Do you pledge your soul to the light or to the darkness?sons of light vs sons of darkness 2

In the occult, the meaning of the term when referring to the Sons of Light are those brethren who dedicate their lives to truth, love, gnosis and serving their fellow mankind to the best of their God-given abilities. To be a true member of the Sons of Light is to be an immortal soul on the course of evolution who has made the sacrificial pledge to serve others in order make the world a better place than you found it, rather than serve yourself and pursue selfish desires.

Hence, the Masonic term, “To make good men better.”

The idea of the term is to create an organized fraternity of good men who make the world better by bettering themselves and the world around them. It is not just about hanging out in a lodge with your fellow Bros for 20-30 years collecting degrees without putting what you have been taught about the light and truth into real life practice. A life dedicated to the building Solomon’s Temple in which you are to be a living stone, and not a dying stone who does nothing with your years of teaching. But a true Masonic builder of a heaven on earth for your future Bros and family of descendants who are to follow you.

Sons of lightIt is to live a life of giving, rather than taking.

These are the true Masons of Solomon’s Temple. The Masonic Sons of Light.

To put it simply, to be member of the Sons of Light is to be a spiritual human who uses the material world to create a heaven on earth based on truth, light and love. They may make mistakes along their path and be vulnerable to human frailties and shortcomings as well, but their hearts are in the right place. If they step into the darkness because of the human pressures of this dark world that we live in, without fail, they will always return to the light.

33rd Degree Freemason and one of the world’s most respected Masonic philosophers, Manly P. Hall had written about the true Masons in the Lost Keys of Freemasonry; “The true Mason is not creed-bound. He realizes with the divine illumination of his lodge that as a Mason his religion must be universal: Christ, Buddha or Mohammed, the name means little, for he recognizes only the light and not the bearer. He worships at every shrine, bows before every altar, whether in temple, mosque or cathedral, realizing with his truer understanding the oneness of all spiritual truth.”

The Sons of Darkness are those brethren who dedicate their lives to pursuing materiality in the sons of darknessforms of selfish desires regardless of their God-given abilities. To be a true member of the Sons of Darkness is to be an immortal soul that was on the course of evolution, but who has made the sacrificial pledge to serve thyself in order to make your own world better, rather than serve others.

It is to live a life of mainly taking, rather than giving.

To be a member of the Sons of Darkness is to be non-spiritual by living your life as a material seeking human who uses this world to obtain whatever it is they selfishly desire in their dark hearts. They may claim their motives are in the right place, but what they do and do not do, speaks for itself.

These are the true false Masons of Solomon’s Temple. The Masonic Sons of Darkness.

33rd Degree Mason and author, Albert Mackey had written about the Sons of Light being connected to Masonry in the Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry;

“Visible Masonry: In a circular published March 18, 1775, by the Grand Orient of France, reference is made to two divisions of the Order, namely,Visible and Invisible Masonry … by ‘Invisible Masonry’ they denoted that body of intelligent and virtuous Masons who, irrespective of any connection with dogmatic authorities, constituted a ‘Mysterious and Invisible Society of the True Sons of Light’, who, scattered over the two hemisphere, were engaged, with one heart and soul in doing everything for the glory of the Great Architect and for the good of their fellow-men.”

The Visible Masons would mainly consist of the Sons of Darkness who normally join the fraternity under the auspices of material gain, and selfish pursuit of their own secret goals. These sons of masonic darkness fill up most of the ranks from the 1st degree, all the way up the 32nd degree.

Material gain is their main goal no matter what they may claim or act, as if they are secret wisdom keepers. They primarily operate through their minds, and not their hearts which they wear on their sleeve like a an old blood stain on bad 1970’s suit. Hence, these masons are not hard to weed out from the true masons of light. In fact, they weed themselves out for they are always showing their cards like a bad poker player.

This would be the reason why when a candidate is being initiated into Masonry, the Senior Deacon of the Lodge describes this person as one “who has long been in darkness, and now seeks the light.” Unfortunately, the vast majority will never make it into the light.

Of course, not all Masons in these degrees are selfish materialistic human parasites because this is how you rise to the 33rd Degree and the tares are weeded out for the wheat.

sons of light vs sons of darknessThis is why Mackey had further stated: “By ‘Visible Masonry’ they meant the congregation of Masons into Lodges, which were often affected by the contagious vices of the age in which they lived. The former is perfect; the latter continually needs purification.” (Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry – 1873, page 829)

These Masons fill almost all the lower ranks of Freemasonry. They almost never seek true wisdom on their own accord, or to serve humanity with their light. Please keep in mind that when I state this, I do not mean that all Masons from the 1st through 32nd Degrees are guilty of using the craft for selfish gain or ulterior motives. There are many, many Masons who could be called a Son of the Light in the lower degrees. Men who serve the light, truth and love. Men who are working at building a heaven on earth for generations to come.

