel of death (e.g., Habakkuk 2:5; Job 18:13). In both the Book of Hosea and the Book of Jeremiah, Maweth/Mot is mentioned as a deity to whom Yahweh can turn over Judah as punishment for worshiping other gods

In some myths, Mot or Death sends back a message that his appetite is that of lions in the wilderness, like the longing of dolphins in the sea and he threatens to devour Ba’al himself. It has been said that the Jewish tradition of Passover may have begun as a ritual connected with the myth of Mot killing Baal, who was the God of Fire (Phosphorus or Latin Lucifer).

Phoenician historian and a priest of Byblos, Sanchuniathon (Phoenician: 𐤎𐤊𐤍𐤉𐤕𐤍) said;

From this was produced Môt which is the Semitic word for ‘Death’ but which the account says may mean ‘mud’ which some call Ilus (Mud), but others the putrefaction of a watery mixture. And from this sprung all the seed of the creation, and the generation of the universe.

And there were certain animals without sensation, from which intelligent animals were produced, and these were called Zophasemin, that is, the overseers of the heavens.”

Sancuniathon tells us Môt means Death, which some call Ilus (Mud), which is described as a “putrefaction of a watery mixture,” from this sprung all the seed of the creation, and the generation of the universe. He then explains that this Mot AKA Ilus (Mud)’s name is also Cronus whose father is Our-anus situated in the middle of the earth. He had written;

“In the thirty-second year of his power and reign, Ilus, who is Cronus, having laid an ambuscade for his father Ouranus in a certain place situated in the middle of the earth, when he had got him into his hands dismembered him over against the fountains and rivers.

There Ouranus was consecrated, and his spirit was separated, and the blood of his parts flowed into the fountains and the waters of the rivers; and the place, which was the scene of this transaction, is shewed even to this day.”

In Greek mythology, Cronos (Cronus or Kronos) was the Lord of the Harvest and in Rome, he was called Saturn. He was the leader of the first generation of Titans who overthrew his father Ouranus and ruled during the mythological Golden Age and to prevent any of his sons or daughters from ruling in his stead, he had a habit of “eating them.”

After Rhea secretly gave birth to Zeus in Crete, to prevent Cronos from eating the infant, she handed Cronus a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes, also known as the Omphalos Stone, which he swallowed, thinking that it was his son, Zeus.

Once Zeus had grown up, he forced his father Cronus to regurgitate the contents of his stomach in reverse order: first the stone, which was set down at Pytho under the glens of Mount Parnassus to be a sign to mortal men, and then his two brothers and three sisters.”

The story of Cronus eating his children is interpreted by some people like me as an allegory to a specific aspect of time held within Cronus’ sphere of influence. This sphere I contend deals with an ancient science that connects Cronus to our Stomachs or Gi Tracts, which science has proved is our second brains and can influence our thoughts in a bad way, which may explain his fierce nature and without hesitation, he eats his own children.

The meaning of Cronos or Kronos is composed of the words ‘kro and nus’. It is related to the Hebrew words קָרוֹב karov and קְרוֹבָה krova, which means close or near and the meaning of the word kerev isinterior, inside; (in plural) innards. בְּקֶרֶב Bekerev, means among, amidst; internally, on the inside and קְרָב krav is battle, combat; struggle, race, competition.

The location of this mountain where this entry to Hades is still disputed amongst academians being either the Psychro Cave (Greek: Σπήλαιο Ψυχρού), which is claimed to be the Diktaean Cave (Greek: Δικταῖον Ἄντρον Diktaion Antron) in Lasithi plateau of eastern Crete or Mount Ida, which is the exact location where who Josephus called the Idumean had spawned and who we call the Tribe of Judah.

The same Tribe of David, Solomon, and later Jesus.

As I explain in my previous article, Pergamon: The Throne and City of Satan, in the Christian Scripture, we read of the home of Satan is located in Revelation 2:12 at Pergamos. Where Satan’s throne is,”  and home to one of the seven churches written about by Saint John in the Book of Revelation.

It was the original uncorrupted church of Christ that later became the seat of Antichrist or Throne of Satan.

Satan’s throne was located here near Mount Ida at Knossos (The City of Gnosis), which was also known anciently as the Ancient Naval Center of the Old World. The name Navy or Naval means “a central point; and or a middle” from the Latin medius, meaning middle, and terra, meaning earth, and also the center of the human bowels and what we call our second brain.

So it would make sense that this location would have been chosen as being Holy due to its age, history, and rituals performed within these caves and on this soil for what I contend, thousands of years until the traditional religion was conquered in favor of a corrupted one for world dominion.

