Not that many people and even Templar historians are aware of the fact that there was a secret fraternity under the Temple of Solomon who wore the cross patte on their chests long before the Knight’s Templar had become militarized in the 11th century. My research proves that they were the first men with the assignment of specifically building the Temple which would make them the first Templars and it appears that this mysterious hidden fraternity has basically flown beneath the researcher radar for centuries until now.

Back in the ninth century, the original Templars were simply known as the “Poor Knights of the Temple” or the “Bedesmen.” They were the predecessors to Saint Cuthbert and their founder, Saint Bede who they were named after. These Poor Knights would be the first official Templars who were in all the cathedrals of the New Foundation in the time shortly after  Saint Columba of Iona in the sixth century. This was when the Irish and Scottish Celtic Druid Church  who were called Culdees had joined the Roman Church to then become the official Universal Brotherhood, or what we know today as the Catholic Church. A time when Petra (Saint Peter) was made the rock of the church and Jesus the Grand Master or Cornerstone was made Christ of the new foundation in which these Bedesmen were given the task of saying prayers for the founder, Kings and knights under the Temple of Solomon and Rosy-Cross of the new law which we know as the New Testament.

It was Saint Bede in the 9th century who was a Scottish born Levite and the first brother who had given us the spiritual story of the Temple of Solomon into a new format for the New Foundation of the brotherhood that was formed under the Universal Church.  The name of the medieval book is De Tabernaculo and De Templo. In the book Bede had laid out the blue prints for the new brotherhood plan for Jerusalem, AKA the church. This plan included the tribes of Boaz and Jachin, but also for the first time worthy gentiles whom in the story are referred to as Masons that are the living stones of the Temple.

In researching this mysterious and practically unknown order of the Bedesmen, you will clearly find that most all the Templar historians who have written on the origins of Knights Templar have simply missed this crucial link in tracing the history of the order. These Bedesmen were an order of the Scottish King‘s paupers who were instrumental in the formation of the militarized version of the Poor Knights in the eleventh century who we all know as the Knights Templars. Think of these non-sword carrying Poor Knights as one of the first undercover or secret fraternities that had started at the time of the Catholic reformation under the New Foundation of the Universal Church we know of today as the Catholic Church. A group of brethren whose main job was to protect, serve and pray for the King of Scotland and the souls of their fallen brothers.

This was approximately six hundred years before the Protestant Reformation when at the time you were simply either a Christian and member of the new Universal Brotherhood or you were labeled  a pagan, barbarian and or heathen outsider who was now an enemy of the Catholic Church.  Therefor, the fight went from tribe against tribe or Kingdom against Kingdom to religion vs paganism. The Roman Catholic Church Vs. the World. However, even though this was a New Foundation under Saint Peter, the brotherhood knew all along that loyalties bonded by man-made contracts were often broken and or stolen by rogue Kings or Popes. Therefor they had taken it upon themselves to be the first protectors of the ancient secret mysteries and also the rites of all fallen brothers who had entered into contract with Rome under the New Testament  (The word “law” occurs 223 times in the New Testament of the King James Version) via our Anglo Saxon Contracts and the Book of Life to one day partake in a future heavenly kingdom here on earth in the Seventh Age after the Harvest.

The first freemen were not freemasons, but Bedesmen.

These Royal Bedesmen were the first in history to wear both a dark blue gown with a Tudor Roses on their chests who also carried Badges that were issued by the King which was an identifying insignia worn by beggars at the time in Great Britain, Scotland and Ireland. These badges were  inscribed  with the writing, “Pass and Re-Pass” that acted as an ancient top-secret security clearance. These were issued by the Royal House in the country which these Bedesmen had lived that gave these chosen men the rite to freely beg which was against the law at the time, but they were also the first true Freeman who were allowed by the King to move freely from place to place. At the time, most citizens were simply not allowed to travel outside their respective hometowns. Therefor, not only would the Bedesmen be the predecessors to the Knights Templar, the descendants of this ancient fraternity would later form the Hospitallers, Rosicrucians and Freemasons which all branch from the same rose-bush via the City of the Rose, Petra which was at one time was our first banking operation and Treasury.

This is the end of Part I and I hope you enjoyed these revelations.

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