Many of us who have researched the hidden secrets of our world, have come Nephilim on fire 2across a mysterious story about a group of supernatural beings who are known by the names of the Watchers, Nephilim, Sons of God, Giants, Fallen Angels, Egregores and/or Demons (Daemons and Angels). They are spoken about in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Books of Enoch and the Scripture. These Watchers are described as being both good and bad, but the primary focus of the various texts speak mainly about who are sometimes called the “fallen and/or rebellious ones.”

The Scripture mainly refers to the Watchers as the Nephilim and the Sons of God. Genesis 6:1–4 NAS, described these Nephilim immediately before the story of Noah’s ark; “Now it came about, when men began to multiply on the face of the land, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.”

Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; nevertheless his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.”

Dictionaries such as the Brown-Driver-Briggs Lexicon, gives the meaning of Nephilim as “giants.” Other explanations of the name base Nephilim as a word that is a derivative of the Hebrew verbal root n-ph-l “fall.” Robert Baker Girdlestone gives good argument that the name comes from the Hiphil causative stem, implying that the Nephilim are to be perceived as “those that cause others to fall down.”

In the Books of Enoch, the first Book of Enoch describes the Fall of the Watchers in detail, and the Second Book of Enoch (Slavonic Enoch) refers to the Egregores or Grigori who are the same as the Watchers that occupy what is called the “fifth heaven” where the fall took place. Chapter 18 describes the Grigori as countless soldiers of human appearance, “their size being greater than that of great giants”. Their prince goes by the name of Satanail, or Satan, the rejected Lord of light.” There are also Watchers who are called “the unfallen” in the Third Book of Enoch. The unfallen would be the group called the Sons of Light in the Dead Sea Scrolls who go to battle with the “fallen and/or rebellious ones,”  the Sons of Darkness.

If we study the etymology and different spellings in various languages of the word Watcher we find these truths. The meaning of the word Watcher is”awake, watchful, and in Greek: ἐγρήγοροι, or egrḗgoroi. The Slavic Grigori or “Watchers” is where Eliphas Levi used mostly the Latin word Egreoros, “watcher or those who are awake”; Chaldean, “guard”, “watcher.” The Kabbalah names 72 national angelic regents, which the Hebrew’s call Elohim [Shining Ones]; the metaphysical technical term Egregors is also used for them. The Hebrew equivalent is עירים meaning “waking”, “awake.”

What you need to understand before we proceed or you dig deeper into this mystery, is that all these names I mention above and even more may be used interchangeably with one another when they are spoken about in a biblical context, in Gnosticism, or the secret mysteries which govern our world; Simply meaning that they are all one and the same race of beings.


The Gnostic Dead Sea Scrolls refer to “towers” protected by Watchers. In the famous war between the Sons of Light (the Qumranites) and the Sons of Darkness (all those outside the sect), “it is to be conducted with acute awareness of the place of the angelic world in it…” I write about this ancient war in detail in the section titled, “War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness,” and also the modern war of these fallen angels being that of the “Masonic Sons of Light Vs the Masonic Sons of Darkness.”

Ralph Ellis pointed out in his book, Jesus: Last of the Pharaohs, “the round towers are remarkably similar to the Ben-ben tower to be found in the Temple at Heliopolis, which links to the Phoenicians, as their very name comes from the Ben-ben bird, or better-known Phoenix.” This connection to the Phoenicians (Cretans, Sidonians, etc.), I have made myself, with numerous links in the chain that all point to the Holy Island of Crete being the true home of the Watchers (AKA Nephilim, Sons of God, Bene-Elohim, etc.)

The passage above in the Dead Sea Scrolls, along with the Book of Enoch and this war I describe is, key to understanding the spiritual drama that has been played on earth for thousands of years; A spititual play with souls, magic and world domination that had first originated on Mount Ida which is the true biblical Mount Hermon. The exact place where this global spiritual war in which these Watchers had set up the worldly game of chess between the Sons of Light (Good) and the Sons of Darkness (Evil) had first originated.  My statement here coincides with my book on the History of the Gnostics where I present this evidence in detail.

The Watchers play a much larger role in our lives than most people could ever imagine. In fact, so much so that 33rd Degree Freemason, Manly P. Hall had once said that at this point in time, humanity has no free will and earth is a virtual prison. Hall’s wise words and many of my own writings testify to this fact.

Eliphas Levi was one of the first Occult authors who had written about the Watchers spoken of in the book of Enoch on numerous occasions, linking them with the Egregors. Levi had said they, “take shape and have appeared in the guise of giants; these are the Egregors of the Book of Enoch…Termed the celestial watchers or Egregors, by the ancients.” He also calls these egregors the Anakim (Shining Ones, men of renown; giants) of the Bible, and that they are expressed in the myths of various cultures, just as we have been finding.