“And it is called Akheron (Acheron) since within the bosom of the earth it goes forward pouring forth pains.” (Melanippides, Frag 759 (from Stobaeus, Anthology -Greek lyric 5th B.C.)

I will let the great Plato finish my thesis to put this in perspective on how this great human drama plays out and I contend, has been the heiros gamos for the last 3,000 plus years.

“[The] streams are many and great and of all sorts, but among the many are four streams, the greatest and outermost of which is that called Okeanos (Oceanus), which flows round in a circle, and opposite this, flowing in the opposite direction, is Akheron (Acheron), which flows through various desert places and, passing under the earth, comes to the Akherousian (Acherusian) Lake.

To this lake the souls of most of the dead go and, after remaining there the appointed time, which is for some longer and for others shorter, are sent back to be born again into living beings. The third river flows out between these two, and near the place whence it issues it falls into a vast region burning with a great fire and makes a lake larger than our Mediterranean sea, boiling with water and mud.

Thence it flows in a circle, turbid and muddy, and comes in its winding course, among other places, to the edge of the Akherousian lake, but does not mingle with its water.

Then, after winding about many times underground, it flows into Tartaros at a lower level.

This is the river which is called Pyriphlegethon, and the streams of lava that spout up at various places on earth are offshoots from it. Opposite this the fourth river issues, it is said, first into a wild and awful place, which is all of a dark blue color, like lapis lazuli. This is called the Stygios (Stygian River), and the lake which it forms by flowing in is the Styx.

And when the river has flowed in here and has received fearful powers into its waters, it passes under the earth and, circling round in the direction opposed to that of Pyriphlegethon, it meets it coming from the other way in the Akherousian Lake. And the water of this river also mingles with no other water, but this also passes round in a circle and falls into Tartaros opposite Pyriphlegethon. And the name of this river, as the Poets say, is Kokytos (Coytus). Such is the nature of these things.

Now when the dead have come to the place where each is led by his genius (daimon) [i.e. by Plato’s equivalent of Hermes Guide of the Dead], first they are judged and sentenced [i.e. by the Judges of the Dead], as they have lived well and piously, or not.

And those who are found to have lived neither well nor ill, go to the Akheron and, embarking upon vessels provided for them [i.e. the equivalent of Kharon’s (Charon’s) skiff], arrive in them at the lake; there they dwell and are purified [i.e. by the equivalent of the Erinyes], and if they have done any wrong they are absolved by paying the penalty for their wrong doings, and for their good deeds they receive rewards, each according to his merits.

Those who are curable, but are found to have committed great sin–who have, for example, in a moment of passion done some act of violence against father or mother and have lived in repentance the rest of their lives, or who have slain some other person under similar conditions–these must needs be thrown into Tartaros, and when they have been there a year the wave casts them out, the homicides by way of Kokytos, those who have outraged their parents by way of Pyriphlegethon.

And when they have been brought by the current to the Akherousian Lake, they shout and cry out, calling to those whom they have slain or outraged, begging and beseeching them to be gracious and to let them come out into the lake; and if they prevail they come out and cease from their ills, but if not, they are borne away again to Tartaros and thence back into the rivers, and this goes on until they prevail upon those whom they have wronged;

for this is the penalty imposed upon them by the judges.”

How Demons with faces on their stomachs & butts has been validated by modern science

How Demons with faces on their stomachs & butts has been validated by modern science

Many of our Christian ancestors and medieval artists would often depict demons and the devil with having multiple faces about their bodies with a particular reference to faces on their stomachs and anus’ which seem to have a mind of their own.

When researching these old paintings, it would seem that the numerous amount of illustrations of demons and the devil are somewhat fantastical and more mythical than actual reality. However, I would like to remind some of you of the recent scientific discoveries that I believe will put some modern context as to why they were drawn in this fashion.

For example, it is no secret that our gut, AKA stomach, is now considered our “second brain”.

Many people reading this can relate to these facts and have experienced communications from this second brain. When they have made a decision based on their “gut instinct” or felt what we call “butterflies in your stomach” when nervous or “upset stomach” when we eat food that “does not agree” with us, we become sick and nauseous.

According to John Hopkins University, these signals affect your mood, health, and even the way we think because our brains in our stomachs communicate with the brain in our skulls.

“Scientists call this little brain the enteric nervous system (ENS). And it’s not so little. The ENS is two thin layers of more than 100 million nerve cells lining your gastrointestinal tract from the esophagus to rectum.”

Gastroenterologists may prescribe certain antidepressants for IBS, for example—not because they think the problem is all in a patient’s head, but because these medications calm symptoms in some cases by acting on nerve cells in the gut, explains Jay Pasricha, M.D., director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Neurogastroenterology, whose research on the enteric nervous system has garnered international attention.

