(This will be part 2 of a series of many articles I AM creating on DNA. My first article was titled, DNA Gnosis which will help explain my DNA confusion theory below. Please read this with an open mind.)

Let it be known that we humans are one of the few species in the animal kingdom that breeds with other animals who are of a different race. Yes, we are all “humans,” but that does not give us a license to go outside the golden rule of nature by mating with just any type of species of human.

Do we seriously think that our own man made one world and one blood plans supersede natures laws? Just saying that question seems foolish on its face and in doing so, I have already got my answer. But the question of the day is, “Have the ruling class figured this natural fact out yet?”

For example, you will never see in a million years the glorious Bald Headed Eagle which is a bird mating with a different bird like your local city Crow or another example would be the Queen Bee inviting a King Fly into her hive so they can have hybrid FlyBee babies with spotted jackets. Nor will you ever see the the king of the sea, the Great White Shark shacking it up with a Gold Fish for recreation and we certainly never witness close cousins like that of the Panther and Leopard shacking it up together in some African tree.

Therefor, a few intelligent questions must be asked. “Are we humans violating one of natures most strict rules by mixing with other races by simply just comparing our animal species with just about any other animal, mammal or insect? And are we truly better off in the long run mating with scientifically compatible people who share the same or similar DNA as we do?”

The only animals that I can think of that do mate with other races appear to be the very animals we humans have took it upon ourselves to domesticate. Animals such as cats and dogs who now will breed with just about any other dog or cat regardless of their race. However, it is no secret that it is the pure breed dogs and cats who command the most amount of money on the animal selling market because many of these pure breds have very desirable “race” specific traits that animal buyers search for. Cats, and more specifically bog breeders or buyers who deal with these pure breeds understand this simple fact

We have to ask ourselves why is it that the majority of we humans procreate like low level cat and dog breeders who produce mutts they cannot even give away on Craigslist? Is it because we are superior to other animals that we can go against natures law and do as we please with no consequences for our actions? Or are we on a course for the destruction of the human race for interfering with natures laws that are millions of years in the making? Is the rise in cancer and various diseases the result of this unnatural breeding practice that we are mindlessly continuing for the sake of one world and one blood?

Simply put, I believe that we humans are not above nature’s laws and that if we do not start mending our DNA mistakes by reversing the damage that has been done, then soon it may be too late because we have ignorantly altered nature to the point of no return. I personally do not feel we are at that end game scenario just yet, but we are coming close.

Why is the mixing of races not part of God’s plan? The reason being is that it is not part of the natural order of nature and you see this example with every animal on the planet.

When man intervenes in nature by changing that which was not supposed to be changed, he has committed a serious Karmic act against his own kind. One that perpetuates as long as this act is repeated. Just as our spiritual actions affect Karma, so does our breeding and if any alleged guru tells you any different, I AM sure they have something to sell you or make their living being charlatans.

It would make perfect sense to me that in order to fix that which is broken, you have to find the source code of the original defect causing the break down. Clues to the  root cause of this can be traced back to approximately three thousand years ago when the human species had undergone the biggest change in evolution since the inception of man kind. A change that can easily be tracked if you simply study the Bible to specific Biblical tales that were told in order to allegorically describe the original DNA catalyst in history that has been driving this change.

Adam and eve with animals by Brian Whelan

Adam and eve with animals by Brian Whelan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


These Bible verses below were simply written to allegorically identify the past mixing of races that had altered our DNA to slowly become what it is today;

  • Genisis 3 – Now the serpent (Son of God DNA) was more subtil than any beast of the field (Daughters of Men) which the Lord God (Hermes) had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? Please read the whole story of Adam, Eve and the Serpent to esoterically understand what happened here.
  • Jeremiah 13:23 – Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil.
  • Revelation 13:2 – The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion. The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority.

These changes in our DNA detailed in the Bible have advanced the human race to new heights in such a short period of time, but at what cost?

Most every nation in the world no matter its culture is of a mixed race. It simply doesn’t matter if your skin is white, black, brown, yellow or green because it has been scientifically proven that skin color does not determine race. It is the blood running under our skin that is the scientific evidence that will be tested to identify our DNA and Race. If it was our skin that is the deciding factor then a simple race test today would involve a person cutting a piece of their skin o or taking a picture of ourselves and sending it to a scientist. Bottom line, if you think because you are white or black that you are European, African or an alleged descendant of an Egyptian Pharaoh, you are in for a rude awakening and if you just want to keep living your glorious lie, please do not get a DNA test or read my blogs. Yes, even the citizens of Israel.