As I mentioned above, these Watchers are the same race of beings that can be either good or evil. They have free will to choose which side they work for and can even redeem themselves if they have committed acts of Darkness in previous lifetimes with good acts and light in this lifetime.

These facts are spoken about in ancient Greek literature where they are not referred to as the Watchers, Nephilim or Egregores but by who they called Daemones and today we call Demons. The English word demon is derived from the Latinized versions, “dæmon” and “daimôn” of the original Greek “δαίμων.” According to Plato, in his Cratylus, the etymology of daimôn/daēmones (δαίμονες: deity/daêmôn δαήμονες) is from tfanuwv, knowing, wise or intelligent. The Hellenistic Greeks divided daemons into good and evil categories: agathodaimōn (αγαθοδαιμων: “noble spirit”), from agathós (ἀγαθός: “good, brave, noble, moral, lucky, useful”), and kakódaimōn (κακοδαίμων: “malevolent spirit”), from kakós (κακός: “bad, evil”).

According to Plutarch, “that according to a divine nature and justice, the souls of virtuous men are advanced to the rank of daemons; and that from demons, if they are properly purified, they are exalted into gods, not by any political institution, but according to right reason.” The Greek poet, Hesiod had written that the people of the Golden Age were transformed into demons by the will of Zeus (Jupiter), to benevolently serve mortals as their guardian spirits; “good beings who dispense riches…[nevertheless], they remain invisible, known only by their acts.”

These daemons spoken about by the Greeks would be primarily from the Cretan and Greco-Egyptian pantheon of their race spirits of an illuminated departed ancestor whom they venerated as a God or Goddess of their race. The Greeks would be the heirs to the original race of Cretans who would also be the ancient Phoenicians. To honor their ancestors, they offered prayers, sacrifice, created stories, assigned them allegorical names and immortalized them by these deeds and also placing their souls amongst the heavens in which they were assigned to planetary bodies.

If we look to this meaning of Demon I have given above, along with the historical testimony of Plutarch and Hesiod, we can clearly see that it is almost the same exact meaning of the word Watcher. Essentially they are good and bad beings who are considered those that are awake or what we may call today enlightened or illuminated. This goes in line with what I said about these names which can be used interchangeable with one another.

In a sense, these beings that are truly spiritually awakened, and are the most talented beings in the arts of man-made activities and creations in the material world in which they serve their master, are composed of both good and bad Brothers and Sisters throughout the Ages who have been connected through the chain of magic and are of the true race of the Watchers.


According to the Rosicrucians; “Quickly, from the mystical point of view, Egregor (e) (a word of Latin origin) is the set of thought-forms produced by a group of individuals on the Astral-plane. The Egregor (e) may change over time, according to the quality of the group’s members. Each group has a distinct Egregor (e). Any group which has the ability to get in synchronization with a specific Egregor (e) may claim authenticity and continuation from earlier groups which used or developed this egregor (e).”

An Egregore is what is called in the occult a “thought form” or “collective group mind” that is created by a single magician or a group. These thought forms are based on actually creating a real physical chemical energy being with the power of thoughts, magical elements and action in which a psychic entity is made from the thoughts of the magician or a group of people. These Egregores then form symbiotic relationships with their creators in which they will actually perform tasks and work for them much like an employee would for a corporation or a slave to his master.

The Watchers who we now know are also called Egregores act as a conduit between the material and the spiritual worlds in which they have contact with both. Often the Egregore is specifically created to fulfill the need of the magician or group. They are said not to be in the class of demons (daemons), djinn or angels which are actually disembodied human spirits. They are specifically created by thoughts only and the will. Not like a demon, who is the product of the entering or releases of our life or death chemical energy forces.

20th century French Occult writer, and expert of Masonic philosophy, René Guénon had written extensively about Egregores in his book, Spiritual Influences and Egregores by René Guénon, in Initiation and Spiritual Realization. Guénon had written, “First of all, we must point out that we have never used the word ‘egregore’ to designate what could properly be called a ‘collective entity’; the reason for this is that the term is wholly untraditional and only represents one of the fantasies of modern occultist language.

The first person to use it (egregore) this way was Eliphas Levy, and if our memory is exact, it was he who, to justify this meaning gave it the improbable Latin etymology, deriving it from grex, ‘flock’, whereas the word is purely Greek and has never signified anything more than watcher, Guénon said.

