“He who is coming unto himself, who from the unconscious and the dead is beginning to return to consciousness and rise into life, self-DNA Activationconsecrates his every act for ever deeper realization of the mystery of his divine nature; for now no longer is he an embryo within the womb, nourished in all things by the Mother-Soul, but a man-babe new-born, breathing the freer spirit of the greater life, the cosmic airs of the Father-Mind.

And so it is that every act and function of the body should be consecrated to the Soul and Mind; the traveller on this Way should pray unceasingly, by devoting his every act unto his God; thinking when eating:

As this food nourishes the body, so may the Bread of Wisdom nourish the mind; or when bathing: As this water purifies the body, so may the Water of Life vivify the mind; or when freeing the body The of impurities:

As these impurities pass Gnosis from the body, so may the refuse of opinion pass from the mind!”

The Gnosis of the Mind By George Robert Stow Mead, Hermes (Trismegistus.)

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