This mixing of races can easily be traced to the Biblical tales that were allegorically told to explain this change in the human species. Stories like Adam and Eve who were were tempted by the serpent DNA or the Mark of Cain which is actually a birthmark as result of allegorically killing Able and splitting his blood on the ground. Meaning two blood lines were made from one with Cain being the Biblical figure who was cursed because he had mixed blood which this curse turned Able into a might smart thinking immortal Cain warrior for who God “marked” for protection and if anyone would hurt Cain, they would suffer 7 times over. Then we have the story of the Ethiopian changing his skin and leopard its spots.

Let us not forget that the Lion and leopard or the Lion ‘passant gardant’ which are now the symbols of this DNA via the royal majesty in the coat of arms of Wales, England, and Estonia are passant gardant. In French blazon this charge is called a léopard; a lion rampant gardant is a léopard lionné; and a lion passant with his head in profile is a lion léopardé.

It was not some spontaneous evolution caused by our environment, but forced evolution through the interbreeding of the various races of humans on earth who at one time simply did not mix amongst each other for it was forbidden.

This is not DNA rocket science or me trying to identify the first person on earth, but common sense that can easily be challenged by simply comparing our animal species with that of ANY other animal species on earth. In comparing our human species to that of other animals you will clearly see that we are one of, if not the only animals on earth who mixes races. For example, in the “free wild” where animals control who they will mate with, you will never see a Panther choose another “animal or race” outside its “Panther Tribe” to mate with with.  It goes without saying and just is because that was Gods plan. However, somehow over time, the cousin of the Panther, the Leopard had come into the world and this simply could not have happened without a Panther mating with another animal outside his Panther tribe and they would not have done this in what I would like to call the “free wild.”

It is believed that the leopard or Pard (Bards of the Druids and Bedouins) to be a hybrid of a lion and a panther. Hence it was called the lion-pard or leopardus. This same principle can be said about the giraffe who was said to be called the “camelopard” which may be the combining of the camel with the spots of the leopard. The oldest ancient images of big cats, including Goddesses dressed in leopard skins or nursing leopard cubs, go back as far as 18000 BCE.

Here is Ramose, clad in his priestly robes, the leopard skin

Hence, the symbolic leopard used by ancient Egyptian/Syrian priests represents one the first breeding experiments or I should say blood/race alliances in recorded history on earth by humans mixing both different animal and human species together which the priests who wear the leopard skins in ceremonies are the descendants of this mixed DNA. These priests and their descendants you will find now in this year 2012 every nation on earth because we humans today are like Leopards who can change their spots as a result of 3,000 years of interbreeding with other races. However, I know that we can now say with the help of science that this was simply not part of God’s plan, but of the Lord creator. However, looking back over the last few thousand years we can honestly say that while this was not part of the natural order of earth and natures laws. This interbreeding amongst different races was most necessary because without a divided DNA world, it could have never been truly been united as one race because of the various past blood, family and race loyalties that were as old as our very DNA. The same races who have battled and have been at war with each other since the beginning of recorded human history.

Now, we can say that these loyalties and past blood alliances have been bred out of the human species to to the point now we have a world filled with confusion because of the unoriginal DNA inhabiting our bodies that goes against nature’s laws. This also produces a world filled with hate because some humans simply hate themselves due to that the fact both their YDNA and mtDNA being of different race. Races that may actually have a long history of warring with one another that will cause the soul that plugs into this DNA to be confused them and causes them to devolve Karmically. The reason being is that their soul is confused because their natural ancient computer (their DNA) has been changed from its original structures and memories. Hence, now when their soul comes back to inhabit this new body for further soul development with this new different/damaged DNA (computer), it confuses their soul and also may cause a disease of the soul that never allows these humans to understand  or experience the spiritual side of life.

Are some of  humans today like that of the leopard and maybe even quite possibly that of a African Hyena? My research proves that yes, we are splicing, dicing and mixing our human DNA so much that it is not only  confusing the human species, it is also confusing mother nature.