He further writes; “Man has, however, to point out that the Egregore “can never transcend the individual domain since, in the final analysis, it is only a resultant of the component individualities, nor, consequently, can it go beyond the psychic order; now all that is, only psychic can have no effective and direct relationship with initiation since this latter consists essentially in the transmission of a spiritual influence meant to produce effects of a similar spiritual order, thus transcendent with respect to the individuality, whence one obviously must conclude that whatever is able to render effective the initially virtual action of this influence, must itself necessarily have a supra-individual and thus, if one may put it so, a supra-collective character.”

Here are four occultist explanations I have found on Egregores:

This definition is from Planetary Magick, Denning & Phillips, (Llewellyn Publications) – “An energized astral form produced consciously or unconsciously by human agency. In particular, (a) a strongly characterized form, usually an archetypal image, produced by the imaginative and emotional energies of a religious or magical group collectively, or (b) an astral shape of any kind, deliberately formulated by a magician to carry a specific force.”

The Golden Dawn Glossary says, “…from a Greek word meaning “watcher.” A thought-form created by will and visualization. A group egregore is the distinctive energy of a specific group of magicians who are working together, creating and building the same thought-form or energy-form.”

Neopagan archdruid, and author John Michael Greer had written in his book Inside a Magical Lodge; “Any symbolic pattern that has served as a focus for human emotion and energy will build up an egregore of its own over time, and the more energy that is put into such a pattern, the more potent the egregore that will form around it. The gods and goddesses of every religion, past and present, are at the centers of vast egregore charged with specific kinds of power. This power is defined by, and contacted through, the traditional symbolism of the deity in question.”

L.S. Bernstein had said, “An egregore is an angel, sometimes called watcher; in Hebrew the word is ir, and the concept appears in The Book of Enoch…. Thus, Irim, the city of the Nephilim is again linked with the Book of Enoch, since the Nephilim, according to that Book, were the sons of the Irim (the egregores.)….Although the Irim, the egregores, are angels on both sides of the camp – fallen angels as well as faithful ones.


Zecharia Sitchin in The Stairway to Heaven, states; “The Akkadians called their predecessors Shumerians, and spoke of the Land of Shumer. It was in fact the biblical Land of Shin’ar. It was the land whose name – Shumer – literally meant the Land of the Watchers. It was indeed the Egyptian Ta Neter – Land of the Watchers, the land from which gods had come to Egypt.”

In the apocryphal book of Enoch, Mount Hermon is mentioned as the scene where the Watchers had fallen, and Hermon is frequently mentioned in the Old Testament. The meaning of the name Hermon comes from the same root as ”harem”, and signifies ‘the unapproachable”, or ‘the holy.

The office of a Watcher and in particular the Watchers of Mount Hermon are to protect from outside pressures a region or racial ethnic group assigned to its care. The region is always measured off from another posing a threat of some sort to it. A given group of persons (the group of those being protected) is “tied” to a certain area of jurisdiction… Here, too, we meet the “riddle of the founding of cities and states…”

This is the chief mountain of the ancient Israelites. Its beautiful peaks were snow-covered nearly throughout the year, and could be seen from many parts of Palestine; and the Dead Sea. Its ancient Hebrew names have much the same meaning, Hermon and Sion both signify the ” upraised,” the ” lifted upon high,” the chief thing: so Sion was the name given Jerusalem to express that which excelled all others; and it is perhaps in the same sense that the word is applied in Ps. exxxiii. 3, where it expresses the fact of the loftiest mountains catching the most dew from the clouds. The Pheenicians called it the “Breastplate,” in the language used by them at Sidon—Sirion; and in that used by the Amorites—Shenir; both words, in the two dialects, having the same meaning. It is natural, also, that Scripture should mention names peculiar to these tribes of Phoenicians, as Hermon appears to stand over Sidon, and the possessions of the Amorites extended to the skirts of the mountain itself.*

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky had written in the The Secret Doctrine: Anthropogenesis: “the teaching of the Roman Catholic scholiasts, namely, that Hermon, the mount in the land of Mizpeth—meaning “anathema,” “destruction ”—is the same as Mount Armon. As a proof of this, Josephus is often quoted, as affirming that still in his own day enormous bones of giants were daily discovered on it. But it was the land of Balaam the prophet, whom the “ Lord loved well ” ; and so mixed up are facts and personages in the said scholiasts’ brains, that, when the Zohar explains the “ birds” which inspired Balaam to mean “Serpents,” to wit, the wise men and adepts at whose school he had learnt the mysteries of prophecy—the opportunity is again taken of showing Mount Hermon inhabited by the “winged dragons of Evil, whose chief is Samael (the Jewish Satan). ”

Blavatsky adds, “It is to those unclean spirits chained on Mount Hermon of the Desert, that the scape-goat of Israel, who assumed the name of one of them (Azaz(y)el), was sent. ” (Spencer)


In my search for the science and physical evidence of Egregores, I have found that one of the first Watchers or the protectors of the Secret Chain can be found in the oldest representations of the ancient sacred Gnostic mysteries of Crete. A people who I write about often and I detail in my books, the History of the Gnostics and the Secrets of the Gnostics.