“Psychological interventions like CBT may also help to “improve communications” between the big brain and the brain in our gut,” he says.

These new scientific discoveries validate these old paintings as not mythical or created by overzealous religionist hell-bent on scaring their peers into moral submission. Still, they are scientific representations of our actual realities as they understood them when they were created.

Here is where modern science gets interesting as it relates to “human consciousness” and what I would like to call “parasitic consciousness” or what our ancestors may have called “demonic or devilish behavior” that I believe is born within the stomach AKA gastrointestinal tracts. This is the exact location where “billions of foreign cells are living in and among our own,” creating what scientists are starting to call our “second brain.”

Some of you may be familiar with my many articles and walk and talk videos where I have described what I have sometimes dubbed “demonic parasitic mold” as it would relate to the billions of foreign cells that are living in and among our own and how they can take over “human consciousness.”

My theory is that our modern epidemic of neurological diseases, addiction, and obesity is due to these microorganisms that have the ability to take over people’s minds and bodies. A scientific process that our ancestors may have called these people as being possessed by a “demon of the devil.”

This will become evident to some of you when you read that according to The Scientific American, the second brain is NOT the seat of “conscious thoughts or conscious decision making” in what they call “the great thought process”.

“Although its influence is far-reaching, the second brain is not the seat of any conscious thoughts or decision-making.”

“The second brain doesn’t help with the great thought processes…religion, philosophy and poetry is left to the brain in the head,” says Michael Gershon, chairman of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at New York–Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, an expert in the nascent field of neurogastroenterology and author of the 1998 book The Second Brain (HarperCollins).

“The system is way too complicated to have evolved only to make sure things move out of your colon,” says Emeran Mayer, professor of physiology, psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.). For example, scientists were shocked to learn that about 90 percent of the fibers in the primary visceral nerve, the vagus, carry information from the gut to the brain and not the other way around. “Some of that info is decidedly unpleasant,” Gershon says.

Cutting-edge research is currently investigating how the second brain mediates the body’s immune response; after all, at least 70 percent of our immune system is aimed at the gut to expel and kill foreign invaders.

U.C.L.A.’s Mayer is doing work on how the trillions of bacteria in the gut “communicate” with enteric nervous system cells (which they greatly outnumber). His work with the gut’s nervous system has led him to think that in coming years psychiatry will need to expand to treat the second brain in addition to the one atop the shoulders.

For example, I come from the United States of America (U.S.A.) where the modern westernized lifestyle and diet have caused mental diseases and obesity levels to skyrocket.

Today, approximately 40% of Americans are considered obese and according to John Hopkins, “an estimated 26% of Americans ages 18 and older — about 1 in 4 adults — suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder and many people suffer from more than one mental disorder at a given time like depressive illnesses which tends to co-occur with substance abuse and anxiety disorders.

This research is profound as it relates to the current human condition of Modernity.

My theory is that we are truly dual beings that have separated what Christians call the Holy Spirit from what the Gnostics called the “counterfeit spirit” and also the ancient knowledge thereof.

The “counterfeit spirit” or demons with faces on their stomachs” is who I believe scientist call today the “second brain” of these quantified “foreign invaders” that have been scientifically verified to inhabit our stomach/gastrointestinal tracts and in fact cause people to become possessed AKA illness, disease, and crazy.

By doing so, little by little we became ignorant of these ancient teachings and as a result, these foreign invaders, AKA the demons and their Chief, the Devil have gained the upper hand on humanity which they feed upon their emotions, desires, their flesh, and their minds.

Over time, the Western world could not see God so they divorced themselves from his good graces and the result is what we see today.

A sick world where the Devil AKA the Corona Virus/COVID-19 plague has taken over the globe in its attempts to drag everyone to hell kicking and screaming.

In a way, we can say that we are kissing the Devil’s ass as we eat his shit and he takes us to hell for our payback.

Do we have the power to create either a “heaven” or a “hell” for our eternal existence on this physical plane?

Do we have the power to create either a “heaven” or a “hell” for our eternal existence on this physical plane?

I wanted to share this Facebook interaction I had with one of my great followers Rodney who wanted me to explain more of my theories about the Demiurge and how it scientifically relates to us biologically, dark matter, and the occult factors that make up the shells of our modern world. In my opinion, it is important that we have discussions to further develop these ideas to expand upon them into the future.

Here is my answer to his question

RODNEY – Hi Moe, I loved your walk and talk on the demiurge as I’ve been thinking (meditating) on such things this past year and have been inspired creatively with my music production by such things.

Here is my video.

It’s interesting that current western science is going hand in hand with Gnostic views, I also read this morning that Russian science has a counter-theory to dark matter, what’s your thoughts on That?