This is why Mackey had said they continually need purification.

33rd Degree Mason, Albert Pike discusses that it is these unworthy masons who deserve only to be mislead, and for the truth to be concealed from their selfish materialistic eyes. Pike had written on Morals and Dogma;

“Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism, and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be mislead; to conceal the Truth, which it calls light, and draw them away from it.” (Morals and Dogma, p. 104-5, 3rd Degree)

Are you an unworthy Mason or Son of Darkness who deserves to be mislead?

Only you know the answer to that question. If you are upset with me and this article because of the truth and the light of my words, then you are most likely a defacto Son of Darkness serving Satan. That is not my fault, but your own. Maybe it is not too late to correct your de-evolutionary methods of living life and selfish traits.

You see, you have a choice and are given clues all along the masonic way.

You can either ascend the Masonic ranks into the Mysterious and Invisible Society of Masons who earn the 33rd degree of illumination to become a member of the true Masonic Sons of Light who have risen above the 32 degrees of the masses of their fellow material Masonic Sons of Darkness.

“My brother, I now present you with the lambskin or white leather apron…[your covering]…. when you stand before the Great White throne….” (Masons)

“To open their eyes and turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan to God, so that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in me.” – Acts 26:18

The Sons of Light are the fraternity within the fraternity that Manly. P Hall had written about:

“Freemasonry is a fraternity within a fraternity — an outer organization concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect … it is necessary to establish the existence of these two separate and yet interdependent orders, the one visible and the other invisible. The visible society is a splendid camaraderie of ‘free and accepted’ men enjoined to devote themselves to ethical, educational, fraternal, patriotic, and humanitarian concerns.

The invisible society is a secret and most August [defined as ‘of majestic dignity, grandeur’] fraternity whose members are dedicated to the service of a mysterious arcannum arcandrum [defined as ‘a secret, a mystery’].” (Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, p. 433)

The ancient Masonic facts are that only true spiritual initiation brings about illumination and reason. An initiation of your soul in which it becomes Lord of your body, mind and spirit.

A future heaven on earth where the Masonic tares of darkness will be separated from the golden Masonic wheat of light. A process of human evolution in the game of life where those Canaanite idol worshipers who live in false duality will self destruct by their inability to evolve and ascend above the masses of the Masonic Sons of Darkness who mainly fill the lodges of today, will be but a memory.


Albert Pike had written, “Lucifer the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendours intolerable blinds feeble sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not! ”

sons of light vs sons of darkness 3Later Lucifer is transformed into what Manly P. Hall calls the true light of the soul, called the Second Logos or Christ. Hall had written, “Lucifer here represents the intellectual mind without the illumination of the spiritual mind; therefore it is “the false light. ” The false light is finally overcome and redeemed by the true light of the soul, called the Second Logos or Christ. The secret processes by which the Luciferian intellect is transmuted into the Christly intellect constitute one of the great secrets of alchemy, and are symbolized by the process of transmuting base metals into gold.”

As they say, “It is always darkest before the dawn.” Let me please add, “The morning star is always the most bright before daybreak.”

Right now the craft of Freemasonry is divided amongst those who are Luciferians that serve the false light as the Sons of Darkness, and the Invisible 33rd Degree Masons who have been redeemed by the true light of the soul, the Second Logos or Christ.

The Masonic Sons of Light who are the true Sons of Christ.christ sea

In the end, only the 33rd Degree Mysterious and Invisible Society of Masons will survive. The Masonic Sons of Darkness will then be a memory. A time when the true Sons of Light will become visible to take the stage in order to lead their true fellow Brothers and Sisters into the next stage of human evolution.

As it is said in 1 Thessalonians 5:5: “But you, brethren, are not in darkness, that the day would overtake you like a thief; for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We are not of night nor of darkness; so then let us not sleep as others do, but let us be alert and sober…”

A time we will know as the beginning of the true heaven on earth…

“Then the Sons of Righteousness shall shine to all ends of the world continuing to shine forth until end of the appointed seasons of darkness. Then at the time appointed by God, His great excellence shall shine for all the times of eternity; for peace and blessing, glory and joy, and long life for all Sons of Light” – (The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness War Scroll)

Disclaimer – To end this article, I feel that I must disclose to you the information I presented above is not for the purpose of creating an anti-mason hit piece; or an attempt to discredit the craft or brethren who dedicate their lives to serving the light. There are good, indifferent, and bad people in whatever organization, order or business in existence on earth.

The facts are that I have the utmost respect for the order, good Masons and the wise Masonic philosopher sages that have given us so much wisdom over the centuries. I have friends who are Masons and a few foes as well. Some of these cool Bros I have interviewed here on the Gnostic Warrior podcast. They were actually some of my most favorite interviews.

With that said, my purpose with these facts are to simply shine a light on the Masonic truth in order to illuminate the darkness, so help me God.

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