“The Evolution of Consciousness is about change. One cannot realize Consciousness without change.”

By Storm Wolf – Are we there yet?

Sometimes when speaking to others about Spirituality, Enlightenment or realizing Consciousness it seems as if we are on a trip. Everyone wants to know how long it’s going to take to reach the “destination.” Of course this is quite comical to Me, as in Truth there is no destination, there is ALWAYS more. And yet it seems that the masses want a quick solution just as with everything else in Our culture. Well, I hate to break it to you, but there is no “Spiritual Fast Food” Drive Through window!


How long do I have to meditate to quiet my mind? What can I do to open my third eye? How long does it take to become enlightened?

The questions go on and on. And the simple answer is that I cannot answer them. No one can. Every single entity is on their OWN path and the timing of various stages of their path is not known by anyone other than that which created The Path, and Creator, Source, The All that IS All rarely gives even a hint on these matters.

Some of Us come into the World “awakened” and yet still have MUCH to learn and many trials to go through to learn new lessons, or should I say lessons that we keep failing to learn. Some have longer paths, some have shorter paths. Some have easier paths, some have harder paths. It doesn’t mean that one way is right and the other wrong, it is simply THEIR path.

If you have experienced a great deal of adversity in Your Life, KNOW that it has been for a reason. Just because you can’t see it yet does not mean that this is not so. Sometimes it takes years for Us to understand why certain things happened. Why We were separated from someone We loved. Why We were persecuted or wrongfully accused. Why We were taken down to nothing. And on the other hand, why we were blessed. There is always cause and effect. Nothing happens by accident, everything is a catalyst for what is coming next.

The Evolution of Consciousness is about change. One cannot realize Consciousness without change. I hear a great deal of talk in the “New Age” movement about “his truth” and “her truth” and people telling others to “Speak your truth”. What they really should be saying is “Speak your perception”. This is what changes. It is One’s perception of the Truth, One’s ability to comprehend or understand at deeper levels that changes One’s perception. The Truth is Constant.

There comes a point along the path that One DOES realize Consciousness or Enlightenment and then it is KNOWN that Consciousness is beyond thought. There is a KNOWING that transcends thinking and it comes with being at One with All Things. Being at One with Creator and Creation. Realizing and remembering Oneness. But no one can tell another how long this process will take. It IS a matter of experience and a matter of what YOU are here to do and WHO You Are.

There are obviously certain practices that “seem” to help in the process. Meditation, eating healthy, living simply. But, the fact remains that no one will shorten their path by trying to circumvent what is laid out for them to experience.

All of Us are inextricably linked to EVERYTHING. When We are born into these bodies, our exact position in The Universe and Our connection to EVERYTHING in it sets the course of Our Path in motion. There are triggers and catalysts specific to Us, there are things both seen and unseen that affect Us.

What everyone needs to do is to just slow down and enjoy the ride. It is the journey, not the destination. You will reach your “destination” when you reach it. What is important is to learn to live in the moment.

If anything can help you to realize Consciousness and Oneness, it is this ONE thing. Realize that THIS moment is ALL You have. There is nothing else. The past no longer exists and nor does the future. Yet at the same time the past, present and future are ALL happening at once…

Realize that Eternity is in each breath and in every heart beat. This is where You will find Immortality… This is where You will find Peace… This is where You will realize Consciousness.

Source: Storm Wolf

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