Leonardo DiCaprio is vocal about Climate Change and urges his fans to take action time and time again, but he doesn’t follow his own advice.

In an epic Twitter thread this past week, Brazilian President Bolsonaro gave American actor and climate activist, Leonardo DiCaprio a stern lecture on being an eco-hypocrite and spreading misinformation, saying that he should “give up his yacht before lecturing the world about the environment” and stop trying to change the world, but not himself:

He is one of the world’s most famous faces, and he has used his fame to draw attention to environmental issues like climate change, deforestation, and the decline in the ocean’s fish stocks.

In 2016, DiCaprio said that “the planet is dying” and he has called for humans to become “carbon neutral” by 2048. But now we have proof that he isn’t really committed to saving the planet when it comes down to it.

DiCaprio has been making headlines lately for being a hypocrite for his own extreme carbon footprint by using tons of CO2 emissions from his travels. He can be regularly seen floating around on his 110 million dollar yacht that takes $339,712 in diesel fuel to fill its tank or jet setting around the globe in planes promoting his films.

Bolsonaro was responding to DiCaprio, who was virtue signaling on Twitter about the Amazon rainforest, saying that it has “faced an onslaught of illegal deforestation at the hands of extractive industry over the last 3 years.”

“You again, Leo?” Tweeted Bolsonaro. “I could tell you, again, to give up your yacht before lecturing the world, but I know progressives: you want to change the entire world but never yourselves, so I will let you off the hook.”

Bolsinaro continues;

“Between us, it’s weird to see a dude who pretends to love the Planet paying more attention to Brazil than to the fires harming Europe and his own country.

But don’t worry, Leo, unlike the places you are pretending not to see by brilliantly playing the role of a blind man, Brazil is and will carry on being the nation that most preserves. You can carry on playing with your Hollywood star toys as we do our job.

Actually, in my government average deforestation is way lower than it was in the past, when the crook turned candidate that your Brazilian buddy supports was in power.

It’s clear that everyone who attacks Brazil and its sovereignty for the sake of virtue signaling doesn’t have a clue about the matter. They don’t know, for instance, that we preserve more than 80% of our native vegetation or that we have the cleanest energy among G20 nations.

It’s also clear that you don’t know that my government announced a new commitment to eradicate illegal deforestation by 2028, and not by 2030 as most countries. Or maybe you do know that, but for some reason pretend to be ignorant. I hope you not getting too much for this role.

If its within your reach, we would love to see you stop spreading missinformation. In the recent past, you used a 2003 image to talk about the Amazon wildfires allegedly happening in 2019 and was exposed, but I have forgiven you. So please go and sin no more.

By the way, what do you think about the hitting coal market in Europe? And what about Greta Timberlake, do you know what she has been up to lately and what she has to say about it? If I was hosting a barbecue in my house, I’m sure she would be yelling “How dare you?”.

This is not the first time that the two have clashed with each other.

Earlier this year, Bolisinaro slammed the actor DiCaprio after posting a tweet encouraging Brazilian youth to vote, “Brazil is home to the Amazon and other ecosystems critical to climate change. What happens there matters to us all, and youth voting is key in driving change for a healthy planet”.

The Brazilian President replied, “Our people will decide if they want to keep our sovereignty on the Amazon or to be ruled by crooks who serve foreign special interest”.

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