Here is an image of this sacred ceremony of the Secret Chain found on Crete. Crete Goddess, Queen Persephone Procession Fresco.

Crete Goddess Queen Persephone Procession Fresco

I don’t know about you but this looks to me like an ancient ritual in which these men are tied by what looks to be a chain to a woman who is the representative Goddess Mother of Crete known by the various names of Rhea, Cybele and the Mountain Mother.

Crete is the well-known birthplace of Western civilization. The name Crete is derived from the same word “create.” It is also the capital of the Phoenicians. The birthplace of the secret Gnostic mysteries, Gods, and Goddesses in which the cave on Mount Ida was their main place of initiation into their secret mysteries in which all the souls involved had agreed to use their souls and intelligence to help conquer the world.

Some of these first men are depicted in the ritual above who we know to be the ancient Cretans, and are also known in history as the Atlanteans, Phoenicians, Sidonians, Minoans, Jews, etc.; The very race who I believe to be the true Watchers (Nehpilim, Giants or Egregors) that were the race spoken of in scripture. The Sons of God who fell on Mount Hermon (Mount Ida, Mount Zion) by taking the sacrilegious vow to colonize and rule the world by dedicating their souls to the Great Dragon , serpent, and/or worm who is known sometimes as Shamir the worm of Solomon’s Temple.

They are the Sons of Jupiter or who in the bible are known as the Sons of God and the Nephilim; Those that fell. They are called the Elohim by the Hebrews and were nature divinities from ancient Sumerian times. According to Albert Pike in Morals and Dogma, the Elohim were the “host of heaven,” ascending and descending to pass messages to and from god or leader (Yahweh). Their descendants are the Phoenicians. Sanchomathon, the Phoenician writer, states that “Phoenix was the first Phoenician,” and their symbol is the Phoenix which is the National Bird of the United States of America who Roger Bacon and Manly P. Hall had called, “The New Atlantis.”

They are the watchers and also the scribes of the human race; The Sons of Seth or Thoth, The race of Egyptian Pharaoh Seth (Seti or Suthy) who was said to have conquered the whole world.

“Enoch, thou scribe of righteousness, go, declare to the Watchers of the heaven who have left the high heaven, the holy eternal place, and have defiled themselves with women, and have done as the children of the earth do, and have taken unto themselves wives: Ye have wrought great destruction on the earth: And ye shall have no peace nor forgiveness of sin: and inasmuch as they delight themselves in their children, The murder of their beloved ones shall they see, and over the destruction of their children shall they lament, and shall make supplication unto eternity, but mercy and peace shall ye not attain.” (Book of Enoch Chapter XII)

The Watcher in the End Days

The Watchers are bound “in the valleys of the Earth” until Judgment Day. (Jude verse 6 says that these fallen angels are kept “in everlasting chains under darkness” until Judgement Day.)

In the Jewish Encyclopedia: A Descriptive Record of the History Volume 4, edited by Isidore Singer and Cyrus Adler, they chronicle exactly what is to happen to these Watchers who fell, the Nephilim in the end days; which I believe is now. They say that the hybrid race of disembodied spirits, demons or fallen angels became “the evil spirits” (xv. 8, xix. 19) who taught mankind all the arts of deception, witchcraft, and sin doing the work of destruction until the Day of Judgment. It is at this time that “the great dragon, the old serpent, he that is called Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world, shall be cast down and his angels with him” (Suk. 62a; Assumptio Mosis, xi.; Matt. xxv. 41; Rev. xii. 9). He and his evil spirits are crushed and the heathen world will be converted to the belief in the Lord” (Simeon, 7; Zebulon, 9).

The Martinist Order of the Knights of Christ who claim to be heirs to the Rosicrucians and others say, “Its goal is to set the human being free from the hold of the Prince of this World and of achieving the Mystical Union of the self-aware personality (conscience) with the individual profundity (superconscience).”

Its members strive to have access to mastery by reuniting with the “Kingdom of the Center,” propitious with the descent of the Paraclet, sent by Christ, in addition to the assistance rendered by the attachment, on the side of the Initiator with the Egregore, protector of the Secret Chain.

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