Here is an explanation of the characteristics of the leopard that you will find mimics humans looks in regards to DNA and how many of us will have the same DNA and look very different depending on several factors such as out breeding, environment etc;

Leopards show a great diversity in coat color and rosette patterns. Their rosettes are circular in East Africa but tend to be squarer in southern Africa and larger in Asian populations. Their yellow coat tends to be more pale and cream colored in desert populations, more gray in colder climates, and of a darker golden hue in rainforest habitats. Overall, the fur under the belly tends to be lighter coloured and of a softer, downy type. Solid black spots in place of open rosettes are generally seen along the face, limbs and underbelly.

Leopards may sometimes be confused with two other large spotted cats, the cheetah, with which it may co-exist in Africa, and the jaguar, a neotropical species that it does not naturally co-exist with.

It doesn’t take my distant cousin Albert Einstein to tell me that this interbreeding confuses our original DNA that in turn affects how we look, act and feel.These genes are passed down to us by our ancestors and when they are mixed, this produces a confused spiritual being who is not comfortable in their own skin. I believe this confusing effect can bee seen everywhere in society today and especially here in America which we might as well call the largest example of this inter breeding in the history of the human race. A country whose motto is “United we Stand and Divided We Fall,” but it appears that over the last 50 years we have become more divided than united. One cannot simply tie that to just propaganda or smart civilian management.

The division is in our DNA from mating with many different races or tribes has caused us to become a nation not united in God, but quite the opposite. The reason is that we have went against God’s divine natural plan by interceding and making it our own human creation. The interbreeding confuses our original DNA that in turn affects how we look, act and feel producing a confused spiritual being who is not comfortable in their own mortal human skinned shells. This confusing effect can bee seen everywhere in society today and especially in America which is the largest Transhumanism breeding ground in the history of the human race. A county whose motto is United we Stand and Divided We Fall, but has over the last 50 years divided its DNA by mating with all races that we have become a nation not united in God, but quite the opposite because we have went against God’s natural plan by interceding in his divine plan by making it ours.

Is this change when we see a world that is in chaos and a citizen population who is utterly confused to the point that it appears most of us are lost trying to find our ways home. This feeling of being confused or lost is something that I feel is a combination of the DNA mixing of races that was NOT part of God’s plan coupled with various propaganda tools that feeds this confusion creating the Beasts who love Babylon. This is why in nature, you will not see and Eagle breed with a crow or even a Panther mating with its near cousin, a Leopard. They know better.

The end result of all these various human races breeding with each other can be seen all around the world today. Most every peoples in their respective countries in this year 2012 are simply not their country’s original inhabitants, but either a new race or hybrid race of that respective country. This evidence we can easily see in the Unites States, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Israel and several other new countries where there is massive DNA mixing happening on a daily basis with most very baby being born of mixed race. Whether these people know it or not makes no difference because it is happening because most every single person today has no idea of their true race or hybrid race DNA that would be based on science. They seem to ignorantly think that their country and skin color determines race, but some day, they will all be in for a DNA awakening that will pull the wool back from the sheep’s eyes.

Is it too late to change our breeding course in order to turn back the clock on DNA time to save the human race? Or is everything fine in breeding land where over 50% of marriages end in divorce and the health of humans on the decline?

Quite simply put, we are on a DNA course for eternal disaster if we do not take a step back to seriously challenge the transhumanism movement and the one race theory. What worked short term in uniting human kind as one tribe, may actually prove not to be the ultimate final solution. As we reach these final days where soon we can see an age of peace where materialism does not rule, we must start exploring the taboo and politically incorrect areas of science in order to evolve. As times and humans change, so should our theories and the grand plans. While we can truly say that nothing is new under the Sun, we must also say that not everything is set in stone forever.

We must as a species look at our breeding habits. I AM not at all advocating a world of forced breeding and mass rounds up of races, but one where this science is explored and the findings published where the wise can make educated decisions about breeding or marriage based on racial science. A world that in the future marriages are not just decided by how you feel about a person, but that person’s actual DNA and the children you will have. Quite possible this DNA can determine if you are compatible long term with this mate you “feel” attracted to where science can get marriage down to a science based on DNA – Tribe compatibility. Hence, you will not only choose the right mate, but also the right tribal family to align with because we all know the in laws (tribe) come along to in marriage. (tribal alliances)

I predict that DNA and race science will be one of the hottest fields in the coming decades as we challenge the transhumanism theories with nature’s laws. Something tells be the transhumanists may have the fight of their lives.

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