I wanted to share this Facebook interaction I had with one of my great followers Rodney who wanted me to explain more of my theories about the Demiurge and how it scientifically relates to us biologically, dark matter, and the occult factors that make up the shells of our modern world. In my opinion, it is important that we have discussions to further develop these ideas to expand upon them into the future.

Here is my answer to his question

RODNEY – Hi Moe, I loved your walk and talk on the demiurge as I’ve been thinking (meditating) on such things this past year and have been inspired creatively with my music production by such things.

Here is my video.

It’s interesting that current western science is going hand in hand with Gnostic views, I also read this morning that Russian science has a counter-theory to dark matter, what’s your thoughts on That?

My understanding of the different elements of the demiurge is that they are “archetypes” within us all when I say the demiurge I say it is you and me? All of us? And we awaken the different elements through our own path (gnosis) and we walk and talk those demiurge archetypes and either create or destroy?

I was very interested in how you talked about our human form is the most prized form, I have thoughts like this while meditating. My thoughts are that if our energy keeps living on and entering the physical existence time after time then we have the greatest responsibility have we not?

Do we have the power to create either a “heaven” or a “hell” for our eternal existence on this physical plane?

MY ANSWER (MOE) – Hello Rodney – To make my theory more simple to understand, think in terms of how we are created by the Demiurge which is Dark Matter just like the plants, animals and even the organisms (fungi/bacteria/viruses) within and without us.

This is our carbon 666 matter – our bodies are husks/receptacles that we share with all creatures.

As Carl Sagan had once said, “we’re made of star stuff.”

But like Paracelsus discovered, when we look to the inhabited world, we are finding that we are the ones who are inhabited.

For example, as I often cite in my work, science has proved that within our husks/receptacle bodies there is 95-97% alien DNA ie: Not human or us.

However, within this alien matter is what I believe is defined in Christianity as the Holy Spirit and in ancient days was called Holy Fire. This is where the human being would be located within this phosphoric fire which science has proved is the very backbones of our DNA and what we use to be conscious ie: human.

As I said and you brought up, I believe that out of all these creatures, humans are the most prized husks/receptacle. The reason I think so is because of our ability to create and destroy intelligently on a grand scale rather than indiscriminately.

Let me add, that our inventions and especially those using fungi/molds are some of the most ancient, prized and expensive in all the world.

There is fungal renaissance occurring right now.

And what do you know Rodney, you take some psilocybin mushrooms and your consciousness is expanded, depression conquered, love rediscovered, the meaning of life clear, and life is good.

However, you take the wrong mushroom and or drink too much rotting barley ie: beer or moldy grapes ie: wine, you will lose consciousness and many will die rotting internally as they are literally being eaten alive for their sins.

This, in my opinion, is hell and if one is not careful, one can possibly lose their holy spirit to become an aborted gasses fetus in the pit of damned souls.

Remember, science is proving that we descend from fungi that can be both symbiotic and parasitic.

In a sense, we are the oldest descendant of fungi and I believe that the message and laws they send to us via prophets and saviors are to teach us that we are to live symbiotic with all life on earth.

Immortal laws that teach us to have balance and love of all and when we violate these laws like some of our vicious fellow animals and organisms, we turn from our symbiotic natures to a parasitic one in an HP Lovecraftian world where EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE is prey to be devoured.

With that said, I believe that to become human, we must transcend our animal, demonic, and parasitic natures in order to live symbiotically with our fellow Demiurgic creatures and by doing so, we become masters of our parasitic domain.

In a Christian sense, we are not to sin (7 deadly sins),  treat people how we want to be treated, and love our neighbors. Do not fear the Devil and befriend his Demons in order to become like Solomon. But until then, like Jesus had said, “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”

Those so-called human shell/receptacles that ignorantly think they are operating their central nervous systems or operating through the Holy Spirit when it is painfully obvious, there is an internal parasite steering their bodies into hell ie: mental imbalance, sickness, illness, disease, and death.

It is only we humans who can make the unconscious alien matter conscious in order to either make a heaven or a hell on earth.

An Apocalyptic event that is not only televised but 5g broadcasted through the air via the Dark Matter mycelium network into our parasite infested craniums.

With that said, my goal is to live symbiotic and not parasitic with my life.

But in the same breathe, if some parasites come looking to devour me, my wife, and children’s souls as they did Lovecraft with his own family, I’m going to take out my mold remediation kit and get medieval on their asses…

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