This is a great article, on how you can change your environment with the magic of your thoughts by my mentor and friend, saint michaelMichael Jaco. Since I had met Michael about two years ago in Sedona, Arizona, my life has changed a lot, and for the better. That was when I had bought his great book called the Intuitive Warrior, and I have also implemented some of his simple strategies on thinking positively while sending out thoughts of love in my home with my family ever since. To be honest, it has been one of the single most effective methods that I have used in helping transform my thoughts, home, family and love life. I simply love now more than I ever used to, and the results are that each one of my immediate family members also does the same. We now as a family unit love more than ever before. Our home is now a loving home, rather than a dwelling of family members. It feels so great.

For this special gift of love that Michael has helped us with, my family and I thank him from the bottom of our hearts. My hopes are that his words of wisdom will reach the hearts of my readers, who I hope will then also implement these same beautiful thought techniques of love in their lives.

(By Michael Jaco) – I have been in many power abuse situations over the last several years. Whenever I use the heart mind coherence it has always turned out well. I’m still amazed at the efficiency of this technique every time it works.

I was in Peru with a group a few years back and we were being scalped by the border guards for an astronomical amount of money. Our guide was visibly shaken, disturbed and at a complete loss as what to do. I stood back and started sending out the thoughts of love and the sneering guards magically turned congenial and let us go through for the normal price.

I talk about how I went from remote viewing to remote influencing in The Intuitive Warrior. That ability has grown from transforming the environment while I was in it to influencing the environment long after I left. All of us have this ability.

Think about a nice restaurant or hotel you’ve been to recently. What was it about the environment that was so inviting? An ambiance was created and perfected upon until the perfect combination was reached.

Heart-shaped-worldWhen you go to someone’s home you enjoy visiting what is it that attracts you to that environment? The love that the family has imbued into the environment has a profound effect on an environment. Is your home comfortable and the people in it happy? Check the thoughts of everyone if it is not.

Thoughts make or break an environment.

I travel often to war torn environments and the negativity is palpable. When I enter these environments I naturally begin sending out thoughts of love. I have learned to tap into universal energies that help me transform these environments. How did I begin to do this and how can anyone do this?

Start with just sending out thoughts of love during your day. Whenever you think about it do it. Imagine love beaming out from your heart as your thinking it’s happening. That is heart mind coherence. It is simple not hard. Don’t complicate it. Make it a habit of doing this everyday so that you build a habit over a 21-day period. Do not let yourself get discouraged. Keep thinking of the amazing things that can come about if you continue to practice. What does it really take in energy? It’s simply a thought. No one even has to know you are doing it so don’t feel embarrassed. You are helping to change your immediate world and people are going to start noticing and commenting.

When, not if, you begin to notice changes in your environment make a mental note of it and think gratitude for being able to do this. By thinking gratitude you are confirming to yourself that you want more of this. Once the universe recognizes you as a servant of the light many wonderful abilities will begin to unfold for you. Repeat the process of gratitude. You are now doing what every master teacher has come to the earth to thoughtsIf you become full of yourself/egoism you will loose the powers because they are not about you they are universal abilities that come only to those that serve others. Do this in your home and it will become a center of beauty and love. Do this in your neighborhood and you will transform it. Once you become adept and confident send the thoughts of love to people and places in need and you will help transform them into something better than they would have been without your loving thoughts.

I quite frankly believe that I am alive to this day after being in combat zones for ten years now because many of you out there have sent thoughts of love out to these areas. I believe that as more people are awakening to these abilities we are transforming our world for the better.

When you turn on a light in a dark room the darkness disappears. It’s not magic to us its just simple physics. The same can be said for lighting up the world with love. It’s simple. It’s love, which is the most powerful force in the universe and it’s boundless. Take all you want because it tickles the universe. Can you hear the laughter?

SOURCE: Author and Ex Navy SEAL Michael Jaco

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