Reader comment:  I don’t believe there is a devil. There is white and black. Just the choiceJesus-Crushing-Serpent

My comment:  I look at the words devil, satan etc as allegorical names that Latin bible writers had changed from the word worm to the serpent. This worm I have found to be where humans have descended, and that reside in each and everyone of our bodies that is capable of taking over our nervous systems, and thus control our lives.

This is why you see Christian Saints such as St. Michael, or the Messiah Jesus slaying the dragon/serpent/worm/parasite. They have risen above the flesh in the control of the dragon/serpent/worm/parasite to work in the spirit of illumination to become enlightened.

In a sense, to become hu-man who is leagues above their fellow man who are but beasts in the field whose nervous systems are controlled by the dragon / serpent/ worm/ parasite.

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