My understanding of the different elements of the demiurge is that they are “archetypes” within us all when I say the demiurge I say it is you and me? All of us? And we awaken the different elements through our own path (gnosis) and we walk and talk those demiurge archetypes and either create or destroy?

I was very interested in how you talked about our human form is the most prized form, I have thoughts like this while meditating. My thoughts are that if our energy keeps living on and entering the physical existence time after time then we have the greatest responsibility have we not?

Do we have the power to create either a “heaven” or a “hell” for our eternal existence on this physical plane?

MY ANSWER (MOE) – Hello Rodney – To make my theory more simple to understand, think in terms of how we are created by the Demiurge which is Dark Matter just like the plants, animals and even the organisms (fungi/bacteria/viruses) within and without us.

This is our carbon 666 matter – our bodies are husks/receptacles that we share with all creatures.

As Carl Sagan had once said, “we’re made of star stuff.”

But like Paracelsus discovered, when we look to the inhabited world, we are finding that we are the ones who are inhabited.

For example, as I often cite in my work, science has proved that within our husks/receptacle bodies there is 95-97% alien DNA ie: Not human or us.

However, within this alien matter is what I believe is defined in Christianity as the Holy Spirit and in ancient days was called Holy Fire. This is where the human being would be located within this phosphoric fire which science has proved is the very backbones of our DNA and what we use to be conscious ie: human.

As I said and you brought up, I believe that out of all these creatures, humans are the most prized husks/receptacle. The reason I think so is because of our ability to create and destroy intelligently on a grand scale rather than indiscriminately.

Let me add, that our inventions and especially those using fungi/molds are some of the most ancient, prized and expensive in all the world.

There is fungal renaissance occurring right now.

And what do you know Rodney, you take some psilocybin mushrooms and your consciousness is expanded, depression conquered, love rediscovered, the meaning of life clear, and life is good.

However, you take the wrong mushroom and or drink too much rotting barley ie: beer or moldy grapes ie: wine, you will lose consciousness and many will die rotting internally as they are literally being eaten alive for their sins.

This, in my opinion, is hell and if one is not careful, one can possibly lose their holy spirit to become an aborted gasses fetus in the pit of damned souls.

Remember, science is proving that we descend from fungi that can be both symbiotic and parasitic.

In a sense, we are the oldest descendant of fungi and I believe that the message and laws they send to us via prophets and saviors are to teach us that we are to live symbiotic with all life on earth.

Immortal laws that teach us to have balance and love of all and when we violate these laws like some of our vicious fellow animals and organisms, we turn from our symbiotic natures to a parasitic one in an HP Lovecraftian world where EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE is prey to be devoured.

With that said, I believe that to become human, we must transcend our animal, demonic, and parasitic natures in order to live symbiotically with our fellow Demiurgic creatures and by doing so, we become masters of our parasitic domain.

In a Christian sense, we are not to sin (7 deadly sins),  treat people how we want to be treated, and love our neighbors. Do not fear the Devil and befriend his Demons in order to become like Solomon. But until then, like Jesus had said, “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

Those so-called human shell/receptacles that ignorantly think they are operating their central nervous systems or operating through the Holy Spirit when it is painfully obvious, there is an internal parasite steering their bodies into hell ie: mental imbalance, sickness, illness, disease, and death.

It is only we humans who can make the unconscious alien matter conscious in order to either make a heaven or a hell on earth.

An Apocalyptic event that is not only televised but 5g broadcasted through the air via the Dark Matter mycelium network into our parasite infested craniums.

With that said, my goal is to live symbiotic and not parasitic with my life.

But in the same breathe, if some parasites come looking to devour me, my wife, and children’s souls as they did Lovecraft with his own family, I’m going to take out my mold remediation kit and get medieval on their asses…

The Immortal Egyptian Beetle

“Initiates of the Egyptian Mysteries were sometimes called scarabs; again, lions and panthers. The scarab was the emissary of the sun, symbolizing light, truth, and regeneration.” – Manly P. Hall

The sacred beetle reproduces itself without sexual contact with another beetle. They are the ultimate virgins of nature.

In ancient Egypt, the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer was represented under the form of a beetle whom they had held sacred for it represented the Sun/Son. The third form of Ra, the Sun-god, was Khepera the self-produced, whose type and symbol was a beetle. However the worship of the beetle was older than Ra in Egypt.

In the oldest of the Egyptian Zodiacs two Beetles were placed in this sign for we know that in 4000 BC, as we learn from the zodiacs of Denderah and Esne, it was is the emblem of the soul that had also represented the Egyptian mode of  immortality . (more…)

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